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How to Get Rid of Post Wedding Weight Gain
Jul 21, 2016
How to Get Rid of Post Wedding Weight Gain

After being wed-locked with their Mr. Destiny with full pomp and show, most of the women think that it was the end to their being-beautiful-and-thin concept.  Until the day of marriage, they run from pillar to post to keep them fit.  But immediately after the day of the wedding, they slowly start skipping all their activities that they have done afore. 

Putting on weight after marriage is the most common issue that can be seen in many newly wedded brides.  Recently, a study done on post-wedding weight gain revealed that women who are newly-wedded gained about 21 pounds in a period of one year.  Isn’t it shocking?  If given a deep thought, we must be one among those women who have gained those 21 pounds after marriage. 

There are lots and lots of reasons behind weight gain post wedding.  There are even few cases that show how the wedding is affected because of over gained weight.  Even though it is little silly, it is what is happening in the world over.  Even though you are utterly special love to your groom, there are cases where due to the over-gained weight, the relationship has to see some ups and downs.  

It is obvious that a girl goes into a strict diet by tying her stomach to limited eating before the wedding.  They perform scheduled workouts that keep them in perfect shape and size.  But when immediately after marriage, they tend to forget all their oaths that they took on keeping themselves fit.  They forget that by staying fit only, everything will be fine.  Once they forget that, it is the end of their oath and starts of their oath for themselves.

If you are planning your wedding shortly, then first plan how to skip the subject of post-wedding weight gain from entering your life.  In order to skip it, we first need to know the reason behind its arrival into our lives.  So, let us do that first.
It is obvious that newly wedded couple enjoy a lot after their wedding.  This enjoyment includes dates, candle light dinners, visiting new places, eating this and that blah blah blah.  In the name of enjoyment, they forget about the concept of diets and workouts.  It gets erased from our subconscious memories too.

Let us give it a deep thought and see what causes are pushing us to the edges of post-wedding weight gain.

1. Food Fest

As I have already mentioned afore that marriage is full of pomp and show, it is the food that plays a major role in the wedding.  As weddings include different types of foods which are mostly oily and deep fried, high in calories etc, the root starts from there.  After marriage, every day is a food fest, as newlyweds love to go for candlelight dinners most.  Women love to cook special items for their hubbies at home.  In this overjoyed state, they tend to forget about the limit of their intake and eat lots which would ultimately leave them in the state of weight gain.  Food fests should be strictly avoided in order to get rid of this post-wedding weight gain ritual.

2. Lifestyle Changes

After marriage, most of the women decide to throw down their towels.  They become least bothered about their diet and workout routines.  As they are newlyweds, they love to spend a good deal of time with their partners and never let that diet concept come into their heads.  This way they saw a way to the roads of leading unhealthy lifestyle.  The unhealthy lifestyle that was adopted during this period will curse them for years in the name of weight gain.  The weight gained in this particular period is very difficult to lose.  So, instead of overlooking on weight gain at that time, it is better to give a bit of attention to your weight and shape. It would literally help you a lot.

Not just unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating spoil our shape, there are many other things that do so.  Knowing them and letting them no happen in your life is the first step you take towards post-wedding weight gain.

Now, it is the time to know about the ways that can help keep you away from post-wedding weight gain problem.

There is no problem in this world without a solution.  After all, this is a minor problem if taken care earlier.  So, let us know the roots that will lead us to the paths of healthy living.

1. Prepare A Diet Chart

It is the right time for you to prepare a strict diet chart for you and your partner.  The diet chart should include all the nutritious and healthy foods in it.  First, plan for a healthy shopping for healthy eatables.  Make sure to include healthy recipes in your diet chart from the ingredients you have purchased earlier.  As you are newlyweds, try something new with those healthy ingredients at hand.  Have a wonderful and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner with your hubby.  At dinner, try to eat foods that are low in calories and make sure to complete the dinner three to four hours before going to bed.  This way, you can not only take care of your health but also can balance your weight.

2. Try To Spend A Good Deal Of Time With Your Partner

Spending “GOOD” deal of time is not just about eating, eating, and only eating.  It includes all types of enjoyments that you share with your hubby.  There are many other activities that you can do with your hubby.  Try to start your day with a lovely morning walk with your husband.  If you are not willing to go out for a walk, go give a try to home yoga.  If you do it with your husband you will feel more energetic.  You can also go for salsa classes.  If you love playing, there are many games you can plan to play with your husband like golf, tennis, shuttle etc.  Do plan them and make it more exciting by playing with your husband.  This way you can enjoy your play and also can spend a good deal of time with your partner.

3. Self-Care

We are what we are, whether we are married or single.  Don’t let yourself change because of the people around you.  Don’t ever forget your past way of living and don’t sacrifice all your happiness for someone.  Know that you are loved for how you are.  It is easier to say, but difficult to be done.  Commit yourself to do what you did in the past.   Stop identifying yourselves with other people’s opinions.  Focus on what you have and not what you lack.  Let your spouse know that you are one and the same before and after marriage, caring, loving, and active.  Until you care for yourself and respect yourself, you cannot care for someone.

So, it is post wedding or pre-wedding, know that it is you yourself will be in that place.  It is you who have to take care of your health and weight.  Maintain your weight as per your height and age.  Be the best-looking bride even after marriage.


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