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Best Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair
Feb 15, 2017
Best Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair

Best Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair

Bleaching your hair is an investment that you spent on it. It, in fact, strips away the natural moisture of your hair and makes it vulnerable to breaking and over bleaching can result in the damage to the cuticles which protects the cortex i.e., where your natural hair color is present. It makes the cuticle rough and your hair may damage from the root.

To avoid all these and to restore your hair strength after bleach, you must consider following few tips after bleach. These tips not only protects y our hair from lessening the damage, it even keeps your hair color bright. Would you like to know those tips? Then, continue reading the article.

1. Use Conditioning Shampoo and Rich Conditioner

When it comes to hair wash, you should select a mild conditioning shampoo as well as the rich conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Extra care must be taken in selecting the right product that counteracts the damaging as well as drying effects of bleach on your hair tresses.

Look for the active ingredients in shampoo and conditioner such as dimethicone. This helps in boosting the shine, lessens the static electricity and increases the manageability.

Wet your hair before you applies the shampoo to give the much-needed slip to your hair. Then apply the selected shampoo to your scalp with your fingertips and massage to break down the residue on your hair. After that apply it to the remaining hair and then rinse off. Don’t overdo shampoo; do only when it is required.

2. Gently Dry Your Hair

Use a soft towel to clean your hair. This soaks the excess water without making your cuticles rough or causing breakage to hair.

3. Deep Conditioning

At least once in a week, you need to deep condition your hair or else go for a deep conditioning treatment. The only way to reverse the effects of dry and brittle hair caused by bleaching is deep conditioning. Because of the moisturizing and emollients ingredients, your hair elasticity will improve. Deep conditioning treatments will mostly include sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil that conditions your hair well. Using heat will penetrate the conditioner.

After the treatment, you should use a shower cap for 15 minutes of your shower and the wash your hair. So, depending upon the hair type you can do deep conditioning and it definitely works out well.

4. Don’t Use Much Heat

Styling with heat is bad for all kinds of hair but especially for bleached hair. Try to avoid using a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron as possible. Let your hair dry on its own and putting heat on the hair will make it more damaged.

So avoid it. If you can’t avoid using a blow dryer, better use hair protecting spray. It not only leaves your hair shine but smells good.

5. Use Sun Protectants for Hair

One more thing is, you should not leave your hair unprotected from the sun. It leaves your hair more damaged. So, find products that give you UV protection. Use sunhats if you are frequently going into the sun.

6. Use Overnight Mask

Apart from using deep conditioning for your hair, it also requires overnight hair masks at least once in a week or twice in a month. It strengthens your hair and leads to fewer split ends and breakage.

You can use overnight masks at the night time before you go to bed and this instantly soaks in. Don’t worry as it doesn’t feel heavy or smear on the pillow. Next morning wash it off in the shower and all the work happens when you are in sleep.

7. Use Good Hair Oil

The Just little amount of good hair oil makes your hair look softer, shinier and healthier. Use it every day to keep your hair roots strong and healthy. Good hair oil can really change your life. So, invest on it.

8. Regularly Trim the Hair

Split ends and damaged hair need regular trims and haircuts. It ensures that you get rid of the dead hair and leaves room for more healthy hair. It even helps your hair grow faster and leaves it to look great.

These are the few tips that are to be regularly followed to keep your locks healthy and damages free after bleach. So, follow them regularly as mentioned and keep y our hair smooth, shiny and healthy. Hope, this information would help you to protect your hair.  


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