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Hair Transplant Procedures
Feb 10, 2017
Hair Transplant Procedures

In a human body, the face is the most important aspect of the beauty industry and in the face, there are various parts which deserve beauty treatments and maintenance. Among the major parts of the face “HAIR” is considered to be the most and top part which deserves more attention than any other part of the face.

The definition of hair goes like this,” it is a thin strand member which grows on human skin and especially on the head.” as far as beauty aspects and subject is concerned we deal here with the hair which grows on hair and its importance and its growth.

The studies found that most beautiful people have in common in them are, they have very Good hair. The Growth aspects and parameters on the hair depend on various parameters like person’s health, age, gender, place of living and Food intake. The other parameters which might also cause both effects and affect are the hair maintenance, proper diet for hair and daily lifestyle of the person. It is observed that those who take Good food and diet have Good hair on their head and those who fail to do so loose hair.

Like for a good hair, there are various parameters which protect them and on the other side there are various other reasons for losing the hair also. Due to the insufficiency of iron and protein in the human body and less supply of this to the hair, including the new lifestyle stress component, all these parameters leads to hair fall and hair loss.

The additional parameter which we must note that the family history of the person also contributes to the hair’s health condition and its presence. Generally, it’s found that women have more hair fall problem than men and men have more problem of bald hair than women.

Poor health and diet condition generally leads to hair loss and family history, genetic condition of a person will impact the hair’s absence and which leads to the bad hair condition. The presence of hair on the head will either increase and enhances the beauty of a human being or will decrease the beauty.

The method people use for getting the lost hair on which is in common demand is “Hair Transplantation”.


The Word “transplantation” means, the procedure of putting the hair roots from the donor place to the recipients place (Head scalp). Some of the Women who have bald hair due to their genetic problems and family histories they prefer to keep the hair on the head. Hair beautifies women’s appearance. It is considered that Good hair on women’s head is the symbol of youth and lost hair signifies the seniority of the women. 

Hair Transplantation:-

There are various methods and procedures which are available and practiced in today’s life. It depends on the skill, cost, and technology.

There are various advantages and disadvantages, irrespective of few disadvantages people who don’t have hair will prefer to go for hair transplantation depending on their age and scalp health condition.

These procedures have to be done strictly under the skill person’s advice and under their guidance.

In this process of hair transplantation, THREE important things have to be present. One the donor, second the receiver and third the skilled surgeon.

The recipient who would prefer to go for hair transplantation first consults and meets the surgeon for a preliminary check up and advice. Based on the present status and condition the surgeon will suggest them the proper method of treatment to go for and the donor’s presence.

Depending on the donor’s availability and other sources the surgery for the hair transplantation is decided and performed.

The generic method of hair transplantation con be understood and its same as like TREE transplantation. The important part of this is “ROOTS”. The Roots of the donor’s hair are collected and the same are embedded into the scalp of the receiver.

The surgery is performed on the bald hair of the person by giving a local anesthesia and depending on the quantity of hair to be transplanted the surgery continues for minimum two to six hours.

Pre and post surgery lot of care has to be taken and depending on the consistent protection of the medical inputs and medicine the output can also be expected.

Post surgery, a lot of care and medical procedures have to be followed and under the surgeon’s guidance, the post-operative care has to be done.

The main component which helps in the growth of human hair is the Protein “karate”. This will help and boost the hair growth. The parameters will boost the hair growth are the prescribed medicines of the surgeon depending the health status of the hair transplant receiver and iron, proteins and a Good lifestyle which is stress-free and diet control.

The good thing about hair transplantation is, if the transplanted hair starts growing then the growth continues for a life time of the person.

The percentage of the growth depends on the percentage of transplants and its maintenance.

There are hundreds to thousands of hairs which are planted into the head scalp.

The interesting thing in this hair transplantation is here the DONOR are YOU only, the surgeon decides the area of the site from the parts of your body (chest hair, front hair back hair etc.) in Organ transplantation the donor is different and receiver is different. This can be compared with Tree transplantation. The donor here is self. So you are your own savior here in case of HAIR TRANSPLANTATION.

Post Transplantation:-

After the painful surgery, it’s very important for the recipient to take a good care of the hair and Food. The intake of the Food should support and accelerate the Growth rate of the hair. It’s a painful process to take. But as the saying goes, “there is a pain with every gain”. This suits perfectly for the hair transplantation in post surgery case.

The skilled surgeon suggests the number of settings needed for treatment and to complete the hair transplantation process.

It’s the whole and sole decision criteria of the doctor and the receiver, how much needed, required and how much can be accommodated. The health condition of the head scalp will also play an important parameter in deciding the quantity and number of sittings with the surgeon for hair transplantation.

Though there are many advantages with the hair transplantation it has to be noted that there are few disadvantages with the hair transplantation also. The negative aspects of the hair transplantation can be controlled by proper care and precautions.

The factor is the TIME. To see the dense growth of the hair after hair transplantation its takes around eight to twelve months to see a dense hair on the head scalp for women.


Hair transplantation is a pain full process.

The healing of the wounds and red dots on the head scalp takes a more time than a natural period of healing care should be done under strict supervision of the surgeon who has performed the surgery. Protection of the hair, washing of hair, sunlight exposure, intake of food all these parameters should be followed strictly and practiced consistently for a better growth and future.


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