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12 Tips For How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair
Feb 08, 2017
12 Tips For How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

The oiliness of hair is the worst problem even after shampooing it daily; few people face the problem of oily hair.  Oiliness can be due to stress, pollution, abnormal diet included with oily foods, lack of water intake, hormonal pills for stopping periods, painkillers and birth control pills. 

Oiliness not only gives a dull look to hair but also makes us look oilier. The oiliness of hair can be taken care of by following few tips.

Tip 1:

Water plays the role of protagonist in body and hair care.  Take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.  It helps you from getting dehydrated and keeps your hair hydrated.  Add some fruits and veggies to your diet chart.  They will help your hair to stay healthy and strong.

Tip 2:

Shampoo your hair every day if your hair is too oily.  If your hair is a bit less oily, then wash your hair for 3 times a week.  Over shampooing may damage your hair from roots. 

Make sure you don’t overuse shampoo and check before use.  Don’t use many chemicals added shampoos on your hair.  They will damage your hair which will give rise to new hair problems. 

Instead of using harsh shampoos, replace them with some mild shampoos.  Mild shampoos are made of less chemicals and more PH balance in them.  They won’t harm your hair and scalp much.

Tip 3:

If your hair is loaded with oil naturally, then don’t apply anymore oil to it.  Adding some more oil from the outside would make it oilier.  The oil secreted from y our hair is good for your hair as it is naturally secreted from your body.  All you need to do it find ways to control it. 

The best way is, apply some warm oil on your hair and scalp and massage it for about 15 minutes.  Take wet towel and cover your hair with it.  Stay 15 minutes and wash your hair with shampoo.

Tip 4:

Use 2-3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to wash off your hair.  It will reduce the oiliness.

Tip 5:

Beer is best for any type of hair.  Just pour mug of beer on your hair and wash off your hair with water.

Tip 6:

If you are in hurry and your hair is like freshly dipped in oil, then use talcum powder on your hair.  Put some talc on your scalp and dust it off.  You can also use starch instead of talc.  It is an immediate tip for instant oil reduction.

Tip 7:

 Did you ever heard of aloe gel?  You can use it as conditioner on your hair.   Aloe is such conditioner that will help you get rid of your oily hair.  Make conditioner using fresh aloe gel and 1 tbsp of lemon juice.  Mix them well and apply it to your hair.  It is really good for all types of hair as obtained naturally.

Tip 8:

Henna is best to control oiliness.  Use branded henna for reducing hair oiliness.  Henna will make hair dry than normal by reducing oiliness in hair.

Tip 9:

Don’t comb your hair much.  The teeth of comb will carry oils from one end to the other which will lead to more oiliness.

Tip 10:

It is common that we sweat a lot when we workout.  But, letting that sweat sit on your hair for long will make it oilier.  So, shampoo it immediately after your workout.

Tip 11:

Tied hair is not always preferable.  Because hair tied in style of pony will stimulate glands at roots of hair.  So, leaving hair loose sometimes is good.

Tip 12:

Take a bottle of witch hazel oil, mix 4 drops to 2 tbsp of plain water.  Dip cotton in the solution and apply it on your scalp.  It will control oiliness of your hair.  If you have sensitive scalp you better check it with your specialist before using it.

So, what are you waiting for?  Take up project of reducing oiliness in your hair with tips we have provided.  Hope you enjoyed our company in this reading.


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