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5 Reasons Hair growth during pregnancy
Feb 09, 2017
5 Reasons Hair growth during pregnancy

Are you a pregnant? Then, you may see changes in your hair growth and texture. This is because of the hormonal changes in the body and the foods you take. Along with there are various other reasons for better hair growth and some of them are listed below. Would you like to know those reasons? Then, read the complete article.

Reasons for Increased Hair Growth in Pregnant Women

1. Increased Hormones

As said first and foremost reason for the improved hair growth in pregnant women is hormones. This is especially during the first trimester of the pregnancy i.e. when the androgen levels of the body increase.

This is the reason for full and thick hair during this period than before. Here, increased hormones during pregnancy make the hair stay longer in the resting phase, thus, you can also see lustrous hair.

2. Intake of Supplements

During pregnancy of first 9 months, women used to consume healthy diet as well as iron and vitamin supplements which as a result you can have faster hair growth and an active hormone called progesterone found in this pregnant women helps the latent follicles to stay alive as a result, this prolongs the growth phase of hair with thicker tresses as well as very less hair fall.

During the growth phase, the hair not only looks thicker but also shiner than before. This growth phase lasts until the 6 months after childbirth and later goes to the normal growth.

3. Reduced Stress

Heavy eating during pregnancy and sleeping makes the pregnant women feel less stress as well as it combat with cortisol which again reduces the stress levels in the body. Less stress means healthy and increased the growth of the hair. Stress is the main reason for hair loss.

4. Excess Androgen Production

Some women will face the excess hair growth in unwanted places of the body during their pregnancy and this is because of increased production of androgen. Especially, you can see the hair growth on and around belly, nipples, arms etc. But, in most cases the unwanted hair will come off only after the child’s birth. So, better don’t go for hair removal products like creams or techniques like laser, electrolysis etc. This may harm you during pregnancy.

5. Live Phase

Usually, 95% of the hair will be in growing phase and the remaining 5% will be in resting phase for normal women. But, during pregnancy due to the increase in the progesterone, the remaining 5% of latent hair which is in resting phase also comes in to live in the growing phase. This gives an appearance of thicker and full hair.

6. Hair Texture

Not only hair growth, but women also experience the change in the texture of the hair. The hair may also become oily or dry as well as you can also observe color changes. These types of changes are more obvious in the long haired women.

Bottom line:

These are the common reasons for the increased hair growth during pregnancy that can be wanted or unwanted. Hope the article is informative and helps you know the reasons about the hair growth during pregnancy.


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