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5 Excellent Yoga Poses for Groin Pain
Jul 23, 2016
5 Excellent Yoga Poses for Groin Pain
Often suffering from groin pain? Wanna get rid of it? Then, you must try a natural method called yoga for this. Yoga is a good treatment for many health problems and now it will help you reduce your groin pain also. It not only reduces the pain but also prevents it from recurrences. Though medicines are available they can give you relief for few minutes or hours i.e., temporary time whereas yoga poses is the best solution for your groin pain. You may be wondered by listening to this, but if you practice it in the reality you will feel the friendliness of it. So, if you wanna know those yoga poses and get rid of your problem continue reading the article and know more information of the yoga poses and how to practice them at your home.

Different Yoga Poses for Groin Pain

1. Ustrasana 

It is also known as camel pose and helps you to get relief from the groin pain. It is known as one of the popular yoga poses because of its effectiveness in not only treating the groin pain but also, clears congestion, improves the mobility of knee, strengthens your back and acts as an ailment for inflammatory disorders and arthritis etc.

How to Perform Camel Pose?

  • Start it by kneeling down on the floor or a yoga mat
  • Loosen your hands on the sides
  • Known slowly bend your upper body backward as shown above until you feel a broaden
  • Know staying in that position try to hold your heels with your hands
  • If you feel too difficult to hold your heels, try to put your hands on your hips
  • Stay right in this position for 30 seconds
  • Now you can come back to the normal position

2. Setubandasana

Also known popularly as bridge yoga pose and this is one more great asanas for treating your groin pain. This, in fact, works well for clearing congestion, opening your chest, reduces your anxieties, brings your blood pressure in control and gives a relaxation for your mind etc. These benefits made this pose as one of the amazing yoga asanas. Want to try it out? Then see the below steps.

How to Perform Bridge Pose?

  • At first lay down flat on a floor or yoga mat if possible.
  • Now, bend your knees and widen the feet width a hip broad.
  • Know make sure that your toes are pointing straight forward.
  • Raise your hips into the air by pressing your body downwards on your feet.
  • Later, extend both of your arms towards your pressed feet and catch them with the help your fingers.
  • Now rise higher as possible by pressing your hands on the floor or mat.
  • Finally, move your posterior towards the knees and push the neck near into your chest.

3. Kapotasana

This is a pigeon pose so called as kapotas ana. It is the best pose for groin stretching and reduces its pain. We can say kapotas ana as not just a solution for your groin pain, in fact, it is a complete body workout that helps in strengthening your lower body and toning your legs by lowering the groin pain etc. It is one the yoga asanas that you shouldn’t avoid performing. So, let’s know the right procedure to perform kapotasana.

How to Perform Pigeon Pose?

  • Start this yoga pose by kneeling down on a floor.
  • Know stretch your right leg behind you as shown in the picture above. Continue stretching your right leg until your right hip is next to left knee and its foot.
  • Being in this pose, you need to make sure that the toes of your legs are pointed.
  • By leaning forward, put your chest outwards.
  • Stay in this position for up to 45-60 seconds, taking deep breaths continuously.
  • Now, switch your leg and perform the same on the left leg also.

4. Vriksasana

This asana seems like a tree so it is also known as tree pose which is easy to perform. This pose treats you groin pain, improves your energy, balance and inspires the activity of your nervous system. It also gives you several other health benefits. Do this asana in the following way.

How to Perform Tree Pose?

  • To start this asana, you need to stand on a yoga mat or on the floor keeping your feet together flat on the floor.
  • Know raise the left leg of yours and put it on your right thigh.
  • Next, raise both of your arms towards up above the head in the air and join the palms together. Thus, it seems like a namaskar sign.
  • Hold on this position at least for 15 seconds.
  • Next, switch your legs and repeat the same process.

5. Supta Baddha Konasana

This is well known as Reclining Bound Angle Pose and helps in reducing the groin pain and gives an exercise to your groin muscles. Apart from that, it brings you several other health benefits such as, stimulating the abdominal organs and heart; improving the circulation, stretching the inner thighs, knees, and groins etc. To get all these benefits you need to perform this asana in the perfect way as said below.

How to Perform Reclining Bound Angle Pose?

  • Begin it by seating down on the floor or mat.
  • Now bring your feet together joining the soles.
  • Hold your feet with the hands by keeping your spine stiff.
  • Staying in this position, bend backward slowly towards the ground until it completely touches the ground.
  • Stay in this pose till you feel the stretch of your back.
  • Finally, come back to your starting position and repeat the same process for few times.
Bottom line:
These are the best ever yoga poses for your groin problem. Try to practice these yoga poses daily to get out of the pain, its related issues and several other health problems as said. So, start it today itself and get relief from these health issues.


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