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Effects of One Day Diet On Your Weight
Jul 20, 2016
Effects of One Day Diet On Your Weight

Effects of One Day Diet On Your Weight

There are so many ways to reduce your weight.  Few may include healthy procedures and few may not.  But, following healthy way to reduce weight is the best choice we can make. 

Healthy in the sense, taking good care of what you are eating and the quantity you are eating.  Before getting started, let us know what exactly dieting is.  Dieting is something that has to be followed for the lifetime in order to maintain your health, weight, and beauty consistently. 

There is a legion of diet plans to maintain your weight consistently.  Each diet plan is having its own pros and cons.  Today, let us know about the one-day diet plan and its effects on weight.

1.Calculating of Calorie

Normally you have to cut down approximately 3000 calories per day.  In order to lose a pound within a day, you have to burn extra 1000 calories from your body. 

2. Cut Down Calories

Generally, everyone has to take 1800 – 2000 calories in a day.  But, in order to reduce your weight you have to cut down your high-fat foods which consist of the huge pack of calories.  This will help you in maintaining and reducing weight.  Try to take vegetables like lettuce and broccoli which are of low calories and try to reduce your weight.  Divide your single large meal into 3 to 4 small meals.

3. Exercises


In order to reduce a pound in a day, you need to do some exercises that really burn your fat. Exercises should be done on a daily routine to maintain your good weight. There are some calorie-burning exercises to your-your weight in control which are as follows.

Boxing – This will burn up to 600-800 calories per hour.

Swimming – you can reduce up to 500 – 600 calories per hour.

Running – Try to burn 800 calories in an hour by running a mile for 8 minutes, Try to run as fast as you can.

4.Habit of Drinking water

Water is a soluble content that reduces your weight instantly and acts as a hydrating agent. Try to take 4- 5ltrs of water every day. For getting amazing results take hot water and mix it with honey.  Add some flavor with lemon if you want.

5.Chewing Gum  


Chewing gum not only used as a mouth refresher but also used in burning calories.  It makes our jaw joints strong and also gives us a beautiful jaw line.

6.Maintain Timing

Our timing plays a major role in maintaining the good weight.  Taking food at wrong times will affect our digestion process.  Try to take food in small portions number of times.  If it is dinner, complete it before 7.00pm for good digestion.

7.Avoid beverages

Totally avoid beverages like tea, coffee etc which are sugary in substance.  Instead, take green tea and hot water, mixed with honey and lime.

8. Ginger Root Tea

Take ginger tea after your meal.  It helps in with your digestion and increases your energy levels. Making of ginger tea is very easy.  It includes boiling of ginger root. It improves your metabolic reaction.

9.Changing of regular Habits

If you want to lose pounds within a day, you have to take good care of your regular habits and follow the diet properly without neglecting. 

10.Don’t Think Un-Necessarily

Keep yourself busy with your work.  Don’t let un- necessary thoughts disturb your mind.  It will affect your entire day.  Maintaining healthy thoughts is very important for our body and health.  Unhealthy thoughts make us sick and stressed.


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