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Best Foods That Owe Stress Relief for Women
Jun 24, 2016
Best Foods That Owe Stress Relief for Women

Stress is nothing but a situation or a thing that worries them badly to an extent that they become weak.  For working women managing work at both home and office can stress them out.  Even housewives face the problem of stress due to hard situations they go through in their lives or some other personal issues.  Lack of healthy food intake can be most common reason nowadays.

The polluted environment we are living in, an unhealthy lifestyle we are leading is the main cause for this stress. Most of the women have a habit of overeating when they feel anxious or stressed out, which is more dangerous to health.  If you are strict on eating and control food intake you can get rid of this stress and other stress related health.

Junk food may taste good for the time you are eating them, they may satisfy your soul while you are eating them, but the results literally will take the life out of you.   There is a need to supplement yourself with best foods that own stress relief and promise good health.

Here are few foods that own stress relief.

Green veggies

If you are a mother you must be well-versed with the benefits of Green veggies.  Especially spinach is best green veggie that helps in getting rid of stress and its symptoms.  Spinach contains magnesium in it, which helps in improving our body’s response to stress. 

Spinach also contains foliate, which helps in controlling our mood.  Studies were done on stress management also proved that fruits, veggies, and leafy greens help a great deal in keeping ourselves stress-free.  They help us to stay calm, cool, happy, and energetic all day compared to days when junk food and other unhealthy foods taken.


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants.  When these blueberries are taken regularly the antioxidants aid your brain in the production of dopamine.  Dopamine is a chemical that is responsible for memory functioning and mood fluctuations.  People who eat blueberries regularly can boost their immunity level and face stress without any worries.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is literally mouth-watering.  It is said that chocolates are mood changers.  No matter what bad mood you are in a bite of dark chocolate will definitely change your mood.  Research has shown that chocolates can reduce the stress hormones production. 

Chocolates lower your blood pressure by triggering the walls of blood vessels and improve blood circulation.  Dark chocolates contain a unique natural substance that creates the feeling of being in love.  Make sure you chocolate contain 70% of cocoa.


Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, good in boosting happiness.  Lack of Vitamin D in body resulted in depression and panic in people.  People who had good supplementing of vitamin D are less prone to depression.

Turkey breast

Turkey is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps in the production of serotonin.  This serotonin helps in regulating hunger and feelings of happiness and well-being.  Tryptophan helps in calming the people mood.  From studies, it was proved that people who ate tryptophan regularly are less argumentative compared with people who face this problem.


Oatmeal is the best breakfast that you can take.  If you love to eat carbs then this dish is especially for you. Carbs can help the brain make serotonin, the substance that is controlled by antidepressants.  Most of the times stress can cause your blood sugar levels to rise.  In order to get rid of those ups and downs in sugar levels, it is better to have oatmeal as your first meal of the day.


Stress hormones produce adrenaline and cortisol.  When you eat salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids the anti-inflammatory properties in salmon will help protect you from effects of stress hormone. From studies done it was proved that people who are taking omega-3 fatty acids in their diet are seeing 20% reduction in anxiety compared to people who are taking none or placebo pills.


If you are stressed out and you are drowning in negative thoughts then keep Pistachios or peanuts at your side and enjoy eating them.  Studies found that two servings of Pistachios a day reduced vascular constriction during stress, which ultimately reduces the load on your heart.  Also, shelling pistachios can help you divert your mood from thinking negative thoughts.


Avocados are rich in 20 essential nutrients including potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B, and folate.  Studies have proven that eating one-half of avocados with lunch can help you get rid of further snack carvings.   As most of the people overeat when are stressed out this fruit can help them out in such situations.


Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium.  Stuffing yourself with minerals may help you manage feelings and emotions.  Magnesium which is present in seeds can help regulate depression and other factors associated with stress.

These are best foods that owe stress relief for women.  Include these super foods in your diet to get rid of stress.


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