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Daily Hair Wash is Good For Hair
Feb 06, 2017
Daily Hair Wash is Good For Hair

In present environmental conditions where we are living, every day is a bad hair day.  Our “Crowning Glory” or “barnet” or “tresses” is our biggest stylish statement that makes us look beautiful. 

People around the globe are suffering from a legion of hair problems like hair loss, lowlights, highlights, bald patches, baldness etc.  It is rare to see people with the head of healthy hair these days. 

To have your crowning glory glow and shine healthily, the best thing one can do is to keep it clean to its best.

Washing your hair on a regular basis is one best step to keeping yourself away from all the pollution and dust.  But, is it good to wash your hair daily? It is the question that must be running on your mind at present. 

Yes, it is recommended to wash your hair daily because of the surroundings we are living in.  But, everyday washing will definitely damage our hair if proper care was not taken.  Keep rolling your mouse down to see the pros and cons of daily hair wash. 

Depending on the activities we do, we have to decide whether to go for daily hair wash or not.  Activities for which hair wash is mandatory are mentioned below.

1. Workouts

While performing workouts or exercises we sweat a lot and most of the sweating happens on the scalp.  The sweaty scalp is one of the big reasons for hair loss.  So, instead of keeping your hair sweaty all the time, wash off your hair immediately after you are done with your workouts. 

2. Gels

People love to apply gels and waxes to their hair to keep their hair in control.  But, those gels and waxes cause hair loss.  So, it is better to wash off your hair after applying gels and waxes to your hair.

3. Chemicals Overloaded Hair Products

The hair products now available in the market are full of chemicals.  Application of those chemicals overloaded products will lead to hair loss.  So, it is advised to wash off your hair regularly.

Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Hair Regularly:-

1. Sweaty Head

It is obvious that we sweat when we work out.  Sweating starts from the scalp.  As sweat is nothing but salt water that is released from our body when doing workouts or activities, it is advised to wash it off immediately without ignoring it.  Sweat contains lactic acid in it which ultimately leads to hair loss, it is mandatory to wash off your hair every day.

2. Cosmetics

Hair cosmetics even though give instant advantages to make hair look beautiful, with good looks they come up with many disadvantages.  One such disadvantage is hair loss.  The gels and waxes applied on hair works towards closing the pores present on the scalp thereby promoting huge hair loss.  Try not to get along with much use of cosmetics as they result in hair loss.  Make sure to wash off your hair daily.

3. Scalp Sebum

There are many people who suffer from greasy hair.  The greasiness in the hair resembles unclean and unhealthy hair.  Sebum is the natural oil which is secreted from the skin.  If it is left on the scalp for a long time it would harm the hair which would ultimately lead to hair loss.

Now, let us do justice to our heading.  Let us know whether washing hair daily is good for hair or not.

It is recommended not to apply conditioners or shampoos on your hair daily when performing hair wash.  The chemicals present in the shampoos and conditioners could cause harm to the hair.  It is advised to wash your hair just with cold water instead of applying any sort of chemical filled shampoos and conditioners.  Use a good serum to keep your hair smooth and soft.

Things That Need To Be Taken Care:-

1. Restrict Yourself To One Shampoo

It is obvious that women fall for new products that came into the market.  Irrespective of their pros and cons they apply it on their hair.  It is not at all advisable to do such things as it causes harm to the hair. 

Use of a variety of shampoos that are filled with a variety of chemicals would definitely cause harm to the hair and that would ultimately result in hair loss.  So, just commit yourself to one shampoo that suits your hair and goes with it.  Don’t go for two-timing.  It will show adverse effects on your hair.

2. No Hot Showers

Even though taking hot water into the body is good for health, taking a hot water shower don’t yield good results.  When hair is washed with hot water, hair becomes coarse and unattractive.  It takes away all the moisturizer present in the hair and makes hair frizzy. 

So, cold water showers are advised on hot water showers.  To see good results, add some vinegar or apple cider to the cold water and wash off your hair with that solution.  Vinegar acts as exfoliate and helps in removing dandruff that is present on your hair.  It also softens and smoothes out the hair.

3. Say Yes To Hair Masks

Hair masks are very much recommended for healthy hair growth.   Using at least one hair mask twice a week is recommended so that there won’t be any hair loss issues in the future.  Hair masks help in protecting your hair from damage and keeps your hair shiny and healthy.  There are different types of hair masks available in the market. 

There are even naturally made hair masks that can be used on your hair.  Hair masks have many advantages as they sit on hair for pretty time so as to remove to promote healthy hair growth.  After you are done with your hair mask, make sure to wash it off well so that your hair is clean and safe without any leftovers.

4. No Skipping Of Conditioners

The main purpose for using conditioner is to keep hair silky, shiny and healthy.  Few people skip applying of conditioners after applying shampoo on their hair.  Nowadays conditioners are mandatory for all types of hair. 

They promote shiny and thick hair.  After you are done with your shampoo, make sure to apply conditioner on your hair.  And make sure to keep the conditioner on your hair for at least 2 to 5 minutes depending on the type of conditioner you are using.  And rinse off your hair with water until all the conditioner washes off.  Choose the conditioner based on the type of hair you have.  Don’t apply different types of conditioners on your hair. 

They would cause harm to your hair.  So, commit yourself to using only one type of conditioner that suits your hair and continues using it.

Our Crowning Glory is our biggest asset that once gone cannot be earned back.  So, invest your attention on your crowning glory to have a healthy head of hair.  Watch out for your hair and wash your hair on a regular basis to get rid of those bad hair days.  By following the above-mentioned tips, wash your hair safely and regularly so as to keep it clean and healthy and to stay away from all the cons of hair loss like low lights, highlights, baldness etc.


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