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5 Yoga Poses For Kids
Jul 27, 2016
5 Yoga Poses For Kids
Does a yoga pose for kids? Seems impossible, isn’t it? But, it is not as you think. Your kids will definitely love doing them. Wondered? But it is true because these are kids friendly yoga poses that create interest and fun for them. They will feel like playing a game with this yoga poses in return they will gain and learn new things unknowingly. Soothing to hear, right? Then, help your kids in learning them. 

Yoga asanas bring them amazing benefits and also for the overall development of the child. As kids body will be flexible enough, this is the right time to make them learn yoga asanas to make them stay fit, healthy and also helps them in many other ways. Teaching them these yoga poses would be really interesting as these poses will look like a pose of an animal. So, you can teach them easily, like saying them to sit like a cat through which they can learn cat pose and be like a snake for snake pose etc. 

This kind of yoga is a combination of breathing, meditation, exercise etc. and helps your kids to get relaxation out of the stressed mood, motivates them etc. So, are you interested in teaching your kid these yoga poses? Then look at the information provided below.

Yoga Poses for Kindergarten Kids

1. Naga Asana or Sarpasana

Naga asana which is nothing but a snake pose helps your kids to improve their posture. It also strengthens their tender legs, arms, shoulders, back, chest etc. This pose gives them relaxation too. It is very easy to make your kids perform this yoga pose.  So, let’s start teaching them with the follow steps.

How to Perform Snake Pose?

  • At first lay down on the floor with your stomach facing towards the floor.
  • Put your arms in front of your above the shoulders a little wider.
  • Now exhale and raise your head up away from the floor and bend your head back as shown in the picture.
  • Take deep breaths when you are in this position.
  • Stay in this pose for few minutes inhaling and exhaling the air.

2. Kundalini Yoga Asana

This is a frog pose which is in seating position so it is called as seated frogs pose. Some kids play frog games and used to jump like a frog in this pose. So, it will be easy for them to do this pose. This frog yoga asana helps your kids tone their legs and strengthens the leg muscles, improves the flexibility and also helps their heart too. Start this yoga pose with the below steps.

How to Perform Seated Frog Pose?

  • At first, try to balance on the toes and then bend to the ground.
  • Know try to widen your knees as much as possible as you can and put your palms on the floor through the middle of the knees.
  • Now turn your head down when you are raising from the squat after an exhale.
  • Then move your head up sitting back in the same position and inhale.
  • Repeat the same for some time.

3. Ananda Balasana

When you kids are happy, then they used to do some kind of poses like this which in turn a yoga pose. This is also called as happy baby pose and helps your kids to calm their mind and also relieves their fatigue. Doing this pose just needs few simple steps to follow.

How to Perform Happy Baby Pose?

  • At first, you need to lay down on the floor on your back
  • Now take deep and slow breaths
  • When you are exhaling, try to bend your knees and bring them towards your abdomen part.
  • Raise the feet upwards from the belly part.
  • Now hold the feet with your hands and swing gently side to side.
  • Stay in this pose for few minutes.

4. Purna Titali Asana

Purna titali asana is also known as butterfly pose helps your kids in many ways. Make them get relief from stress and calms down their mind. It is such as simple pose and great exercises to perform. It does great benefits for kids such as improves flexibility, relieves from tiredness etc.

How to Perform Butterfly Pose?

  • Start it by sitting on a floor keeping your back straight.
  • Now, bend the knees and try to bring your feet towards your groin position.
  • Put the feet close together and hold them with your hands as shown.
  • The knees should fall aside instead of the front. Use gravity to move them side down slowly.
  • Taking deep breaths slowly flap your knees as like butterfly wings.

5. Adra Chandasana

This asana is also called Crescent Moon Pose. You just need few steps to finish this pose. As this pose stretches your entire body from spine to abdomen, it opens your sides of your body, improves the core strength of the body, makes you balance, improves concentration and energizes your entire body. 

How to Perform Crescent Moon Pose?

  • At first, you should stand in a mountain pose or in a standing pose.
  • Now bring your arms together in a Namaste pose and raise them to the air.
  • Taking deep breaths bend to one side of your body from your waist as your exhale.
  • Now stand straight inhaling the air in the same bend position.
  • Repeat the same on the other side of the body also.
Bottom line:
These are the few simple, easy, funny and interesting yoga poses your kid can learn simply and stay healthy. So, make your kids learn this yoga poses as a part of their games with their friends daily. This will help them in their further life a lot and makes them as a habit in future also. Hope, kids will love to do these yoga poses and will have the fun of learning them.


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