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Tighten Up Your Breast Shape Naturally
Jul 23, 2016
Tighten Up Your Breast Shape Naturally

Women have beautiful curves and the beauty enhancing curve is undoubtedly their breasts.  If those breasts lost their beauty it would be a drag to the entire look.  Most of the women suffer from sagging breasts.  There are numerous reasons behind the cause of sagging breasts.  The most common reason is due to age. 

When women hit their 40s they automatically develop this kind of sagging breasts.  It is quite a common thing to happen and there are many other reasons like pregnancy Hush-hush weight loss (like liposuction), loss of elasticity etc.  The size of the breast does not matter when it comes to sagging.  It is not a mandatory problem that is seen in every woman; few women excuse themselves from this problem. 

Don’t curse yourself for being what you are what you have.  There are lots of ways to lift up breasts.

Tighten Up Your Breast Shape Naturally 

Sagging of breast sometimes will make you unconfident to carry the look, but don’t ward off or hook to that age-old feeling.  Technology has grown and medical field has emerged to treat almost all diseases and body conditions.  There are surgeries available to lift the breasts up.  Even beauty salons have made their living with ultimate beauty products like creams, lotions, etc to lift up the breasts.  The two ways to tighten up your breasts are a bit expensive and may not produce the desired results.  So it would always be better and best to go for treatments that are used from ages that produce desired results.

As this is most seen in pregnant women they should be very careful while performing any sort of exercises to get rid of further issues.  The natural ways we are going to suggest are not something that we invented or discovered by ourselves.  They are the assets that were passed to us from our older generations.

Before getting to know what those natural ways are, it is of primary importance for you know what exactly breasts contain.  Breasts are made up of fat, tissues, and milk-producing glands.  They do not contain any sort of muscles in them.  Breastfeeding ultimately leads to sagging breasts, but skipping breastfeeding is not what we recommend (we don’t want to be cursed by your little angles and prince). 

No matter what the reason is we have a solution for every single reason.  It is not possible to improve elasticity as it is the way it used to be, but it is possible to tone and shape muscles around breasts so that they appear firm.  Due to over center of gravity breasts fall downwards losing their ability to stand in their place.
Leaving them without caring would weigh them down and down with age.  So it is very important to work on it without ignoring it.  Taking good care of breasts is the best way both beauty wise and health wise.  Sometimes sagging breasts can also occur due to inheritance.

So read on to know the natural ways of treating sagging breasts. 

Natural ways to treat sagging breasts


Yoga is an ancient workout regimen that most of the people used to do.  This gives the doer golden nugget of benefits and helps overcome many health issues.  Today we are using same yoga to treat sagging breasts.  Yoga is named for toning muscles in various parts of the body.

In order to bring your breasts into right place, you have to concentrate on pectoral muscles that are present around the chest.  Breathing exercises tighten the breasts and make them firm if done right.  Different postures have different benefits and you have to choose right postures of yoga to bring firmness into your breasts. 

So while performing yoga you have to mainly concentrate on upper arms, shoulders, pectorals etc.  As breasts get crippled downward due to sagging doing headstands, inverted leg stretch, back bends will make the breast fall into reverse direction and it works wonders in treating sagging breasts.

Perfect sized bras

Bras play a vital role in shaping the breasts.  If wrong sized or shaped bras are worn they would make breasts saggier and lose their firmness.  Few women prefer to lose the straps of the bra downward to feel free and comfortable, but this is the biggest mistake they do.  This is also the cause of saggy breasts.  Special bras will help uplift the breasts and reduce sagginess of breasts.  Cup bras will also help make the bras stay stiff in the right position.

Ice massage

Ice massages are quite good remedies to treat saggy breasts.  They uplift breasts and bring back lost firmness.  It is a very effective technique to treat saggy breasts.  Ice treats sagging of breasts and helps uplift them perfectly.  Take two ice cubes and rub them around your breast area in circular motions. 

Do this process without exceeding a minute.  Massage with olive oil also works greatly in making breasts firm.  Massage is meant to improve blood circulation around the area and thereby stimulates muscle growth.

Focus on your posture

The posture you are standing or sitting or sleeping makes a great difference.  Wrong postures will affect breasts and cause saggy breasts.  Wrong use of shoulders, forward bending etc will cause saggy breasts.  In order to get rid of sagginess due to postures make sure to sit, stand, sleep, and bend in right postures.

Breast mask

You must be surprised to know that there are breast masks other than face and hair masks, but it is true that there are breast masks too that will make breasts firm and shaped.  To prepare this mask you have to take a cucumber and mix ingredients like egg yolk, natural cream, and some butter thoroughly.  Apply the mix to your breasts and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. 

There are many other natural remedies to make breasts firm like egg yolk, fenugreek seeds, shea butter, Rhassoul Clay, pomegranate, Aloe Vera etc.  These are way too easy tips to tighten your breast and shape them naturally without any side effects.  Make certain to follow the natural remedies we have provided to get rid of your saggy breasts and enhance your confidence.


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