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6 Best Exercise Tips For Diabetics Patients
Jul 23, 2016
6 Best Exercise Tips For Diabetics Patients

Are you a diabetic? Are you performing your exercise routine regularly or cheating on it and dumping it? If you are one among those who are cheating with your exercise routine, then set your hearts on to know the bitter truths about the cons of skipping an exercise routine, especially a diabetics.

This is because diabetes is all about fluctuations in our blood sugar levels and proper working out will help you maintain good insulin levels in blood and thereby keep the blood sugar levels in control. Not just that, regular working out also helps in maintaining a good balance of weight and reduces the risk of getting prone to the problem of obesity.

So here we are presenting you with few absolutely worth to workout exercises for diabetics. Before getting started to consult your primary care doctor and make sure if it is okay for you to perform the workouts that we are going to suggest you. One more thing doesn't get over excited all of a sudden and overdo the workouts.

Give your body some time to cope up with the different workouts and then slowly increase the length of working out. So guys are you ready to get started? Get, set, and go...

Best Workout tips for people with Diabetics


Walking is a regular workout that most of the people prefer to do as it is a way too simple to form of workout for the body without spilling much of the sweat, but most of the people are unaware about proper walking that in a gunshot hits the right button to reduce your weight. In order to get the best of simple walking, you have to need walking shoes that are comfortable to wear and a comfortable place that is worth to walk.

Walking is the most suggested workout for diabetics by the doctors because it is a null intense workout. Brisk walking is one such forms of walking that have a great and good effect on diabetic health. Try to make a schedule in such a way that you go for a brisk walk at least three times in a week for about 50 minutes.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient form of exercise that has a great effect on diabetics. Done for 30 minutes, it will yield the best results by controlling diabetes and also works as a stress buster. Regularly practicing it will help in keep you fit and also keeps you away from getting prone to nerve damage.

Weight Training

Weight Training is all about maintaining good muscle mass. Weight training helps not just the diabetics, but also people who are non-diabetic in several ways. Bodies muscle mass is very important to fight against few diseases. Lacking in muscle mass can make you weak to maintain good levels of blood sugar.

If you want to keep your blood sugar levels in control, then try to inculcate weight training in your workout regimen at least twice in a week to achieve best results.

Don't assign yourself with more than three days of weights training regimen. Make sure you rest the alternative days of workouts.

Try to inculcate five to 10 different types of weight training exercises that mainly focus on major muscle groups in your body. Try to do them in sets of multiple repetitions to get most of them.

Day by day increases the amount of time you workout and don't try over intense activities with excitement. Go for simple, but effective forms of workouts.


Yoga is a workout that is an asset that we got from our ancestors. It has scores and scores of benefits not just for diabetics, but also for people who are willing to stay away from such issues. It is simple, but effective in its own way. It helps in burning the fat that is stored in different places of our body.

Every part has a form of asana in order to bring it into perfect shape. Not just that, it also fights insulin resistance and also improves the functioning of nerves. Yoga is a public form of exercise that comes with a huge golden nugget of benefits.

Yoga, which is interlinked with meditation, is a great stress buster. It gives peace of mind and improves your concentration levels. The highlighting thing about yoga is that there are no bounds and limitations on how much time to do it and to what extent it should be done. Simply, everything is positive with yoga. That is it.


Swimming is yet another form of workout that helps a great deal for diabetics. It is a form of workout that does not put pressure on your joints. As it is a form of entertainment activity, you can enjoy, workout as well as relieves your stress at the same time.

As both shoulders and legs are used in swimming, they will gain more strength from it. It relieves the stress from of the foot. As it is well known, diabetic patients should take care of falls and wounds. Even a small wound can lead to huge surgery. There are shoes specially designed for the diabetic patient to use in the pools to avoid falls and slips.

Stationary Bicycling

Time for you to hit the gym. Take an unmovable ride on a stationary bicycle at the gym to fight back diabetes. It comes with aerobic exercises. Stationary bicycling makes you heart and lungs stronger than they are so that they are less prone to diseases.

You no need to run to the gym in order to do it or search for a peaceful place to go for a walk. Just place your stationary bicycle in a corner and start riding on it. It is more than enough as a workout for you to get benefited in more than one way. It improves the blood flow in the legs, which helps a great deal for diabetics.

These are the best workouts for diabetics that can help control the blood sugar levels and thereby reduces the risks of diabetes and its side effects.

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