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6 Ways to Destress Your Life with yoga
Jul 23, 2016
6 Ways to Destress Your Life with yoga
Yoga is a practice for the physical well-being and fitness. We need to practice a lifestyle with a combination of yoga and healthy diet. It makes our blood cells function more efficiently and effectively.
Those heavy warm ups workouts are less effective than a ten-minute power pack yoga. There are many yoga tips to distress which are a great way to step aside for a few minutes and unwind, calm down and make sure it your holidays stay wonderful.
Yoga has been proven to help with many health issues and stress management. People who practice yoga report that they feel more relaxed almost immediately and science now says there is a physiological explanation. Cortisol which is a stress hormone gets either relieved or reduced which gives immediate results.
Off late, it is been proved that 16 healthy new yogis participated in a fifty-minute yoga class every day for seven days. On the day prior to their first class, they were requested to read and write for 50 minutes. During the sitting period cortisol, hormone level didn't change but post the yoga class the cortisol hormone level changed drastically. So the stress is relieved immediately
Yoga has proven to provide real benefits for your body. No longer do the everyday stressors of deadlines, a compact schedule, and other pressures have to wear you down. Simply stop at the nearest yoga studio and let your tension reduce along with your cortisol.

Here Are Few Poses Of Yoga To Getting De- Stressed

  • Upward hand stretches pose
  • This gives lightness in body and reduces back pain
  • Stand straight with your feet hip distance apart
  • Lift the kneecaps by holding the thighs
  • Pull your shoulders back
  • Extend the arms forward and lift up
  • Straighten the elbows, wrist, and fingers and relax the neck area and shoulder.
  • Keep your head straight and look forward.
  • Repeat this 3- 5 minutes and hold your breath for 30 seconds while doing this practice.

Mountain Stand Pose:-

  • It makes you attain concentration and focus.
  • Stand straight with your feet together
  • Spread your toes and distribute your weight evenly across both the feet
  • Lift the kneecaps by tightening the thighs and move your thighs back and tail bone in and now straighten the arms
  • Pull your shoulder back and put your chest lifted
  • Look straight ahead by keeping the shoulder neck and head relaxed
  • Hold for 1- 3 minutes and repeat 3 – 5 times

Bend and Touch Foot Pose:-

This pose makes you acquire patience and keeps you calm. Improves digestion and strengthen shoulders
Stand straight and stretch your feet. Stand with your feet hip distance apart
List the kneecaps by tightening the thighs, roll the shoulders back and lift the chest
Bend forward starting at the hips
Grab your big toes with thumb and first two fingers and look forward
Hold on for 30 seconds repeat 3-5 times
Keep legs strong and chest lifted. While practicing any of these postures you need to be calm and focused towards the pose. Only then you can see the desired results.

Straight Relaxed Pose:-

This posture gives you relaxation, strength, and instant energy
Put your legs together and stretch your shoulder towards back
Raise your chest and move your head towards up as if you are checking for the fan.
Hold the chest raised and stretch your legs
Now hold the breath for 10 seconds and relax
Again continue to stretch back your shoulders raise chest and hold breath
Like this repeat for 8- 10 times for instant energy and strength
It not just gives you energy but also make you feel light and stress relieved
Downward facing pose
This posture makes you keep always active and alert
Place palms on the floor right in front of you and step the legs back one at a time.
Ensure that the feet should be in line with the hand
Spread the fingers and press the palms on the ground. Stretch arms forward and keeps elbows straight
Raise your but up to the top and move the thighs up and back. Lower heels to the floor and feet point straight
Relax the head and back. Hold for 30 seconds
Repeat for 2 to three times
Keep legs firm and elbow straight as you look upwards. It relieves depression, increases flexibility of thighs, hips, knees, legs, ankles and feet and relaxes the body. It also calms the mind

Child Sleeping Pose:-

It calms your brain and relaxes your body
Get on hands and knees. Put your feet together. Lean back and sit on your feet extend the hands and stretch it
Rest the forehead on the floor stretch out the arms and press the palms into floor with pressure
Hold on for 5- 10 minutes
Stretch out your back and relax your neck. It calms the nerves, lowers blood pressure and releases the tension in neck shoulder back and hands

Upward Facing Dog Pose:-

It helps your lower your agitation and jittery nerves.
Lie on your stomach the reverse side and bend the elbows and place palms by your side just below the breast line
Leading with chest and crown of the head lift upper body off the floor, press hands down firmly
Bring hips forward and lift the chest area. Get the shoulder blades back and lift the chest up
Release your head back and look upwards
Hold on for 5 to 10 seconds. It keeps the thighs strong. Focus on bringing the shoulder blades in and open the chest wide
It works excellent for sciatic pain.
It improves stamina. Strengthens muscles and chest and shoulders and also loosens stiff shoulder issues.


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