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5 Natural Hair Regrowth Tips
Jun 06, 2016
5 Natural Hair Regrowth Tips

Will there be people in the world who doesn’t love their crowning glory?  I guess the answer will be undeniable no.  There won’t be anyone on this planet who does not love their hair.  It is way too obvious.  We do a lot to protect it.  We run from pillar to post in order to keep it healthy and strong.  We drain our wallets in the name of hair treatments in hi-fi parlors, but even after taking all these precautions and draining our wallets, if we get to see the same hair fall then comes the real frustration. 
There are many reasons that cause hair fall.  Most of the times, the reason could be due to genes that we carry from our parents who suffered or suffering from a hair fall or bald head.  There are few more reasons that are nowadays being considered as main cause for hair fall like hormonal imbalance, thyroid gland dysfunction, insufficient supply of nutrients, lack of blood circulation in the scalp area etc. 
Finding the root cause for your hair fall and getting rid of it is the only way to control the hair fall, but what about the hair re-growth? Finding the root cause for your hair fall and getting rid of it is the only way to control the hair fall, but what about the hair re-growth?
We are here today to educate you with few tips regarding hair re-growth.  So guys set your hearts on. 

1.     Massage

Head massage has been a very famous treatment for improving blood circulation in the scalp.  It has been used for centuries by our ancestors for good blood circulation.  As mentioned above lack of blood circulation in the scalp can lead to hair fall.
Improving blood circulation in the scalp can ultimately reduce the hair fall and thereby promotes hair regrowth.  Head massage can be done using different oils.  The most common and preferred oil is coconut oil.  Other oils include sunflower, olive,   flaxseed, avocado, castor oil etc. 
All you need to do is apply the oil thoroughly and start massaging your head using your fingertips.  Massaging should be done in such a way that the oil should get penetrated into the scalp.  Massage for about 10 to 15 minutes and let the oil stay on your hair all the night for good conditioning.  For best results, massage your head at least once in a week.

2.     Use a wide tooth comb

Most of us never care what comb we are using for combing our hair and its neatness, but comb we use for combing plays a great role in our hair fall and hair regrowth.  The teeth of the comb are the ones who take the role of anti-protagonist here.
We always choose comb depending on how it looks rather than by choosing how comfortable it is to comb.  It is a common mistake most of us make.  Plastic combs have teeth that are sharp edges, which lead to abrasions on the scalp and it may also hurt the new growth of hair on the scalp.
Whereas combs with wide teeth and are made of wood give fine combing facility along with providing good massaging to scalp.  They also help in generating and distributing the sebum oil, which is the natural oil from the scalp to the hair. 

3.     Say no to conditioners

Most of the conditioners we use are chemicals filled.  As hair is sensitive obviously that chemicals present in conditioners affect our hair as well as scalp.         
We mainly use conditioners to make our hair healthy, strong and silky, but the result after using those chemicals filled conditioners is hair fall or hair loss.  I won’t suggest stopping using conditioners, but make sure you are not putting too many chemicals on your hair or your scalp. 
This could damage your hair even more.  Try to go natural.  There are many natural ways that we can adopt replacing the conditioners.  You can also try mild conditioners for your hair with zero chemicals in it.  If you go for regular shampooing then don’t go for regular conditioning.  Just do it occasionally like twice in a week. 

4.     Fenugreek seeds

There are many ways to control hair fall, which includes expensive treatments in parlors, but it is always better to choose natural methods for controlling hair fall.  Fenugreek seeds are one such natural way to control hair fall.  Fenugreek seeds are rich in hormone antecedents, which help in hair re-growth and in repairing damaged hair. 
So in order to make fenugreek seeds paste for hair regrowth, soak them in water overnight and make a fine paste out of them.  Apply this paste of fenugreek seeds thoroughly onto your scalp and cover your head.  Let it sit on your hair for half-an-hour to an hour and then wash your hair with water without applying any sort of shampoo.  Repeating this twice a week can help you see better results.

5.     Exercise and meditation

Regular exercise can not only help you with good health but also with healthy hair.  Exercise will let all your sweat out, which helps in unclogging the pores of hair follicles that are clogged by dead skin and dirt.  Along with exercising, meditation plays a great role too. 
Breathing exercises can help a great deal by allowing enough oxygen into the head and thereby improves the hair growth by reducing hair fall.  Exercises can also help improve the blood circulation throughout the body and scalp.  Good blood flow improves the oxygen and nutrients into the body and thereby improves hair growth.  You can choose any sort of workout like cardio, yoga, walking, jogging, cycling, running etc to hit your goal.

Along with following above mentioned precautions, there are few more things to take care of like good food habits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, following proper diet etc.  Try to stay happy and stress-free to control hair fall. 


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