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Health Benefits Of kukkutasana
Jul 23, 2016
Health Benefits Of kukkutasana

Yoga is an age-old workout regimen for both body and mind. There are numerous asanas in yoga. Yoga gurus have introduced amazing yoga poses decades ago to promote good health and pure mind.

Meditation, which is used to calm our mind from all the stress and which is used to promote positive thinking, is inter-related to yoga. Yoga provides amazing health benefits. Yoga poses start with Suryanamaskar and ends with savasana. Each and every yoga asana is unique from the other one.

You can feel each and every corner of your body through yoga asanas. Yoga asanas work as a machine with the high-speed motor to burn the fat stored in different places of our body. One such asana that showers amazing benefits on us is Kukkutasana.

Kukkutasana is also called as rooster pose, in general, it is also called as frog pose. The name was titled as Kukkutasana or frog pose because the asana resembles the rooster when performed.

Like other asanas in yoga, Kukkutasana also has many benefits with it. Let us know what those benefits are!

How To Perform Kukkutasana:-

Before going to perform asana, start with a breathing exercise for five minutes. It will relax your mind and body. When you are done with a breathing exercise, start with a Padmasana pose, which is also called as Lotus pose.

While you are in Padmasana, make sure your back is stiff and head is facing straight. Place your right leg on left thigh and left leg on right thigh. Now slowly bring your hands from under the knees.

After bringing your hands out, place them on the ground by stretching and spreading all the fingers out. The main purpose of spreading and stretching the palms and fingers is to balance the pose. When you are done until that, just breathe out.

Now, bring out all your strength into your hands and balance your entire body on your hands by lifting your entire body from the ground. Balance your thighs with your elbows. When you are in the right pose, and then start breathing normally by closing your eyes.

As this is the first time for you to perform Kukkutasana, you may not withstand it for a long time. Just hold on to the pose until you can hold on. With time and with proper practice, you can increase the time of performing this asana.

When you are done with the pose, get back to Padmasana pose. Repeat the same asana few times. As you have balanced your entire body on hands, your hands may ache and you may find it difficult to perform it, but don’t give up.

Giving it a bit more concentration and attention would yield wonderful benefits. 

Benefits Of Kukkutasana:-

Kukkutasana or rooster pose has scores of health benefits. Let us see what are those.

As we balance our entire body on our hands, this asana helps in strengthening and toning the muscles present in our hands. It strengthens the muscles that are passing through the wrist, elbows, and shoulders.

As we balance our entire body on our hands while performing rooster pose, we can improve our balancing a lot.

As we bend low at the abdominal area, this pose will tone the muscles present in the abdominal area and thereby improves the digestive tract functions.

This asana best suits for women who suffer from hip pain in their menstrual cycles. As the body is lifted up in a frog position, it helps in reducing the hip and back pains that most of the woman face during their menstrual cycles.

As hands are used to balance the entire body, the fat stored in the hands will be burned up while performing this asana.

The fat burning process slowly enters the abdominal and thigh part. Along with strengthening the muscles in both abdominal and thigh areas, this asana helps in burning the fat that is stored in both areas. 

Tips For Performing Kukkutasana:-

As we get into Kukkutasana pose from Padmasana, make sure your back is stiff and straight.

Don’t hush while performing Kukkutasana. Things done in hush would literally yield negative results. So, like I said earlier, first relax your body and mind by performing a five-minute breathing exercise. 

While performing Kukkutasana, make sure you take the help of a pillow to protect your face from hurting. Accidentally, you may fall front facing your face to the ground. So, make sure you place a pillow right below your face to escape any hurts and accidents.

Women and men with huge stocks of fat in their arms may find this asana difficult at the start, but one has to remember that practice makes everything possible.

If you are unable to pass your hand through your knees, then apply some sort of oil to your hands for easy sliding.


Kukkutasana has amazing benefits on health and body. But there are few restrictions for this asana. All people are not allowed to perform this asana. As this asana is a bit difficult and needs a great concentration to balance the entire body on hands, people who are too fat may find difficult to perform this asana.

For people who are too heavy and too fat, you better consult a yoga trainer before performing this asana. If you really want to perform this asana irrespective of your fat and weight, take the help of your yoga trainer and make sure you perform in front of him only.

One more thing is if you are hurt on your hands, thighs or legs, stay away from this pose. Few people have fractures in their hands, performing this asana by bringing entire body’s balance onto the hands would worsen the situation. 

 Bottom line:

These are the amazing benefits of Kukkutasana. Performing Kukkutasana on a regular basis would yield amazing results. You can improve your hand, abdominal, and thigh strength by performing this asana daily. What are you waiting for!  Start your strengthening program today itself and feel the balance of your body on your hands.


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