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Hair Spa Treatments At Home
Jun 06, 2016
Hair Spa Treatments At Home

Everybody desires for beautiful hair.  How to get beautiful hair naturally? How to get the good look at a home like hair spa treatment? Common, Lets us find answers to these questions. You can make your hair shiny and beautiful by following some of the effective treatments at home.

Hair Spa treatments will obviously make hair shiny and free from dull or pigmented hair. Likewise, we will follow some natural hair spa methods to get rid of pale and lifeless hair. Before getting into depth, let us first know what actually is hair spa? 

Hair spa is treatment given to hair in order to make hair strong, shiny, silky and healthy.  Hair spa treatment is actually done at hair spa centers.  But, it can also be done at homes by following simple tips. 

-Hair spa includes head massage, steaming and then hair wash. 

-Hair spa is done by professionals at hair spa centers. 

-Hair spas done at hair spa center include use of variety of hair products like conditioners and shampoos. 

-Hair spas promote good hair growth as they mainly aim at massaging the scalp. 

-Massaging the scalp and steaming the hair will improve the blood flow which promotes good hair growth. 

Let us see how the hair is treated using hair spas at home. 

Best Hair Spa Treatments at Home 

Use Olive Oil for Hair:-

Olive oil is the best substance to make the hair glow. Follow the process which is mentioned below once in a week to get beautiful silky hair.

1. Apply adequate Olive oil on to the head and massage gently for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. After that take thick towel and dip the towel in warm water. Squeeze the water and wrap the towel around head to provide essential moisture to scalp.

3. After 20 to 30 min, remove the towel and take shower with good shampoo and conditioner.

4. By repeating the process weekly once hair will become soft and shiny.

Coconut Cream Mask:-

Cholesterol and saturated fats are truly helpful for repairing the body. Coconut has high substance of saturated fat. Subsequently, it is perfect for profound molding of hair.  

·        Make a fine paste of coconut cream in a blender or you can purchase it at the departmental store. 

·        Take the sufficient measure of coconut cream in a vessel and warm it up pleasantly with your hands.

·        Delicately apply and knead it for 5 minutes.

·        Spread hair with a warm towel and let the veil sit on your hair for 60 minutes.

·        Wash out with a gentle cleanser and maintain a strategic distance from blow drying in the wake of washing.

Egg Mask:-

Eggs are incredible sources of protein which will help hair develop.   Furthermore it gives hair quality and protection from all kinds of hair harms. A simple tip that you should never forget is, never wash out egg veil with high temp water. Continuously wash it with chilly water to expel the egg smell from the hair effectively. 
·        Begin by taking one egg and include sufficient coconut oil.

·        Presently tenderly apply it as hair veil.

·        Next you could wrap the hair with a warm towel and abandon it for good 20 minutes.

·        Wash it up with a gentle cleanser.

Avocado Conditioning Mask:-

The avocado hair veil advances hair development.  Furthermore it includes sparkles and makes your hair look healthier. The included preference of avocado is the real wellspring of supplements which anticipate hair harm.

•Begin by making the mask paste by pounding two big avocados and add a big tablespoon of honey.

•Presently expel any tangle from your hair and begin applying the paste on the hair from the scalp to the hair end.

•You could leave this hair veil for around 20 minutes and after that tail it up with a gentle cleanser out and wash out.

•This hair cover will provide for you astounding gleaming, delicate and smooth hair.

Ripe Banana Mask:-

Banana has great source of potassium, natural oil and vitamins which help in softening the hair.

It likewise anticipates part finishes and any harm by ensuring the hair's common versatility.

·        Begin by peeling banana and include a little measure of olive oil and one egg white and blender it.

·        Apply it on the hair and abandon it for 20 minutes

·        After that wash out with mild shampoo.

 Milk and Honey Mask:-

This is an exceptionally basic hair cover and would suit all your hair needs.

·        Begin by stirring up a large tablespoon of honey into one glass of crude milk.

·        Apply everything over the hair from roots to the tips and back rub well.

·        Permit it to splash for around 15 minutes and wash with tepid water and a gentle cleanser.

·        This cover will provide you with gleaming delicate hair.

 Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Treatment:-

·        Mix equivalent amounts of water and apple fruit extract vinegar in a small spray bottle.

·        Shower this mixture on your hair and leave it for 5 minutes.

·        Clean it up later with cleanser and conditioner.

This is a super simple hair treatment which can quickly smoothen up your hair and control frizz.

Cucumber Hair Treatment:-

This is an astonishing hair treatment for dry or harmed hair.

·        Begin by making a paste of 1 egg white with two tablespoons of olive oil and 4 bits of cucumber.

·        Massage gently and wash it with lukewarm water following 15 minutes for smooth and sleek texture.

These are the best ever hair spa treatments that are helpful to make the hair glow and healthy. If followed properly in the procedures mentioned above, the results would be surprising for you to see. 

Make sure you do it at least once in a week.  Doing it twice would help your hair to strengthen and also promotes healthy hair growth.


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