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Meditation Tips for Beginners
Jul 23, 2016
Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation is the method of managing the consciousness of the present and managing the Mind of an individual by doing different exercises which are related to breathing. This method or process of meditation is an age old practice of many individuals who do this various reason.

Many do for increasing concentration levels; the majority of them practice this to put concentration on one area with a great focus on it, many do for maintaining the stress levels and many do it as a religious practice.

Whatever may be the reason, people who see the benefit from this they do it on the regular basis and they practice meditation very religiously. Many find the benefit by practicing this for their own reasons and found the good results, like increased concentration levels, increased tolerance levels, increase health benefits and relaxation in daily life. It’s good to practice this on day to day basis without losing focus.

It’s very sad to see, many people due to their initial enthusiasm they learn and they practice for some time and then after that there won’t be any consistency in doing and practicing the same.

Following are the inputs for the beginners to cope-up with the initial hurdles and practice the great art of meditation and get the benefits out of it.

Step 1:-

Practice – Practice

It’s important to note that, the number of times you practice more in initial days, then the fruitful results what you see from the practice.

This will boost you up to do more and more in coming days. What you learn starts practicing it at the regular and predefined time.

Dedicating some amount of time in a day is a must for Meditation, here, in this case, invest some and gain more is the  principle which we follow, as much time as you invest and as much time as you practice in meditation then as good you see the results out of it.

Step 2:-

Just Breath

In meditation “breathing” is important.

So just breath and breath as much as you can.

Once you start doing this voluntarily then involuntarily you see that something extraordinary is going to take place, either by getting relaxation to your mind or feeling conscious of what you are doing.

By observing the way you breathe, you also see that you have started increasing your level of concentration.

Step 3:-

Fix Up The Time

Whenever we do anything, which is related to our personal development we should always note that whatever we are doing we should dedicate a specific time for that purpose.

Fixing up a time for “meditation” will help us in maintaining a schedule for our works.

Once we fix up a time then, our mind also reminds us that we have dedicated the time and we also pay respect for whatever we do.

Having dedicated time for any works what we do also, will also help in GOOD TIME management.

We should put the starting time and end time for the meditation.

Step 4:-

Set Up A Place

Once you fix up the TIME for doing meditation, the next important step is to fix up the place.

The place should be clean and hygienic location, where you can sit comfortably and practice the meditation.

It’s better that your family members also know the place where you practice meditation, this will create certain respect and honor for the art what you practice and whenever you see at that place at reminds you of meditation and if in case you miss on some day it will remind also.

Since the meditation is a practice which needs to be done by sitting, it’s very important to note that the place must be clean and the surface is not slippery and proper protection from all the sides to the place.

Have a comfortable cloth or bed wherever you sit for meditation for base comfort and cushion, sometimes some kind of methods and exercises needs to do for a longer period, then you don’t feel any pain, whenever you do longer duration stretches and breathing exercises.

Step 5:-

Have A Goal

Anything which has got a purpose behind it will fetch more results than the one which we do with having any purpose.

It’s important that here in meditation also you should note that, you should do with this some purpose and Goal inside your mind.

Once you have a Goal, then it’s easy to practice and achieve it.

The effort we put to get the Goal will enhance our levels of work and Goal will also help us in maintaining our consistency levels too.

Having a GOAL will inspire us to do more and more.

Step 6:-

Update Yourself

Once you are at beginning the level, it’s important to note that you should always be hungry for the knowledge unless you learn more by whatever Good sources, you cannot move on further.

In meditation, moving further is important to see more and more results and more benefits out of it.

You can update yourself on meditation by well experienced GURU’s, under their Guidance and you can update yourself by learning on your own by the various medium of channels available in the market such as by reading GOOD BOOKS, CD’s, Blogs and various internet sources.

Since meditation very age old practice, there is so much to LEARN in this, people and our forefathers have spent their entire life in just learning and doing the meditation.

Today what we have is a consolidated form of data and methods which are enough for us to update and learn for an individual’s lifetime.

Learning should never stop, whatever you learn in meditation will not go waste, it will be benefited to you in your lifetime somewhere and you can transfer this knowledge to your friends and family members.

Regular updates will keep us on track and regular updates on meditation will also update us too.

Step 7:-

Other Useful Tips

Many people suggest practicing the meditation in the morning hours.

It’s very important that the initial steps and methods of meditation we must learn first from EXPERTS.

Make sure that you spend time in listening to inspiring talks from the people who actually practices this and spreading the knowledge of the same.

If you are alone, then make sure that you have a habit of doing the practice and learning the updates of meditation in a group, since group dynamics has got very positive impact in mediation learning, by looking at others; by listening to others too we get a lot of inspiration.

Initially, it would be little painful to do, like for example for setting for certain duration and not be moving from the body positions and postures and other things, since our mind is not habituated to sit for a long time and not habituated to certain practices, it would be hurdle initially but yes it’s also important that you should go through this procedure so that you understand the benefits once you are consistent in doing this and continuing the same further.

Be regular, thank full and consistent.


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