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Do Long Bangs Harm Your Vision and Make Them Lazy
Jun 25, 2016
Do Long Bangs Harm Your Vision and Make Them Lazy

Growing long bangs has become a fashion now. Most of the women grow long bangs and they don’t band their bangs. They simply leave it on their eyes. This affects their eye vision if they continue it for a long time. People may be wondered of hearing it. But, it is true.

According to few optometrists and the news that spread on the internet, reviles that having long bangs that fall in front of your eyes, will give you lazy eyes. It can be one eye or both eyes if they are covered completely without receiving any stimulation day and night will lead to amblyopia or lazy eye.

Lazy eye is a lack of visual development or acuity. Especially children under the age of three years are more vulnerable i.e., young age people are mostly at risk to this problem, as their brain will be still in the developing stage.

If you doubt this, you can try closing your one eye with a hand for few minutes and later try to observe the environment clearly. But, you will not be able to see much detail.

It is necessary to ensure that people at the vulnerable age will not have long hair and so, lazy eye problem can be corrected up to the age of 10 years and it is also not likely to develop after the age of 6 years even because of the hair style.

So, you don’t have to worry if you are a grownup one as emo chips are seen in young children. You can even play with your long bangs as you wish and enjoy the style out of your long bangs.

If you may have kids with long bangs so you should look after them. Better thigh their bangs at least till the age of 6 years and after that they will get habituated to see the way they see. Never allow them to block their eyes completely with side or full bangs all the time. Otherwise, your kids are ready to get the lazy eye.

So, young people and teenagers are assured that they are not at the risk of getting long-term eyesight by wearing a trendy hair style with long bangs. So, you can certainly have long bangs that can be full or side bangs and enjoy the pleasure of a trendy style. Hope, you got the enough information about the long bangs.


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