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Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos
Feb 10, 2017
Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos

Women hair is considered to be a most important part. Good hair with color, style, pattern, and length will enhance the beauty of face which in turn glorifies complete persons beauty and appearance.

As long as the hair is healthy and clean it adds up a great look.  When hair becomes unhealthy and scalp becomes sick then the problem starts. Instead of an asset of beauty, it becomes an irritating part of the body and disturbs appearance of hair and face.

The major problem among various hair problems is unhealthy “DANDRUFF”.

Dandruff Means:-

 It’s a common hair related syndrome which occurs when dead skin cells get forms on the head scalp. Generally, this occurs in heavy quantities at a time, since the hair on any healthy person’s scalp is uncountable and it is in huge.

If dandruff on hair is more, it causes irritation to the person. It is common for both gents and ladies and studies have shown the results that comparatively with women, men have this problem intensity more in their hair. Dandruff also causes pimples on the face.

Dandruff – Causes and Solutions


One of the main reasons for dandruff is oil on the head scalp when skin starts exerting oil on the external layer of head scalp these results in generating dandruff. Another reason is excess growth and dead head scalp skin as old dead skin becomes flaky on the head scalp.

The other chances of dandruff are due to ill health of person and hair diet imbalance.


The solution which many experts suggest to follow is depending on the reason for the root cause of dandruff originating source.

Know How:-

The solution for dandruff removal is to know the reason why it is occurring, and in how much quantity it is generating. The solution which we follow should compulsorily remove the flaky thin uncountable layers from hair scalp. Many experts and hair consultants today suggest using shampoos for hair to remove dandruff.

Shampoos for Dandruff Removal

Shampoo liquid which is used to clean or wash. In this context, we use the shampoo for hair wash and hair clean.

Treating dandruff has to be done depending on the age factor, skin health condition and severity of dandruff problem.

Many shampoos are available in market today which we can start using without any experts advice. But we have to make sure that at least one of the following ingredients must be present in that shampoo. 

Shampoo Ingredient – 1:- "Coal Tar"

This has very good property of removing antifungal agents from hair, as it is applied on wet hair.

Keep a note that when the shampoo is applied on the scalp it must present on the scalp for at least minimum five minutes, don’t rinse the hair within five minutes of application if you are suffering from fungus and dandruff related issues.

The ingredients of shampoo must reach scalp root and all the head scalp.

Shampoo Ingredient – 2 : “Egg Oil”

 The EGG oil is used as a traditional method for removal of hair dandruff.

Shampoo Ingredient – 3 :”Ciclopirox”

This is used in many shampoos widely all over the world as anti – dandruff agent.

Shampoo Ingredient – 4 :”Zinc Pythons”

The shampoos which have “Zinc Pythons” as its ingredient will help in slowing down production of yeast.

Shampoo Ingredient – 5 :”Tea – Tree Oil”

From many years, this tea-tree oil is used as an antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal item. These days many shampoos are mixed with this ingredient making it richer in the removal of dandruff.

We can use those shampoos which have this as its ingredient in it.

Shampoo Ingredient – 6 :” Ketoconazole”

This is a very effective anti-fungal element. Those shampoos which have this ingredient is useful for all age groups and results have shown that this is very effective in removal of dandruff from the head scalp.

Shampoo Ingredient – 7 :” Listerine”

This is also very old and effective ingredient, which fights with fungus. A shampoo which contains this as its main ingredient will be very useful in fighting with dandruff.

The method used for this is, one part of Listerine must be mixed with two parts of water and this mixture can be applied on wet hair for anti-dandruff treatment for hair.

Shampoo Ingredient – 8 :” Aloe Vera”

The presence of aloe in hair gel or hair shampoo is itself a great relief for many.

Many studies and results found that presence of aloe in hair shampoo will fight with hair dandruff and will give much relief to the scalp.


Many shampoos also contain various ingredients such as citric acid, magnesium chloride, limonene, perfume, tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium benzoate, sodium hydroxide, soy protein, benzyl salicylate etc.

Use sulphate free shampoo’s also for effective dandruff removal.

Use apple cider vinegar – for effective dandruff removal from hair.

It’s always better to read notice which is printed on various shampoo packets and shampoo bottles, the general tendency of many is we just see the name, but we don’t see what it contains.

We only see which celebrity is using this or which is for a lesser price in the market. But we forget to see the ingredients and steps to follow while applying shampoo and pre and post procedural steps many times. But don’t forget to READ IT next time.

Many people try many methods at home and on expert’s advice. It depends on you purely to recognize which shampoo ingredient is effective enough to fight with your dandruff problem.


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