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8 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height
Jul 27, 2016
8 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Most us really wish for a good height, isn’t it? But, it is highly impossible to get a good height with medications or hardcore exercises after reaching a certain age or after the adolescence period. Then, how can we make it each achievable? It is possible to gain few inches even after the adolescence period with the below listed 8 yoga poses.

Yoga can improve your overall health and it indirectly affects your height by correcting your body posture, such that your body utilizes the energy and grows in height.

By controlling breathing and stretching your body this yoga helps in increasing your height. There is a number of yoga posture as stated above for increasing height and below given are the list of those yoga asanas.

1. Cat / Cow Pose or Table Top Pose

This is a great pose, for building your abs, toning your back, strengthens your core and finally increases your height.

How to Perform Table Top Pose?

Start it by putting all the fours i.e., hands and legs. Align your wrists below the shoulders apart and knees below the hips.

Extend your head forward and similarly the back with tail bone.

Now, slowly inhale and exhale stretching and relaxing the spine.

Repeat this for 10 times.

2. Tree Pose

This yoga pose helps in strengthening your calf muscles, legs as well as improves your overall balance and energy.

How to Perform Tree Pose?

At first, stand on a yoga mat or on the floor putting feet flat.

Raise the left leg and put it on your right thigh.

Next, raise your arms above the head in the air joining the palms in a Namaste pose.

Stay in this position for some time taking normal breaths.

Next, repeat this with another leg too.

3. Wheel Pose

This is also known as chakrasana which helps in increasing your height at any age. It makes your body flexible by making the spine more elastic. Thus it is an effective yoga asana to increase the height.

How to Perform Wheel Pose?

Lay back and bend legs at your knees level so that they are near to the hips.

Now, bend your elbows and fingers towards your body and put the palms on the both sides of your head as shown.

Raise your body upwards by inhaling and rest on the palms ad well as feet thus curving your spine.

Stay in this pose for few minutes breathing normally.

4. Mountain Pose

This yoga pose strengthens your legs, spine, and arms and keeps the body supple. This is also a great asana for increasing the height and should be practiced from childhood.

How to Perform Mountain Pose?

Stand straight with your feet on the floor and spine erects with hands a side towards the thighs.

Slowly raise your palms up towards the air and clasp them together.

Now, lift your head up looking at the palms.

Lift the body up on the toes as much as possible and try to balance.

While doing this you need t o inhale and exhale.

5. Inverted Triangle Pose

This pose helps in strengthening the back and improves the balance of your body which in turn contributes to the growth of height.

How to Perform Inverted Triangle Pose?

Stand on legs stretching those out towards a side.

Lift your hands and keep them in line along your shoulders.

Now, turn your torso to the right and touch your right foot with your left hand by pointing right hand upwards with fingers pointing outwards.

Next, look towards your fingers and stay in this pose for 30 seconds. Now, release your hands and put arms in line with shoulders.

Repeat it on the other side also.

6. Triangle Pose

This is also known as trikonasana which helps in improving your balance and helps you to have good posture. This pose also helps in relieving tension.

How to Perform Inverted Triangle Pose?

Stand on your legs with 3 to 4 feet apart and parallel to one another.

Raise the hands and keep them in a straight line from your shoulders.

Bend right side and touch your right leg toes with your right hand.

Raise the left hand towards up and look upwards to the left hand.

Stay int his pose for a minute and repeat it with your left leg also.

7. Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose increases the blood flow in your face and neck thus relieves your headache and keeps your skin glowing. It even boosts your confidence and reduces anxiety and stress too.

How to Perform Downward Facing Dog Pose?

Lay on your stomach on the mat or floor.

Now, taking the help of hands raises the buttocks as well as stomach from the floor towards up.

Now, you seem like an inverted ‘V’ shape.

Stretch your feet until they are flat on the floor.

Make sure that your arms are flat on the floor are kept apart.

Finally, look down towards your feet and stay in this pose for 5 breaths.

8. Stand and Bend Forward Pose

This yoga pose is effective in increasing extra height and it focuses on every part of the body those who have either short upper body or short lower body.

How to Perform Stand and Bend Forward Pose?

Stand straight on legs and put your shoulders wider.

Stretch the spine by raising your hands up.

Bend down until your hands touch the floor and head to your knees.

If you are unable to touch the floor, then catch your ankles as shown.

Take normal breaths when you are in this pose and stay in this pose until you are comfortable or at least for 30 seconds.

Bottom line:

These are the 8 effective yoga poses that help in increasing your height. So, try them out under the supervision of your yoga practitioner to get best results out of them.


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