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7 Blow Drying Mistakes That You Usually Do
Aug 13, 2016
7 Blow Drying Mistakes That You Usually Do

No matter how frequently you blow dry your hair at home, it doesn’t look like salon blowout. Though you know all the ways to use your blow drying, you generally do few mistakes. Those include the following. So, know those blow drying most common mistakes and fix them. Now are you ready to know them? Then continue reading.

Blow Drying Mistakes

1. Not Using Heat Protection

Blow drying is a heat tool that can damage your hair unless you use heat protection product. It is generally recommended to use heat protection serums, sprays or lotions before you use any heat causing tool.

So, damp your hair evenly with any of these hair protecting agents before you start using blow drying. This will protect your hair. It is also not good to blow dry your hair very frequently.

2. No Proper Sectioning of the Hair

Blow drying the hair yourself is a difficult task particularly if you have a thick or more of it. But, if you evenly organize or section your hair properly can help you to get every strand of your hair gets dry. Most people avoid this task as they think that it is time-consuming but is a big mistake that you usually do.

If you don’t section your hair and start hair drying, you will not have clarity which part is dried and which part is not and even your hair gets clumsy making you irritated.

So, it is recommended to start to blow drying the hair only after proper sectioning. You can do these using clips to hold up the sections. This will finally give you good end results.

3. Not Using Concentrator Nozzle

There is a reason behind giving a concentrator nozzle along with your hair dryer. But, most of the women leaves it in the box and will not use it. Do you want to know the use of concentrator nozzle?

Then read out. This nozzle helps in concentrating the airflow on the particular area you are working on instead of blowing the strands all over the place.

You should ensure that concentrator should flow out and up with a brush for creating the volume at roots. Then, you point the concentrator deep the length of the hair for smoothness.

4. Holding Blow Dryer in Wrong Angle

Many of you may think that starting the blow dryer and holding it for few minutes on hair will dry your hair faster. But, it is a misconception and it shouldn’t be done. The hair dryer should always move on the hair and if you make it stay in the same position it may blow out your hair.

So, for maximum control and smoothness of hair, hold your blow dryer at the handle given and make sure that blow dryer is horizontal and the brush is vertical as opposed to the other way.

Even the concentrator should point in the same direction as t he handles and this is how it will hit your hair directly that is behind your brush and not other sections.

5. Choosing Incorrect Blow Dryer

There are different types of hair dryers and not all are equal and has equal importance. There are some ionic hair dryers that help dry your hair very fast that is because here we are applying not only heat and force of air flow but also the negative ions that can break down the water molecules on the hair.

There are also other blow dryers like ceramic that emit non-damaging infrared heat which gently dries hair and others like tourmaline, a diffuser for curls etc. So, know the purpose correctly and choose the correct blow dryer for your hair.

6. Using Incorrect Blow Brush

One of the biggest mistakes the many of us used to do is, choosing the metal hair brushes. The reason is metal hair brushes heats up too fast and makes your hair too hot and cause serious damage to the hair if not used properly.

So, to get the nice finished look choosing the correct blow brush is important. It is better to choose round brush that is a combination of nylon and boar bristles is good as they evenly distribute the smoothening as well as conditioning of the hair and makes it soft and bouncy. This also prevents breaking or over-drying the hair.

7. Not Fully Drying the Hair

Leaving some wet spots on the hair can lead to serious damage to your hair if you are afterwards using a flat iron or curling tools on the hair. It can even cause the frizz. Having the hair hot doesn’t always mean it is dry. So, switch it on to cold mode and blow it on the entire head to know whether you hair is completely dry or any wet spots are left out on the hair.

So, that you will know which parts are wet and you can dry out them. You should not select the blow dryer setting to too high. There are different heat levels based on the hair condition and texture. So, choose the correct mode and dry your hair completely without any damage.

Finally, you should use a finishing product such as spray or oil to apply a little bit on your hair at ends and distribute to the rest of hair which helps in giving your blowout last for a long time. But, don’t apply it too much. Many people used to skip this but, don’t skip this step after finishing the blow drying to get a blowout.

These are the commonly made mistakes when women used to blow their hair by their own. So, know them and try to avoid these mistakes to get a smooth, shiny and long lasting blowout.


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