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Best Exercises To Increase Height
Jul 19, 2016
Best Exercises To Increase Height

Each one of us tries to look beautiful and we try to take a lot of care for the body and skin for better looks and beautiful face it would be more attractive if we have good height too.

The height of any person majorly depends on genetic, family history and geographical region, food etc. Compared to men, women are lesser in height due to a lot of health and hormonal imbalances. Generally, the growth of the body and bones will get stop at the age around 23 years and growth gets stopped due to the growth plate fusion.

Even after crossing this age many people even try to increase the height even in there thirty’s too. Now a day many creams and brands, promise to increase height by artificial methods and there is no assurance and practical data of those artificial methods of increasing the heights.

There are many natural ways and stretches by which once can still try to increase height in few inches. Following are various styles and methods for practicing weekly three to four times, under proper guidance and support, if you are really looking at increasing your height.

Step 1:- Hanging

This is the tight and straight method to practice at home or Gym, if you have this facility, by hanging to the bars.

This exercise demand’s you to hold your hand to the bar, which is little above your level; the height of the bar should be kept such that when you really hang, there should be around one feet distance between your feet and floor at least when you are in the air.

This is the best exercise for increasing height and it gives complete body required stretching of muscles under expansion.

The experts suggest us to hang on the bar or rod, leaving your feet down completely straight for some time and then you can also fold the two legs towards the back and do the hanging movement.

The other task which should be done under any expert supervision or with any assistance is once you hang the body with the support of bars, you can stretch the legs and fold them such that, the feet also touches the bar and from the side view, it looks like “ U” turn.

This is considered to be the most useful and fruitful stretching exercises for people who are looking for increasing their heights.

Step 2:- Swimming

The second best natural method which is useful for increasing height is by swimming

Swimming requires complete body movement and excessive stretching from both the hands and legs, by doing this daily either in morning or evening for complete week regularly will definitely provide successive results in terms if height improvement

Irrespective of the gender, anyone can do swimming with a little practice and consistency will bring positive results.

The movement of hands, legs will help the body to stretch its muscles continuously and keep them fresh and active

It’s found that swimming is the best exercise for the body

Step 3:- Dry Swimming

This is an interesting kind of exercise, which needs the movements of swimming, but not in water, in air. That’s the reason we call this as Dry Swimming. 

The method can be practiced, by lying down on belly on comfortable floor and then raise the left arm from above ground level to the height as much as you can and them keep the left foot on the ground straight and raise the right leg in the air to the height as much as you can and at least be in this posture for three to four minutes and then do the other way round and practice this daily for positive results to come in coming months

These are practically done in water while swimming but when the same movements are repeated in the air outside water by lying down on the floor then it is called as “Dry swimming”.

Step 4:- Bend yourself

This exercise needs you to stand firmly on the ground and keep the feet straight

Then bend the body towards front till the hand fingers touch the feet

During this keep the knees and back in straight position, so that your back also gets stretched.

It would be better that, you should hold the feet with the fingers and maintain this posture for three to five seconds at least and practice this daily for increasing the height.

Step 5:- Stretches

Cobra stretch: This exercise requires you to lie on the ground and your face should be towards the ground side and then slowly raise you to head to chest level in the air to as much height as possible with the support of hands.

The body from stomach level to feet should completely touch the ground and the hands also can take the support of the body with the ground.

The position should be same as like cobra’s posture; this posture will help in stretching the complete body and will be helpful if one can do this posture daily and regularly for increasing height.

There are other various stretches which will help the body in doing the stretch works which not only keep the muscles in fit and healthy condition but also helps us in increasing the height too.


There are cat stretch, dog stretch, super cobra stretch and wall stretch etc.

The reason for doing these stretches is to help the muscles to expand and to provide the room for expansion and further growth

The another useful stretch which is also recommended to practice under proper supervision is “ two legs Up “ stretch, this exercise can be performed by raising our two legs in straight position into the air and resting the head and little back on the ground and face should be towards in the sky or can look towards the raised feet

The two hands can support back of your body in keeping a position of the body and legs straight in one line.

Another important exercise which can be performed at home is “ skipping”, the skipping can be done with the help of the rope and many of us love to do this as a game, but a serious practice of the rope skipping will help in growing the factors which are important for height increase.

It’s also found that when sprints are done, that will also help the person in increasing the height.

Many of the medical experts and exercise specialists suggest to do this on a regular basis without any stoppage unless one does these stretches and exercises consistently, there won’t be any positive hope for the height increment, for stretching exercises one must do this  with the help of an expert or assisting the person. Stretches will help a lot, depending on the age, gender and body type the stretches has to be practiced carefully.


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