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5 Beautiful Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair
Jun 30, 2016
5 Beautiful Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair

Do you have a long hair? Then, you are really lucky. Many people love having long hair for styling there in various ways for a variety of occasions. Hope you are also one among them. If so, we would be glad to introduce few lovely bun hairstyles for your long hair that never go out of fashion.

Hope you know them, isn’t it? Though, let me explain you in detail about the bun hair style and its beautiful 5 types. To know about them keep reading the article.

Bun Hair Style:-

We all know that it is one of the popular hairstyles. Though it is known to us there are versatile and you can perk them in a number of ways. Depending upon the event or occasion, makeup and outfit you can modify this bun hairstyle as you want.

These bun hair styles look beautiful and best on super long hair or even for medium length hair. They are even quick to do. We can finally say this can complement you. So, try those bun hairstyles listed below according to the event and get the perk out of it.

Varieties of Bun Hair Styles:-

1. Casual Bun Hair Style


This hair is quite trendy as well as easy to knot. You can try this out on some fashionable or on modern outfits. You can even try this in a traditional way too. It seems like a bunch of hair strands were grouped together in a net, isn’t it? It too looks like a queen accomplished with a beautiful hair crown on her head. It just takes few minutes and very simple to try. So, try this out with your long hair and get praised by the people.

2. Top Knot Bun Hair Style

To thigh, this bun hairstyle first tries rolling or curling your hair. You can different hair styles with top knot bun by changing the hair as you prepared it before starting this bun knot.

It looks like a big swirl at your head and is a perfect choice for those who want a formal, classic or traditional look. This can be easily done if the sections of your hair are thick as well as long. It is such a balanced bun looks very beautiful and complements you and your dressing well.

3. Simple High Donut Bun Hair Style

This is a cute and charming bun style which can be easily worn. You can try this out we you are going to the office or as a casual wear at your home. Even medium haired women can also try this out and get the pleasure out of it as it is simple and don’t eat your time in knotting it on your hair.

This high donut bun hair style is usually loved by the people, who don’t have enough time to style their hair and who don’t want to leave their out on their neck. So, if you are one among them, you can definitely try it.

4. Side Bun Hair Style


This side bun hair style looks stylish and modern. It is very easy to wear as other bun hairstyles. All you have to wear this knot is comb your hair gently and move all your hair to one side i.e., left or right as shown in the figure. Now, twist the hair to the side and that should be close to your ears.

Finally, thigh this knot with strong pins so that it doesn’t become loose. You can best complement this bun style with beautiful makeup and dressing. You can try this for fashion shows or some trendy parties and events and grab the attention of the people.

5. Top Bridal Bun Hair Style


One of the popular bun hairstyles for a wedding is this bridal bun hair style. As usual, you can start it by combining the hair. Now, twist the hair and tie the hair in the bun. Then, use a bun ring around your cute bun hairstyle to complement it.

You can even decorate this bun with beautiful bun accessories or colorful flowers available in the market instead of bun ring. But, this bun ring looks beautiful for bridal hair style and adorns you.

This is such a simple but awesome hair style that most of us love to have on the occasions of our wedding. So, try this bridal bun hairstyle on your wedding with beautiful angle dressing and get the compliments from the people.

Bottom Line:

These are the few different varieties of bun hairstyles for long haired women that we have in our gallery. They are just awesome and take very less time though you have long hair. Hope, you love this bun hairstyles and would certainly try them out according to the event or occasion.


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