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Top 10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Joints
Jun 24, 2016
Top 10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Joints

Easy Ways to Protect Your Joints

Joints are the place where your body bones meet together. They help you, run, roll, bend your body like anyway. There are many joints in your body from starting from face to legs. But, we know that all of them are susceptible to damage, wear and tear and arthritis some or the other time. Unhealthy eating habits, overweight, and many other reasons are the cause of these problems. To avoid these joint problems there are various tips and ways to be followed regularly. To know about those clearly, read the below details.

1. Work from the Right

Today most of the jobs are desk-based covered with monitors, keyboards, and mouse. Sitting long hours before the computer system may harden our muscles, the lesser you will bend your hips, knees. So it is necessary that you should arrange your workplace properly and in a comfortable position. Don’t restrict your natural movement with a desk and a chair. The rear end should be pushed back completely back into the seat. Ensure that your forearms, as well as elbows, are supported comfortably. Doing all these is pretty mush enough to help joints stay for years.

2. Stay in the Correct Posture

Maintaining the good posture is always necessary. Doesn’t stand or sit like a toy. Correct posture will bound your bones from friction against one another and needlessly near your joints. Once you are used to standing, your muscles get relaxation, feels stress-free and overall ease. Your back, as well as neck, will feel happy and this also helps your hips, shoulders and knees to feel tight.

3. Don’t Lift Too Heavy

Lifting heavy objects is not the right way and will lead you to joints pain as well as injuries to your muscles. So don’t lift all of them together whenever possible or else slide them. This keeps away more pressure on your joints and helps protect them for the long run.

4. Do Exercise

To keep your joints free from pain, it is necessary that you do exercise daily or at least thrice in a week. Exercises such as running, swimming, cycling etc. can help relieve stress from the joints and muscles. It is essential that you consult the doctor before you start any exercise and they may suggest you according to your health conditions. You can even take the help of a trainer to go with right ways of exercise and they will guide you the right path.

5. Stretching Regularly

Followed by a daily exercise if you regularly stretch your joints, it adds benefits to joints. This process will open your arteries and blocked blood vessels which result in the better flow of blood in your body. This leads to healthy joints. This also removes the joints stiffness and makes them more flexible enough to work out. Both these ways are great ways for healthy joints.

6. Have Healthy Eating

The type of food you eat daily decides the overall health of your joints. So in order to maintain healthy joints, it is necessary that you eat foods that are rich in iron, calcium and other necessary vitamins and nutrients. Eating more of veggies, fruits than the food is great for the overall health of the body. Especially for the joints health, you can eat mutton if you are a non-vegetarian. This is the good food that we can suggest you.

7. Take Sufficient Rest

Giving adequate rest to your joints and other parts of your body is necessary for good health. Taking few breaks now and then during your working hours or when you are at busy work, gives relaxation to your joints and relieves it from pain. After a workout, it also removes the muscle tiredness. Also, take a warm bath as soon as you are out of the work and this is a great way to relax your body joints, muscles, and pain of arthritis etc. For instant relief from the joints pain, you can also use the moist heating pads.  You can even place your sore hands in warm water so that you will feel good and relaxed immediately.

8. Maintaining the Right Weight

Staying in right weight is always necessary to stay away from pains and its associated problems. More weight is the main reason for the pain of arthritis as it puts more stress on your joints making it utilized more which finally results in arthritis and pain. So through exercise keeps your weight properly that satisfies your height.

9. Dressing Carefully

While dressing we don’t really focus on joints and we may pull out our arms anyway out. This can make the joints near the neck portion as well as at the shoulder part damaged and leads to pain. So, don’t pull out your dressing hardly.

10. Don’t Over Strain

Organize everything in a proper way so that your joints don’t get stuck in pain. Bending too often or straining the joints more often will make more pains. Control those activities to decrease your stress hormone cortisol level. This will help drive the collagen production that is essential for healthy joints. Practicing yoga or diaphragmatic breathing for at least 5 to 10 minutes will improve overall flexibility and health of the body. So try practicing them.


These are the various ways through which you can protect your joints in a long run and make your body strong and healthy. So follow these ways and protect your joints even at your older age. Hope these details about joints protection will help you utmost.


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