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Best Hair Care Tips-Crowing Glory of Women
Sep 13, 2016
Best Hair Care Tips-Crowing Glory of Women

Hair is the crowning glory that is a great honor that is given to women to enhance the beauty by 200% of the complete beauty. Most of the women now - a - days are least bothered about hair and they are just spoiling them using all stupid things that are available in the market. Just give it a pause for some time and try these natural tips and products that can be longstanding for a lifetime.


There are more reasons for dandruff, some of them are improper blood circulation to your hair, impurities, and dirt in your hair for a long time, harsh chemical based shampoos, applying oil when there is a lot of dirt in the hair. Dandruff is considered to be worst skin disorder which can take a longer time to cure and it is said that preventing is best than curing it.

1. Take hair shower for every 2 days. Make sure that you use hot water and not cold water for dandruff filled hair.

2. Immediately do not comb the hair after a shower. Let it dry for some time and then use a clean and dry comb. Make sure that you wash your combs and hair accessories weekly once with hot water. This can stop spreading it more and more on hair.

3. Hair Towel Treatment- Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of vinegar and massage it on your hair just 30 minutes before you take head bath, boil the water in a separate bowl and take a towel and dip in the water, strain all the water from the towel and just give that steam on your hair for at least 2-3 minutes. Take a shower with egg based shampoo for best results. Make sure that you follow this process at least once a week.

Hair fall:

Hair fall is the common problem that is complained by all the women, and this is due to anxiety, physiological problems, lack of sleep, stress, due to over dosage of medicines, taking more i-pills or preventive medicines, harsh or chemical hair products used on hair.

1. You need to cut 1 inch of your hair weekly once when you have more hair fall.

2. Stop use of rubber bands or hair accessories which are damaging your hair.

3. Take any of the oils by just heating it for 1 -2 minutes and cool down, then gently massage it into your hair so that pores open up give hot towel treatment then take a head bath after 30-45 minutes.

Bottom line:

We all believe that you might want to know more about the tips that can be helpful in your daily life. Let's start looking at more articles coming up for you very soon.


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