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Garlic For Hair Loss and Hair Growth
Jun 06, 2016
Garlic For Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Hair is an important beauty part of human beings, whether it’s male or female it important for them that they take care of their hair first then next is the face. It’s so important that we pay attention toward it starting from morning to end of the last minute while going for sleep. Many have different choices as far as hair is the concern and many of us do prefer to do a different kind of hair treatments to enhance the beauty of hair and to keep the hair in good condition.

Depending on age, colour, gender and location of living the hair health conditions changes and varies, there is various reason for hair fall and hair loss. Among them the major on the health condition of an individual, food intake, lifestyle, surrounding environment, lack of nutritious FOOD, Water Quality and AGE of person. It’s proved that comparatively men, women give a lot of priority to hair and for its beauty treatments.

For the improvement of hair and its growth, there are various homemade remedies available which are not only effective but also very economical and harmless. Among the various options available many prefer to use “GARLIC” for hair growth.

Garlic – For Hair Re-Growth And Hair Loss:-

The important element which is needed for the hair growth is “sulfur”, which is abundantly available in Garlic in various forms.

For the re-growth of hair, sulfur plays an important role and its benefits are huge for hair and for its regrowth. The sulfur acts as an agent of growth and helps in acceleration.

First, we should cut the garlic into small pieces and then the mixture of this garlic paste should be mixed with any hair oil, preferably the coconut oil and then the oil should be heated up and then once it gets cools apply this oil on the head starting from hair tail to roots, a good massage is preferable once we apply this on the head.

Practice this weekly thrice and then within few weeks you see a positive result of hair.

Many experts even advise that the garlic can be used in combination with many other natural products which are also accelerating agents for the hair growths. Such as onions and amla with coconut oil mix. You should wait patiently for some time to see the good results always and same is the case with these garlic treatments for hair too, wait patiently and do consistently this practice and application then definitely you will see all the good results to your hair.

Instead of trying with the chemical products which are available in the market without any credentials of them, it’s better to use the nature provided products which have got huge benefits and are chemically harmless and good for the health too. Instead of using the cells, chemical oils, sprays and powders it’s good to follow the proven methods which are most economical and healthy.

In addition to this treatment method, we should also concentrate on our lifestyle and the food we have daily, the changing lifestyle these days have not only spoiled the health conditions of the body but the hair too. The food habits what we have these days have also contributed a lot to the hair fall and hair loss of a person.

Keratin is the main protein which is helpful and needed for the hair growth. The components which are available in Garlic such as sulphur and selenium and others will help the hair to grow healthy and consistently, it’s also important to note that people who are old we must check the healthy condition of the head scalp and then try these methods of treatments.

Whatever we do and experiment we must consider the health condition of the person, skin and age. Unless these are given the first priority then it’s difficult for the person to cope up with the garlic treatments, since its very strong vegetable which is available and provided by nature, that’s the reason the experts of hair and beauty always suggest that whenever a product is strong then use this with neutral items such as coconut oil and olive oil as an alternatives.

Garlic provides hair nourishment and avoids all the radicals and dead cells which are present In the hair and gives a permanent solution for the removal of dandruff if it is present on the head scalp and if any fungus too.

Garlic will also help in improving the head scalp health condition; garlic improves the blood flow to the head scalp.

 Many experts advise this garlic treatment for the people who are in their younger ages and have bald head, to practice this application before going to bed, if you apply before thirty minutes going to bed and then you go to sleep, then nourishment will take place during the night time till the head scalp root level giving the new energy to the hair roots. Then in the morning, you can do hair wash and you will feel comfortably relaxed and fresh for the day to take on.

Additional Info:-

For various problems of hair whether hair loss or the hair slow growth major component needed is sulphur and it is also known as beauty agent in the “health and beauty industry”.

The health of the hair also depends on the food we take; we must concentrate on the type of food and time of food what we take and when we take.

Good food always gives good results; we should take Green food, green vegetables, fresh fruits and less fatty meat too. The body needs a good amount of proteins, sulphur, fiber, carbohydrates and calcium.

A healthy body and healthy mind are very important these days, otherwise, we turn to lose the energy and battle against all the unhealthy ailments.

It’s good to see many people these days have realised the importance of food, physical exercise and lot of awareness among the children and adults towards good health, good food. Among all the cultures and traditions the Garlic is somewhere are the other is the part of our food and somewhere or the other depending on the quality and quantity it has saved our hair and our health.

Protein deficiency is the major factor for the hair loss, we must know the amount of protein intake which is going into our body and depending on the experts’ advice we should either increase the intake or decrease since it plays a major role in the hair growth and hair health we must have a tap on the protein intakes.

Keeping ourselves away from junk food these days is very difficult especially in a case of younger crowd and children but at the cost of the health, we cannot continue to spoil our body with this kind of health spoilers. Have food which has benefit for the food not as the additional storage in the body which has no benefit and except for the loss. Good amount of sleep and keeping ourselves away from the stress are the major changes we should look into ourselves apart from the GARLIC treatments which we take for hair regrowth and hair loss stoppage.


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