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Running For Weight Loss
Jul 21, 2016
Running For Weight Loss

Obesity is danger factor we are coming across nowadays. Our original weight can be calculated using BMI.  All we need to do is maintain correct weight as per your height.  Everyone wants to be healthier and wishes to maintain a good weight.   But, maintaining proper weight as per height is not an easy task to do. 

People spend most part of their earnings on their weight control and beauty.  They run to doctors if they are obese for different treatments. Instead of spending so much money on such short term results, it would be better if we go for thought which works well in long run. Walking is one such weight loss regimen that works well in long run.

Just by walking, you cannot achieve you dream body.  Along with walking, you have to include good diet plans and should live a stress-free life. Only then you can move towards your goal without any hurdles. 

Here are few advantages of walking and its uses in weight loss.

1. Walking help in reducing weight but you have to follow some diet tips to get better results.

2. Make changes in your regular food habits.

3. Walk daily for at least 4-5 kilometer.  Walk as fast as you can in order to speed up your weight loss.

4.  Walking fast for a longer period of time helps in burning more calories. Just by eating less and skipping walking, won’t show much difference in your weight.  Even though there is some loss of weight, it is not considered as healthy weight loss.

5. Taking supplements and other products daily and walking daily routine is good for your health as well as in reducing weight.

6. Walking helps in maintaining good heart rate.  It not only helps us in maintaining a good weight but also helps us to stay in good health too.

Start walking slowly on the first day.  Day by day, increase speed and time of walking.  Make chart note on daily walking and increase your speed daily as follows.

In a week I, the only goal is to walk 30 minutes a day at a constant speed.  Repeat it for the entire week.

In Week II, you have to increase your speed of your walking.  Make sure speed with which you walk should not be repeated other day. Increase speed and time day by day.

In Week III, you should walk for an hour.  You have to walk or jog. Make a regular habit of walking week by week.  Make changes in your speed and thereby burn your calories quickly.

If you are not up to date with your diet plan or if your stress levels are high or if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, then walking plan will go into vain.  Because walking alone cannot make wonders.  If it is accompanied by all above tips, then it would definitely lead you to your success point of losing weight.


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