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Top 5 Yoga Postures For Pregnant Women
Jul 27, 2016
Top 5 Yoga Postures For Pregnant Women

Are you a pregnant woman? Then, you are at the right place. People generally say that pregnant woman shouldn’t work more and shouldn’t do heavy works. But, it is recommended that every pregnant woman must at least do small and healthy exercises like yoga, walking etc. Among them, yoga is the most recommended exercise for pregnant woman as it benefits mother as well as the baby.

There are 5 different yoga poses particularly helpful for pregnant in many ways such as gives relief from tiredness, pains and gives your several other mental and physical benefits during your pregnancy. So, you must know and practice them. To know about those yoga poses continue reading.

1. Cat Pose

Cat pose also known as cow pose or chakravakasana especially benefits the pregnant women who suffer from severe back pain. Most of the women face this problem during their pregnancy but, don’t worry this cat or cow pose will help you stretch your spine and brings you back to the normal position by giving a warm up to your spine.

Performing this pose will shift your baby’s weight left from your spine and gives you relief from the back pain. Wanna know the way to perform this yoga pose? Then, read it from the below steps.

Steps to do Chakravakasana:

Start with all the fours i.e., hands and legs by aligning your wrists below the shoulders and knees under your hips as you can see in the above picture.

Here alignment is very important to prevent yourself from any cause of injury.

Know extend forward your head and also the back through your tail bone. This position is called as the neutral spine.

Know slowly inhale and exhale by extending and relaxing the spine. Do, it very carefully.

2. Meditation Pose

This yoga pose is also known as sukhasana and it is easy to perform. There are a lot of benefits with this yoga asana for a pregnant woman such as it calms your body, relieves your body stress and anxiety, stretches your knees, ankles, and legs, calms down your body, strengthens your back and gives relaxation to your muscles. So, it is one of the best and must try yoga asanas during pregnancy. Start off like this.

Steps to do Sukhasana:

Start doing this by sitting on a yoga mat.

Now bring your feet to the groin area of your body i.e., one foot should be informed of the other foot.

Put your hands on the thighs of your legs and join your index finger with your thumb finger and then close your eyes.

Now, put your spine straight and start taking slow and deep breaths inhaling and exhaling the air. Better pregnant woman sit against the wall as you can’t stay a long time on straight spine.

This pose seems actually like the meditation.

Practice this in regularly during your pregnancy at least for few minutes as it benefits you and your baby a lot.

3. Triangle Pose

This triangle pose known as trikonasana helps the pregnant woman losing their sanity a bit. This is told as a safe yoga pose for pregnancy and you can start doing this yoga asana after 14 weeks of your pregnancy. Benefits of this pose for a pregnant woman is, it stimulates the blood flow throughout your body, Stretches your calf, thigh muscles as well as relaxes your legs, shoulders, arms, and legs, improves your appetite, aids your digestion etc. So, let’s know how to perform this pose.

Steps to do Trikonasana:

Start it by standing on your feet together on a floor or yoga mat.

Arms should be by your side with palms facing inwards.

Now, slowly move your legs apart until you can and in a comfortable position and slowly raise your arms in the air to your shoulder level with palms facing the down.

Next, turn outwards your right foot in a 90 degrees angle and left foot facing inwards slightly.

Now it’s the time to bend at your waist to your right side with your hands downwards towards your right ankle. But, don’t bend your knees.

Finally, slide your right leg with palm on it slightly until you are not strained and raise your left arm up straightly in the air.

Stay in this position for few minutes i.e., until you are comfortable.

Come back t o normal position now and repeat the same on another side also.

Take precautions and do it slowly and carefully as this is somewhat a lengthy pose.

4. Seated Side Bend Pose

This stretch helps you to open the pelvis, stretch your hips and side waist etc. It is important that you need more space in your upper body as your belly gets bigger and this is possible with this sitting side stretch pose.

Steps to do Seated Side Bend Pose:

At first, sit down slowly on the floor of a yoga mat.

Now, bring your left feet near to your groin and stretch the right foot outwards.

Keep your right arms pointing towards the foot.

Now inhale and lift your upper body, left arm upwards and then slightly bend towards the right side as shown in the figure.

Stay in this pose at least for half minute.

Finally, come back to the normal pose by exhaling the air.

Repeat the same on the other side also.

5. Child Pose

This is also known as shishuasana or Balasana. This is a very helpful pose especially for the pregnant women to give the relaxation and relieves stress as well as back pain. Various other benefits of child pose are, gives relaxation to your spine, neck, shoulders, increases your blood pressure, deeply relaxes the back etc. To do this child pose get follow the below steps.

Steps to do Shishuasana

Start in a kneeling position on the floor so that your buttock should touch your heels.

Put your feet on the floor and slightly widen your thighs and take deep breathes.

Now, put your chest towards the thighs bending forward from your waist.

Along with your back also stretch your arms forward.

Put your forehead between the palms.

Take a deep breath for 3 minutes.

Bottom line:

These are the 5 best and safe parental yoga poses that every woman must know and practice to get relief from parental pains and also for relaxation. Take your doctor’s advice before you proceed to these poses and do them carefully.

In performing those yoga poses, if any of them hurt you even slightly stop doing them. Hope this information will help all the pregnant woman.


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