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Bangs That Make You Look Thinner Hair Tips to Look Slim
Jun 06, 2016
Bangs That Make You Look Thinner Hair Tips to Look Slim

10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Thinner 

Bangs That Make You Look Thinner - Not all women look thin and women of that kind will always find ways starting from hair style to dressing to look thinner even they are not actually.

In order to look thin, they need to pay attention to what they wear and even choose the hair style that makes their chubby face look thin. When it comes to hairstyle there are different types of bangs especially for the chubby faced people to look thin.

 If you want to know about such bangs or hair styles both for long hair and short hair, you need to go through below given various types of bangs that you can try.

1. Layered Hair:

If you want to make your face look thinner and beautiful, the best hair style or bangs you can try is cutting your hair in various layers of different length. The layers can be short, medium and long mixed up to give a layered texture to your bangs.

This also makes you look stylish and looks great especially for the straight or wavy haired people. You can also try this hairstyle if you have a curly hair. 

2. Curl Your Short Hair:

Curls add more volume to the hair even if you have a thin looking hair which makes your face look big and chubby. Even though you don't like curls, they are good if you try and make your face look slim more than the straight hair. So, try wearing these curly loose bangs and make your face look slim down instantly. 

3. Bob Hair:

The bob hair is always beautiful and it never goes out of the fashion. It adds a stylish look to your chubby face making it slim down. But, this certainly suits the round chubby faced people and not all.

This adds more attention to your round face. People having the double chin can cover it with this chin length bob hair. They even add the volume to your head especially the sidewise, so try cutting this bangs above your chin level. 

4. Pixie Bangs:

Pixie haircut would be the best option for the round faced people and it probably hides your problem area of the face. Pixie bangs with cropped cutting with good thinning, will look great for the round faced people.

But, before you do up this hair style better ask your stylist opinion whether its suits you or not and with their experience they will suggest you the good option. 

5. Highlighting:

Maybe you may not be aware of this hair highlights can thin your hair. But, actually, it does a lot in making your face thinner. Try natural color highlights that are pleasing on your face. This will brighten the face and makes it look thinner as well as younger.

Some vertical streaks on the hair make the people's attention move up the hair and make it look thin. For the dull looking face, you can also highlight your full tresses and make it shine. 

6. Messy Bang Ponytail:

A Messy ponytail is something different and draws the attention of the people towards it instead of your round face that is chubby. Either you can do it completely messy or only some part of the hair. Add small funky look at the front of the hair to cover your cheeks. This hairstyle trick would definitely look great and is messy too. 

7. Asymmetric Bob:

Many people don't know about the asymmetric bob. Asymmetric in the sense, making the back hair completely short and keeping the front bangs long will certainly make your face look thinner. You can even part the hair in the middle and move the long bangs to either side of your face to cover up your chubby face and make it look thinner fully. 

8. Long Layers:

If you have middle lengthen hair then you can try this long layered bang around your face. This hairstyle can add balance both your hair and face weight by giving it a drawn out look. These long layers can be parted in the middle and bright down the chin of the face so that the jaw line looks extended making the face look thin and sleek.

9. Straight and Sleek Hair Cut:

If you are looking for a smooth long lock, then try this straight smooth hair cut. Cut your hair straightly and add some gel to the hair finally as a part of styling to add it a bit rough look. Both of these will look elegant for your face hiding the cheeks when parted in the middle. So, you can try this haircut if you want a smooth straight hair

10. Braid Sidewise:

If you like braiding your hair, then try this side braid with a funky look at the front. Side braids are always beautiful and draw people attention to that area and the funk at the front will cover your chubby face and will make your face look thinner and sleek.


These are the 10 different types of bangs of hair styles that chubby face people can try them and make their face look thinner accordingly. Before giving a try to any of these bangs better take the suggestion of your stylist.

They may suggest you the best among these that suits your face. All these may not be suitable for your face, so try the bangs that suit your face and make it thinner as well as beautiful.


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