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Uses of Gym Ball During Pregnancy
Jul 07, 2016
Uses of Gym Ball During Pregnancy

Gym Ball Excercise During Pregnancy

Exercising is a great idea when you are pregnant and after childbirth and using a gym ball will help your health a lot during pregnancy. It helps in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. This makes you prepared for the childbirth and it is also an easy way to maintain the level of fitness.

Even after few weeks of childbirth, you can resume your exercise if you have had a health checkup and if you are okay. Here we would like to present you the right procedure to use your gym ball for exercise during pregnancy and after childbirth. It will help you to get most out of your gym ball. If you are a pregnant and if you are ready for the exercise with a gym ball, then read this information.

Steps to Properly Use a Gym Ball for Exercise during Pregnancy and After Child Birth


At first, you must make sure that you have a gym ball with right size that suits your height. If you are under 160 cm i.e., five feet three inches then you need a ball which inflates nearly 21.6” (55 cm), if you are in between 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 8 (i.e., from 160 to 172.72 cm) you need 25.5” (65 cm) inflated ball and if you are more than 5 feet 8 then the ball should inflate to nearly 29.5” (75 cm).

Next, it is also necessary to check the weight limit of the gym ball or either you can use that one that is specifically for pregnant women. You gym ball should at least support nearly 113 to 136 kg or 250 to 300 pounds. Along with this the gym ball should have the anti-burst feature.


Once you are done with choosing the proper gym ball for your exercise, next inflate the ball so that it is firm enough but not hard because the harder it is, it will be less stable and harder for you to exercise. Generally, 70% of inflation size is the right amount. Once the ball is inflated leave it like that for 1 day or 24 hours before start the exercise.


After everything is ready, start your exercise like this. Keep your gym ball on the floor and sit on it. Make sure that you have a something to support you to steadily sit on the ball it can be either a chair or sofa etc. Now, keep your feet apart i.e., nearly 20-25 inches and put your spine straight leaning forward slightly. This helps in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles which are important as said and helps in preparing your body for easy delivery. This also helps in reducing your backache and makes your baby in right position.



Now, start a mild exercise in the following way. Before you do, if needed take the support of a bump and if you feel tired or uncomfortable better stop doing the exercise.

Move your hips side to side slowly and rotate them 10 times in clockwise and 10 times in anticlockwise direction.

Next, rotate your pelvis gently.

Sit on the ball and place your hands on your bump for a support. Now bounce on the ball up and down for few times based on the fitness level.


You can also do few exercises by carrying the gym ball with you.

Try to bring the ball closer to you especially during the early stages of pregnancy.

Rotate your pelvis in eight during contraction. This will help you ease the muscle pain.

Now try it like this. Use a mat or towel on the floor and kneel on it. Hug the gym ball close towards you as much as possible and lean all the body i.e., head, shoulders and chest on the ball. This helps in relaxing your belly as well as lower back.

Doing these exercises during pregnancy helps to ease your childbirth. So, try to gently follow these steps and after childbirth follows the below steps.


After the child birth you must wait until 6 weeks checkup and once you doctor says that you can continue for the exercise then you can resume the exercise.

To get back your pelvis to a proper shape again, gym ball is a great way. You can do all the exercises that you used to do with gym ball during your pregnancy but, make sure that you don’t push your body more than you must.

Along with the above exercises using a gym ball, you can also do sit-ups with your gym ball and it is a great way for strengthening your belly muscles. To do this exercise, follow below steps.

At first, ensure that your gym ball is in the middle of your back and your feet are flat on the floor with 20 inches apart.

Now, your hands should rise normally behind the head.

Start it by resting once every set of 10 and you can increase it according to your fitness level. But, don’t rush as you are still in the healing position.

You can also combine this exercise with cardio for 3 or 4 times a week. This will give you best results.


All the simple gym ball exercises help you and your baby to stay healthy, ease the body pains when you are pregnant and makes you relaxed. But, before you practice them talk to your doctor about this and take their suggestion because the doctor will advise you based on your health condition and your babies position. So, take-up the suggestions and continue for this gym ball exercise when you are pregnant and even after child’s birth.


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