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5 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home
Jul 26, 2016
5 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

5 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

The present day “lifestyle” has very hectic for everyone, especially for the ones who are in cities and metros. Due to the hectic work and job life schedules, people don’t even find time to relax and chat with their friends and family members.

Whatever may be the reason but the individual’s are in real stress today and unfortunately all the side effects of modernization effects are coming out in various cases and once they get into the hospital. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure” we should take care of ourselves even in this hectic lifestyle, that’s the reason in cities and metros these days “work – life balance” has taken a front seat.

One thing we must note that Human is a social animal, we should not be away from society and meanwhile we cannot avoid our own selves too. One must take care of themselves and their surroundings’. For a better work – life balance today many are choosing and in fact practicing the yoga, because of various benefits it has got many are even suggesting to their family members and friends to start practicing yoga either at home or at tutor’s place.


it’s very Old and popular science of keeping the mind and body in control by practicing certain steps and exercises under the guidance of an expert for a certain duration or for the longer period or as an everyday lifestyle.



Tip ONE – Set up a TIME for YOGA:

It's important to note that each work requires a dedicated amount of TIME and concentration on it to get the benefit out of it, it is must cater some TIME in a day in either early morning or early sunset evenings, when the mind is fresh and body is ready for the stretches. Once the TIME is fixed in each day’s schedule then the body alarm clock will also remind us to do it on time.

Many experts suggest that “start your day with YOGA”.

If the day is started with YOGA, many have felt and seen the positive changes in their mind and body and a positive change has encouraged them to continue further.

The experts and guru’s of YOGA suggest that each day around 40 minutes of YOGA and its stretches for seven days a week is the best option to choose.

Tip Two – Continue and Be Regular:

It’s always found that out of excitement and enthusiasm many people join YOGA classes and after some time we see that there is no much ZEAL in them to continue it further and practice the same.

It’s very important to note that, consistency and regularity matters a lot, for anything to give the BEST results.

Once you start doing and practicing YOGA, be consistent, regular and continue the same further.

There is so much in Yoga to do and learn, many and it’s a lifetime practice and what we know today about YOGA is very little, then the complete science which it talks about.

A regular habit of doing the Yoga would be a great beneficiary to the one who does it.

Tip Three – Don’t be Aggressive:

Once we start doing YOGA, many experts say that people who are interested in this subject or people who are enthusiastic generally do it and start doing it very heavy and aggressively, which the experts say that it’s not the right option to choose and do the same.

Once you start doing at home, it’s nothing but you are in touch with yoga and not to miss that touch we practice this at home, but once you start doing at home, you should keep this mind that you should not be very aggressive in doing and performing the stretches.

Since it is done at home, you should be very slow and comfortable in executing the stretches and what they call it as asanas.

Because many say this since it’s an OLDEN science and practice, you should be very cautious and careful while doing at home and slow and consistent effort will not go in vain and will definitely provide us GOOD results.

As the saying goes “slow, steady and consistency will win the race”.

Tip FOUR – Know what you can:

As it’s a very old and popular subject, which has no limits, that’s why it’s important to note that the limits of an individual.

Since everyone cannot do everything and all things of YOGA, depending on the age, gender and body comfort levels many exercises of YOGA are can be done or to be avoided.

As an individual when we are doing at home, it’s important to note the LIMITS and possibilities.

Don’t unnecessarily stretch the Unreachable LIMITS?

Limit the stretches and exercises within your limits of the possibilities.

Possibilities and practice of the same will result in giving GOOD results to the Body and to our mind.

It’s important for us to know, the basics of YOGA and we should be aware of the exercise which we are doing and also should be aware of why we are doing a particular style or a posture.

Aware gives a lot of satisfaction.

Tip FIVE – Know what you can’T:

As it’s very important to know that what we can and it’s also important to note that “What we can’T”.

And Experts of YOGA suggest that if it is related to complete Body exercises, and your body type is not supportive, then it's better to avoid the stretches and exercises which we or our BODY cannot.

Keeping ourselves away from these HEAVY and impossible exercises would be beneficial to us.

There are many postures and forms which are generally not comfortable for the female gender to do at home and practice the same.

You should avoid such postures which are uncomfortable for the females to do and maximum concentration should be on the things which are comfortable and easy to do.

The postures of YOGA and exercise must create more and more zeal amongst us to do more daily and not the discomfort.

OTHERS – additional INFO:

Have a dedicated and hygienic place reserved for YOGA, whenever you start doing at home.

The base where you sit and practice YOGA should be soft and comfortable one which doesn’t slip and disturbs.

Initial learning of the YOGA and its exercises must be learned under the Experts Guidance and learnings.

Family members must know your TIME of YOGA practice at home and the place where you do daily. It's must be practiced in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

The energy levels of the body must be supportive before doing YOGA and it’s the stomach should not be too heavy during the workouts.

Keep Drinking water in a reachable disturbance from your practice place.

Once you are thorough with the regular asana’s of YOGA, then you can change to other methods and other forms of YOGA whenever needed.

You should know that the results must be delivered only after the thorough practice of anything including YOGA.


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