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Funky Hairstyles For Girls
Jun 27, 2016
Funky Hairstyles For Girls

Girls love to be funky. These days being funky counts a lot of people. Funkiness increases the number of head turns as it highlights the people with its attributes. Funkiness comes with shortness. Girls are lovable with their tresses on and off. They always try to be best with their crowning glory on.

These days short is most preferred on long. Stylists have come up with many trendy short hairstyles that gear us up towards smart looks. Girls are going crazy about these funky come trendy looks. Being little boyish with little-added boldness makes these hairdos the best funky hairstyles every. 

To make them more attractive, they are complimented with best dying colors. As dying their hair with different colors is getting famous these days, adding this with those funky hairdos makes it more and funkier. These looks, both in the short run and long run will give you trendy and funky look.

Let us see what those funky and trendy hairstyles for girls are.

1. Tousled Bob


Bob is the name that resembles the short hair.  Tousled bob is the trendy hairdo that goes well with short and thick hair.  This hairdo comes under baby bob, which looks absolutely pleasant and flirty.  This hairdo is totally full of layers, which gives a totally funky look. 

This hairdo is a lowest maintainable hairdo.  You can just apply some texture spray to the hair and tie the hair loosely around a big barrel curling wand.  Make sure this curling wand is at least 1.2 inches in diameter. 

Leave the ends of your tresses so that they won’t curl.  This hairdo tops in our list of funky hairstyles.  By spraying the hair after the hairdo is done, it gives a grand look to the hairdo.

2. Side Shaved Quiff


This side shaved quiff hairdo is a bit boyish and bold at the same time.  If you love to be bold and want to exhibit bold looks, this hairdo goes absolutely well with you.  This hairdo needs a great confidence to carry it away well.  If you are no willing to shave the sides of your hair, you can just duplicate it. 

For duplicating this hairdo, all you need to do is collect all the hair present at your sides and apply get to it.  Just compress the hair of the sides well by leaving all the other hair on the top free.  Now, spray your hair in such a way that it would look edgy and bouncy.

3. Purple Spiked Hair


This day dying is very much appreciated by youth.  They love to color their hair to make it look more trendy and funky.  These colors make hair look funkier.  This purple spiked hair does absolutely fit for girls who love to be funky along with being bold. 

As the name suggests, this hairdo is colored in purple and spiked up with sides shaved.  This hairdo goes well with round face.  One must thing to do is hairspray it so that it will listen to us all the day.  You can also try different colors for dying your hair. 

Few colors that go well with this hairdo are fiery red, platinum blonde, bright blue, or the trendy pastel ombre.  All these colors suit this hairdo well. This hairdo suits well on round faced people.

4. Sicked-Back

This hairdo gives an absolutely gorgeous look to the girl that carries it.  This hairstyle goes well with hair that is both thick and thin.  Thin hair goes absolutely best with this hair do.  As the hair is slicked back in order to give it a smoky look, thin hair does go well with it.  This hairdo along with a smoky eye makeover will do a great deal. 

This is one of the easy hairdos’s to style.  As the hair has to be compressed back with a gel, make sure you choose a good gel that holds off all your hair back tightly. 

5. Edgy Pixie

This hairdo gives hot looks to the girl that carries it.  This hairdo is short, quirky and gives a complete hot look.  This hairdo goes well with people having a heart-shaped face.  This hair is very short to the extent that it totally jumps into the list of boyish hairdos.  This hairdo gives a perfect, trendy and funky look.

6. Classic Bob

As the name says classic bob, this hairdo literally resembles that classiness in the person with classic bob hairdo.  This is purely rounded bob with side-swept bangs.  This hairdo need not have a very short hair.  Keeping the length aside, what makes us fall for the hairdo is its side swept bangs that absolutely compliments her face shape. 

Those side-swept bangs are ear locked, which give a classic look to the hairdo.  This hairdo will be well complimented with good eye makeup and lip gloss.

7. Playful Pixie

This hairdo is funky because the curls make it look funky.  This hairdo goes well with oval-shaped faces.  People who have lengthy jawline can easily manage it with this hairdo.  Apply some gel to make this hairdo look funkier with spiked curls. 

Take a blow dryer and blow dry your hair without leaving any hair.  After you are done with the hairdo, spray a non-greasy hairspray as a final touch.

8. Coiffed Updo


This hairdo with short tresses will give you a superb hot look.  This hairdo is very much famous with celebs.  The pixie up to is cut and styled into a short updo and the hair is pinned back at the sides which give a smooth finish to the hairdo.  This hairdo looks edgy being gamine.  Use a spray to hold them for all the day or night.  This hairdo can look more elegant on zero makeup complimented with dark color lipstick.

9. Shaggy Updo With A Headband


This shaggy up do is complimented with a headband.  This headband is the main character in this hairdo.  This hairdo has sharp bangs that cover the entire forehead.  This is an uneven hairdo that goes well with fine makeup without much of pomp and shows with much use of accessories. 

This hairdo is again a low-maintenance hairdo.  The headband literally makes the entire hairdo look pretty cool.  To make this hairstyle funkier, add some gel to make it look more stylish.  Add some texturizing mousse at the site of bangs using your fingers to give it a soft touch.

10. Bob With Side-Swept Bangs


This hairdo gives a chic look with its short bob and bangs.  This short and stylish bob goes well with thin and straight hair.  This hairstyle can be controlled just with a flat iron and with some high-shine serum.  Compliment this look with sultry subtle eye makeup and with no lip color to make it look more effective.  As bangs are named for their classic and trendy look, they added with bob make people go crazy about this hairdo.

Bottom Line:
So, here end our experiments with funkiness and funky hairdos.  If you do like them, take a chance and give it a try.  Because funkiness is funkiness and being funky is itself is a stylish statement.  So, choose the best hairdo that suits the shape of your face and don’t forget to have a blast.


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