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Secret Behind Loosing Weight Through Your Muscles
Jul 21, 2016
Secret Behind Loosing Weight Through Your Muscles

If you want to fit into your old best clothes, and if it seems next to impossible to fit in them, don’t worry.  We have come up with a great idea to make you fit in your old best clothes just by following some simple cum logical tips. 

We have numerous ways of losing weight.  The most common way is to diet.  The second preferred way is a gym.  In the former case, people will overeat in the name of diet or starve themselves for food throughout the day, which is a waste of your energy as well as a waste of your time, food, and money.  

Our way of reducing weight involves muscle movements. Weight training is the best way to reduce the over gained weight.  Weight training is as important as cardio for weight loss. 

Weight training will help you boost your metabolism and also helps you in burning the fat storages in your body.  Our way of reducing weight revolves around muscle fibers.  By knowing how our muscles work and their usage in reducing the fat in our body, you can easily reach your target.

Let’s know more about our muscle fibers.

Our muscle fibers are divided into two main types.  Slow twitch and fast twitch.

Slow-Twitch Fibers:

Slow-twitch fibers contract slowly and totally depend on oxygen as it is its main source of energy.  Slow-twitch fibers can be used for longer periods of time.

Eg:  Slow-twitch fibers are much needed by the athletes who run long distances.

Fast-Twitch Fibers:-

Fast-twitch fibers work exactly the opposite way to slow-twitch fibers.  They contract quickly and even though they fatigue more quickly, they provide strength and speed.  Fast-twitch fibers rely on an energy-carrying molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and glycogen as its main source of energy.  The drawback of Fast-twitch fibers is that they can be active only for a short span of time. 

Eg: Fast-twitch fibers are much needed by the sprinters who require short but huge bursts of energy to complete their sport.

There are different types of exercise forms available to know which form of twitch will work for you.  Slow-twitch fibers get stimulated through aerobic exercises and Fast-twitch fibers get stimulated through weights, sprints, and circuits.

Quick Weight Loss Regime

It is a kid known gallop truth that we can lose maximum weight with slow-twitch fibers by doing some cardiovascular exercise routines.  But recent studies in sports science prove that women who concentrate on stimulating their fast-twitch fibers by doing weight training, sprints and kickboxing lose more fat and weight than the women who concentrate on stimulating slow-twitch fibers.

A study from Boston University showed that, by pumping iron you can increase the muscle mass which will reduce your body fat, which ultimately reduce overall body weight.  It also helps in reducing the chances of occurrence of diabetes in adults.

The fast-twitch workouts involve weights, sprints or kickboxing moves which will help you burn fat up to eight hours after the workout.  Whereas, the slow-twitch workouts which involve long runs, extended swims or cross-training sessions will help you burn fat up to one hour after the workout.

Effective Combination of Fast and Slow Twitch Fibers

An effective combination of both fast-twitch fibers and slow-twitch fibers will earn more results than done in singles.  The success tip for losing your weight is in your hands now.  Combine both the exercise routines to get best out of them.

What are you waiting for? Get started with the combination of workout routines to fit into your best old clothes.


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