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Cellophane Hair Treatments And Their Benefits
Aug 03, 2016
Cellophane Hair Treatments And Their Benefits

Cellophane Hair Treatments-

“Woman’s crowning glory along shines”.  Women are beautiful.  Their tresses enhance their beauty no matter how long they are and no matter how short they are.  But due to environmental conditions we are living in, it is getting difficult to maintain healthy hair. 

There are many costly products in the market that provide good salon treatment at home itself.  But most of them are chemically overloaded products which in the long run would raise new hair issues.  Among all the treatments, there is a treatment called Cellophane hair treatment which came into light with its wonderful features for providing nourished and healthy hair. 

Cellophane hair treatment is mainly designed around adding shine and thickness to our hair.  If you are a victim of hair fall, then it is the best treatment at hand that works wonders on your hair. 
As the name suggests, this Cellophane treatment is all about the sealing of the hair cuticles with the help of the cellophane.  Hair becomes dry when lost its moisture. One reason that pops up mostly is due to lack of hydration to the body and hair.  Cellophane treatment makes moisture stick to hair and prevents from the problem of dry hair.

Is Cellophane Treatment Good For Hair?

This Cellophane treatment highlights its pros on cons.  It is considered as the best hair treatment by many experts whereas few people still consider it as a drag.  When we are about to try something new, it is obvious that we think of it a lot and sometimes we worry about the results of doing that.  It is same with this Cellophane treatment. 

As this treatment is done on hair, it is obvious that the first thing that comes to our mind is hair damage.  But you no need to keep any such doubt in your mind while choosing Cellophane treatment for your hair.  This is because Cellophane treatment is done only on the lower tresses and will never run into the scalp area. 
So, there is no chance of damage to hair from the roots as we are not touching the scalp area.  Along with that, Cellophane treatment does not involve any chemical filled solutions for treating hair.  All the products used in Cellophane treatment are protein rich products that ensure healthy and strong hair. 
Even though it is a chemical process, it does not include any harmful chemicals in it.  People who are suffering from hair problems can give this Cellophane treatment a try.

Pros And Cons Of Cellophane Treatment

Until the Cellophane treatment is out into the market, dyes used to rule the world of hair.  Even though they provide good hair treatment, they have a great drag of damaging the hair.  Most of the hair dyes are ammonia filled and provide hair damage. 

1. Cellophane treatment does not harm our scalp and roots of hair as this treatment is done only at the lower tresses. 

2. Cellophane treatment is a pigment-free treatment, which means it is a complete external treatment without any involvement of internal parts of our body.

3. This treatment is less time consuming compared to other hair treatments. 

This is the best proof Cellophane treatment.  You no need to drain your wallet in the name of hair treatments and saloons.  This hair treatment can also be done at home without much use of appliances. 

Process Of Cellophane Treatment

It is as simple as its name. The process of Cellophane treatment involves dying of tresses with particular polymers by covering up all the hair cuticles, which guarantees no damage to the hair at all.  It is a very simple hair treatment that, it can be done at home itself.

1. Before getting started, take a color bowl and a brush to apply Cellophane on your tresses.  Don’t use your fingertips for coloring. 

2. Start with hair wash.  Wash your hair neatly with shampoo.  Go for a mild shampoo on other chemical filled shampoos. 

3. Now, divide your wet hair into four sections and clip them tightly.  Start with one section of hair by applying cellophane.  Leaving the scalp and roots, apply this Cellophane from the top to bottom of your tresses.

4. When you are done with application of dye, cover your hair with a cap and relax.

5. Leave it for 30 minutes.  The important point to be noted here is, you have to apply a darker shade of Cellophane than your hair color on your tresses.

6. If you are worried about the loss of moisture in your hair, you can work it out too.  You can encourage the moisture absorption in the hair with the use of Cellophane by tying the hair in a saran or by using a dryer to dry the hair.

7. Once you are done with it, wash your hair and apply a conditioner that goes well with your hair.

8. Now style your tresses as you like.

There ends the Cellophane treatment.  Isn’t it too simple to do?  

Any Side Effects?

Cellophane treatment is considered by experts as a semi-permanent hair coloring treatment that gives best to hair strands.  As we dye the hair in this treatment, it ensures no use of pigments in doing so.  Cellophane treatment comes with an added advantage of glossing, which gives color and shine to your tresses.  It also solves the problem of thin hair. 
After Cellophane treatment, your hair feels thick and strong than before.  It gives a voluminous look to the hair.  It helps in sealing the layers of the cuticles of the hair.

Coming to cons of Cellophane treatment, the one and only con of Cellophane treatment is that this treatment is a temporary treatment or a semi-permanent treatment.  As we dye our hair in this Cellophane treatment, the color and shine of hair hardly last for about 8 to 12 hair washes approximately. 
As we spend our mighty money on taking this Cellophane treatment, it is obvious that we would expect it to last for long.  This is the only disadvantage of Cellophane treatment.

This is a hair treatment procedure that involves both clear and color formulas. Most of these products have the semi-permanent coloring but no peroxide or ammonia. The color is deposited on the hair and later washed leaving the hair looking lustrous as a result of the highlight.
Something else you need to note is that you have to apply a darker color of cellophane than that of your hair. You could also use the same color as your hair. With the cellophane hair treatment, the effect is likely to last about 8-12 weeks.


This Cellophane hair treatment is cost effective compared to other treatments.  The best Cellophane treatment that is ruling the market now is Sebastian laminates hair color.  It is a good brand and provides professional care to the hair.  It costs about $27 to $40.

So, this is all about Cellophane treatment.  There is nothing much to talk about cons of Cellophane treatment, whereas there is so much to talk about its pros.  This point itself will keep it at the top from all other hair treatments.  So, try it on your hair and feel the difference.


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