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Best Home Remedies For Oily Hair
Feb 08, 2017
Best Home Remedies For Oily Hair

Natural Home Remedies For Oily Hair

Humans are considered to be the beautiful creatures on the planet earth. It’s believed that nature whatever has provided for a human, by nature and by birth they are the beautiful people. Among all the organs and body part human head portion is the most important part as far as beauty related things are concerned.

Starting from hair, face, lips, ears, eyes and cheeks.  Starting from head to toe each part of the body is nature’s gift and many things we acquire from our family history too. It’s important for all of us to protect the nature gift and should care about its needs and requirements which change and varies from year to year, the place to place and depending on the health condition of the human body. Out of all HAIR is considered to be an aspect which needs a daily care and time to time maintenance.

Its regular care and maintenance will improve the beauty aspect of the face. As the saying goes “face is the index of the mind”. By nature and depending on the individual family history each person acquired different variations in skin, hair and internal strength and weakness.

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Reasons For Oily Hair:

The observations have noted that many get a hair which is oily due to various reasons. Out of them, the major causes noted are due to the internal hormonal changes, due to the person’s family history, due to the excess exertion of oil glands from the head scalp, surrounding environment, hair wash products, and lifestyle.

Nature has got its own balancing system for the body. In the same fashion, the skin also has its own method of balancing and protecting part. To keep the skin in the moist condition the skin glands release the liquids so that the skin can be wet and healthy. Because the dry skin has got its own advantages and more disadvantages. It’s always better to keep the skin in the moist condition.

These glands produce the liquid called as sebum. Which is in oily condition and excess of this will cause the problem to the hair. The abnormal condition of this would be due to an imbalance in human body system.

The imbalance results inside and external disturbances in the body, health conditions, food and lifestyle of an individual.

The excess oil produced from the glands is also the result of fat content and dead cells of the scalp.

The minimum and required amount of wetness on the head scalp is good for the health but the excess of this will result in an oily form.

Another important factor which harms the hair is due to the imbalance of inside hormone. Hormonal disturbances are very common in the human body due to age factor, individual health and food intake. We must know our body and its responses.

Once we know or once we observe if there is abnormality then better that we must take a necessary precaution step to bring back this into its normal condition.

The balance of hormones to the internal health is the must for a healthy body.

Hormone:- The word “hormone “can be understood as, a chemical item which is required for the body to maintain and control the cells and organs. The hormones are like instruction an agent inside the body which guides the organs and reminds the organs to do their job. It regulates all the actions of the body through chemical messaging and orders.

The imbalance of this might happens many times because of the intake of food also.

Home Remedies – For Oily Hair:-

As mentioned earlier, like there are various reasons for oily hair growth, in same fashion there are many remedies also available to tackle this issue.

Depending on the content and intensity of the oily scalp or oily hair we can choose the best remedy or procedure to handle this oily hair issue.

Sometimes the complete hair from roots of the scalp area to the end of the hair string the oil effect will be there and many times it’s only an issue of excess oil on the scalp portion itself and remaining hair area will be dry.

So the oily hair issue needs to be tackled based on its area of effect and its root of origin.

Home Remedy –1:- Aloe Vera Gel

The home remedies are the various solutions which we can get it done at home which needs our own time and our own preparation methods. The best home remedy which is suggested by many experts for oily hair problem is to use “aloe Vera gel”.

To get rid of the oily hair, we must apply this aloe Vera gel as a shampoo. This can be applied on a wet hair and should keep this for around five to ten minutes then after this we can wash the hair. This remedy can be followed weekly thrice till we get useful results.

Home Remedy –2:- Using A Good Conditioner

Another best home remedy for tackling the greasy hair issue is to use a suitable hair conditioner for suits our hair. The conditioner can be applied on wet hair and should keep this for five to ten minutes and after that, we can rinse the hair completely.

These provide a good amount of moisture to the hair by replacing the oil layers from the head scalp.

We should be very careful in choosing the right conditioner.

Home Remedy -3:-Use Of Vinegar And Lemon Juice

Another best remedy to use at home is using the mix of lemon juice and vinegar for the hair. This mixture will be very helpful and useful in controlling and decreasing the oiliness of the hair.

The mixture to be prepared with vinegar, lemon juice, and water. This should be applied on the wet hair after shampooing for five to ten minutes.

After soaking and drying the hair, it must be washed completely and thoroughly.

This application can be practiced weekly twice or thrice till we see good results of reducing the oily hair.

Home Remedy -4:- Use Of Egg Yolk  And Lemon Juice

Out of all the above the best and economical method to use the oily hair at home as the home remedy is using the “EGG Yolk” with the mix of lime juice.

We can use the EGG Yolk by mixing the lemon juice and applying this mixture on the wet hair completely and keep this mixture for five to ten minutes.

After few minutes rinse this hair completely and thoroughly.

This is considered to be the best cheap method.

Other Home Remedies :-

Using the henna is also the best method to reduce the oil hair.

It’s better to decrease the OILY Food content in the food intake.

We should drink lots of water daily and regularly. The food should be rich in Green contents and fresh fruits.

Using the very effective hair oil also a good source for reducing the oil content from the scalp and from the hair.


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