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Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss
Jul 21, 2016
Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss

We do a lot in the name of diet to lose weight.  No matter what way we choose, our ultimate motive is to lose weight.  There are scores of ways to lose weight like diet, working out, running, diet pills etc.  These days dieting has been adopted by many people as it yields the best results along with providing good health.  Diet is not something that can be done on a very regular basis. 

Regular diets one diet after the other would yield absolute zero results.  Likewise, irregular diets would yield a result, but due to the irregularity, there are chances to regain the lost weight.   There are many diets like fruit diets, juice diets, veggie diets, meat diets etc.  The aforementioned diets sometimes yield expected results and sometimes yield results that trigger back on you.

There is a new diet that is going viral with its effective results and the diet is ice cream diet.  This form of ice cream diet is issued in a book.  The diet says including ice cream regularly in your diet can help you lose weight effectively, but eating ice cream along in the diet can result in complicated health issues as it is full of sugar and calories. 

Calories-restriction regimen

In order to achieve the desired results with this ice cream diet, there is an absolute need to restrict the calorie intake.  The calories intake is what plays the major role in a diet to weight loss.  Skipping the restriction process and taking unlimited calories would literally result in fat gain and weight gain.  The weight loss becomes permanent only if the calories restriction is done.  As ice cream contains up to 273 calories and 28 g of sugar per cup, eating it unrestrictedly could sometimes result in obesity too. 

The only way to lose the weight is to reduce the calorie intake than you are taking prior to diet or burn more calories than you eat in a day.  This is the formula that will bring you the desired results.  We are not suggesting you to eat ice cream alone with limited calorie restriction and lose weight.  Even though you follow such a diet, which includes ice cream alone it results in many health issues.  What we are suggesting is to add it to your diet chart, which also includes healthy foods like fruits and veggies.  As eating raw food alone bore your taste buds, adding a bit of ice cream into it would help you overcome it. 

Most of the people cannot complete the diet they have started because of lack of determination and inability to restrict them from eating tasty rather unhealthy foods.  So as to accomplish your goal of losing weight, adding the tasty and sugary ice cream with limited calories can help you complete your diet in the best way possible.

Why ice cream?

There should be some strong reason for proposing ice cream in order to lose weight if given it a thought.  As dieting is all about eating limited and particular foods, treating yourself occasionally with foods that teases your taste buds is mandatory.  Instead of cheating on your diet, it is better to have something that pushes to complete your diet and achieve your goal of weight loss, but if you think that it is a food that you can take without any restrictions then you are out of diet.  Make sure that you apply the formula of restriction to ice cream too. 

Ice cream cleanse

This is another form of ice cream diet that was introduced by an ice cream shop owner.  The owner claims that their plant-based raw coconut cream can help people lose weight, but again this is a trick that is played by “calorie restriction”.  This is because reducing the intake of calories than you take regularly can reduce your weight.  Restricting yourself to taking only 1200 calories in a day can help you lose weight in short term.  This is because there is a lack of calorie intake compared with the calorie intake prior to the diet.  So, all credits to restriction of calories and not the ice cream or the owner of the ice cream shop.


As I said earlier eating ice cream alone would push you out of weight loss that you are playing.  Ice cream is not at all healthy.  If taken regularly, it would cause undesired side effects.  While you are in calorie-restricted diet and still taking ice cream that account for the restricted calories, it literally risks your tummy in the name of fat storage. 

Along with that all healthy foods are in fact not healthy for the body.  In the name of calorie-restriction, if calories are restricted badly that the body cannot sustain anything, it would result in a great loss rather than great weight loss.  The sudden decrease in calorie intake can cause fluid loss, which creates an illusion of virtual weight loss on the weighing machine, but when comes to reality it does no good to our weight.  The weight lost through this extreme calorie restriction is not permanent and trigger back again once you get into your regular diet.  So, sudden and extreme drop of calorie intake is a bad start to reduce weight. 

Ice cream and its calories

A single cup of vanilla ice cream contains about 273 calories, 31 g of carbs, 14.5 g of fat, and 28g of sugar.  Even sugar and fat free ice cream contains at least 6g of sugars per cup and contains zero fiber.  With all these calories, fat, and sugars, it lacks in yielding us the desired results.  So it is better to treat yourself with ice cream occasionally rather than taking it regularly as a main dish in your diet plan.

Bottom line:

So finally the conclusion for your right diet is to eat healthy and diet healthy.  Eat veggies, fruits, lean proteins, fibers in your diet by including ice cream as an occasional guest who energizes you to complete your diet in the best way possible.


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