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9 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Woman Naturally
Feb 08, 2017
9 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Woman Naturally

These days hair fall is becoming a common problem for everyone. We feel stressed when we come to know that hair fall is increasing day by day. Especially for women who dream of having healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

Most of the women accept it as a natural result of aging process. We do see a lot of hair products in the market which promise to reduce hair fall but excessive use of chemicals would surely result in damaging hair.

It is normal to lose about 100 strands of hair during the day when you are combing or other activity but if you are losing more than this then it is considered to a severe hair fall condition.

We have to understand some common reasons for hair fall so that you can determine the cause and take effective measures. Some common reasons include improper diet, lack of essential nutrients, excessive use of chemicals and hair treatments, hormonal imbalance, medications, scalp disorders and stress. The thyroid is also a common problem among women which can lead to severe hair fall.

Let’s see few simple tips which should help you in reducing hair fall normally.

1) Don’t comb hairs after you come out from the head bath as wet hair is more prone to break leads to increasing in hair fall.

2) Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair to reduce the hair fall while combing.

3) Combs should be cleaned regularly to keep away dirt from it. Dirty combs can lead to hair fall.

4) Use warm oil for hair. We all know that regular oiling of hair gives you natural beauty with no side effects.

5) Massage you scalp with natural oils such as coconut, olive, canola etc so that it encourages hair growth and reduces hair fall.

6) Warm oil treatment twice in a week ensures blood circulation near scalp causing new hair to grow.

7) Deep conditioning also helps in eliminating scalp issues and makes hair strong.

Shampoo made from sulphate, silicone and paraben should be avoided as they are harsh chemicals which make hair lose more. If you are investing money on different shampoos then look out for shampoos from The Body Shop, Soul Tree etc which are very good with no chemicals in them.

Regular washing of hair with a shampoo or cleanser will remove the dust, oil, and bacteria. It is advised to wash every 3 days to keep your hair clean and prevent hair fall due to unclean scalp and infections.

A balanced diet giving a good amount of nutrients will minimize and prevent hair fall.  Overcome the deficiencies of vitamins and proteins by having a diet and increase the moisture content in your hair to reducing hair fall.

Last but not the least, drink more water.

These are few natural ways to prevent hair fall and avoid costly hair treatments. Do consult your physician to check if any of the prescribed medication can cause hair fall and suggest him to change accordingly. Follow a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and regular oil message to a healthy hair.


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