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11 Amazing Home Remedies for Unwanted Hair Removal
Feb 06, 2017
11 Amazing Home Remedies for Unwanted Hair Removal

Who doesn’t want a beautiful skin with unwanted hair removed, shining, smooth, and gorgeous?  But is it possible? There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from our body that too from various parts of our body. 

But depending on the place of hair to be removed, measures should be taken. Because there are sensitive places on our body and just because the reason for removing hair and making ourselves beautiful, we can’t let it give side effects and make us look worse. For removing hair, there are two different ways. They are natural and artificial.

Natural ways consist of using ingredients which are natural. Whereas artificial processes include medical procedures.


• Sugar, Honey and Lemon Mixture


1 Lemon

½ spoon of honey.

1 spoon of sugar


Mix lemon, sugar, and honey well and heat it up to make it smooth and then let it cool a little bit. 

Make sure that the paste is not much thick. 

Then apply it on arms and legs with the scapula. 

Before that let the area be cleaned and prepped with powder. 

Apply it towards the direction of hair growth. 

Now paste a wax strip and stick it well. 

Then pull it in the anti-direction of hair growth. 

This will remove unwanted hair and hair growth on legs and arms.

• Egg Mask Facial Hair Removal


½ spoon of corn flour

1 egg

1 tablespoon of sugar


Break the egg and take white into the bowl.

Now mix egg and sugar and mix all well so that it becomes a smooth paste. 

Apply this to your face.  Then let it dry. 

Now it becomes a thick pack and then peels it off in opposite direction. 

Make it slowly.  Repeat this two to three times in a week for complete removal of hair on your face.

• Raw Papaya


1 raw papaya

½ spoon of turmeric.


Papaya naturally consists of papain which helps in restricting the growth of hair by destructing the hair follicles that will completely eradicate hair growth.  This is very helpful for sensitive skin people.

Now take raw papaya and make it a paste and mix it with turmeric and apply it to face and neck and massage for 20 minutes and wash it up.  Repeat this at least once a week, so that unwanted hair can be removed permanently.

• Chickpea


½ cup of chickpea flour

1 teaspoon fresh cream

1 spoon of turmeric

1 cup of milk


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make sure that lumps are not formed. 

Make it the past and apply it on the parts, you want to remove hair on. 

Cover all the area without any gaps.

Once the past has been dried, remove it by rubbing your skin, you can make your hands wet. 

Rub in opposite direction. 

Then wash it up with warm water.  Repeat this 3-4 times a week to get rid of hair.

• Safflower Oil And Thanaka


1 spoon of Thanaka

½ spoon of safflower oil.


This is one of the processes in Ayurveda. 

This is made possible with thanks, tree bark which is most popular in Myanmar, used for cosmetic purposes.

When it is mixed with safflower oil, it will give great results in removing hair easily than any other processes. 

It’s harmless and safflower oil mixed in this will help in the smoothing skin. Mix thank powder with oil and apply it on your skin and leave it until next day morning and clean it up with clean water next day early morning.

Use this mixture every day for better and quick results.

• Black Strap Molasses


Blackstrap Molasses.


Black strap molasses consists of high rich minerals and iron.  It will help in reducing hair growth in unwanted place and gradually stop the growth of hair.  Just take two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses and eat it every day.  This will make you get rid of unwanted hair.

Before using it just make sure that you consult your doctor to know whether you are on iron supplements or having diabetes.

• Basil Onion Paste


1 Onion membrane layer

12 fresh basil leaves.


Take the membranes of two onions and make a paste by mixing it with basil leaves.  Now apply this paste on the areas where you are willing to remove hair. 

Now clean it up after 30 minutes and using this for a month will make you rid of unwanted hair forever.

Artificial Process:-

The artificial process of removing hair includes not only benefits but also side effects.  As we know that in this process may be the results are quick, but if any wrong step, it also will have unimaginable side effects. Treatment by laser, which if used in high frequencies, will harm your skin and may also sometimes burn it.  There are two ways of removing hair. 

They are Epilation and Depilation. In the epilating process, the hair along with its follicle is also affected and this will damage hair growth whereas in depilation process only hair is damaged without any harm to the hair follicle.

In epilating the processes are laser and electrolysis where the only target is to remove hair by destructing hair follicle and permanently removing hair forever which completely counteracts to depilation.


In this process, small electrical current is sent into the follicles to destroy follicle and make sure that the hair does not grow once again.  It is a lengthy process, but effective forever.


In this process, hair is removed with a process called Selective Photothermolysis(SPTL). Here they will select the area to remove hair and will target high intensity of laser rays to permanently damage hair.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatments:-

This is termed as IPL which is same as laser treatment, but the only difference is that it will have a wider range and broader scope to operate than precise laser treatment.   They will not only remove hair but also rejuvenate skin.

The cost of these treatments depends on whether it is permanent or temporary and how large the area is and in what part of the body this is to be performed and how many sittings it needs and geographic location.

There are many specialists and plastic surgeons and many dermatologists who are performing these techniques based on the type of skin of the patient. So, undergoing such a sensitive treatment need second opinions and careful interventions.

Whereas natural processes that we have seen before may take some prolonged time, but they do give required effects and they are harmless.  Not only that they will rejuvenate your skin and make it glow and look gorgeous.


It Requires Patience To Achieve Something Permanently. Remember this and just think twice before you take any decision and go through thoroughly all of the above options and choose which will be absolutely perfect for you.


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