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Home remedies for Hair fall and Dandruff
Jun 06, 2016
Home remedies for Hair fall and Dandruff

There are many reasons behind hair fall.  Few of them include dust, dirt, food habits, climatic changes, water changes and most of the times our self-created pollution.  Hair fall, once started, cannot be controlled easily.  

But don’t you worry.  We are here with amazing tips to reduce your hair fall which brings a “2-inch” smile on your face. Coming to the major causes of hair fall, dandruff plays a major role in fall of hair.  So, in order to reduce your hair fall, you must first get rid of dandruff on your hair.  Let us know some tips on getting rid of dandruff.

Tips to Deal with Dandruff:-

1.    Dandruff contains white flakes and causes itching sensation.  Apply hot oil on your scalp before the night of your head bath. Another tip is, add lime in oil and apply it on your scalp.  Leave it for the whole night and wash your head the next day morning.

2.   Wash your hair at least two days in a week.  If you have time, do it on every alternative day.  The best preventive measure to protect your hair while going out is to cover your hair with a smooth scarf.  It will protect your hair from dust and pollution. 

3.    In order to reduce dandruff, apply the mint paste and curd to your scalp or hair and leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair.

4.   Use mild shampoo for washing your hair. Mild shampoos are made using zero chemicals.  So, they won’t affect our hair like other chemical overloaded shampoos do.

5.  Add curd to olive oil and apply it on your scalp. This helps in reducing your dandruff and maintaining smooth and shiny hair.

If you can control your dandruff, you are half done with your hair fall control.  Consider it as a stepping stone for smooth and shiny hair. 

Note: Boil neem leaves in water and washes your hair with that water as it is best for removal of dandruff easily.

Food Habits:-

Your unhealthy food habits are also a big cause of your hair fall.  If you want to control your hair fall, first maintain good food habits.   The type of food you take its quantity, and the time you take that food have a great effect on your body and hair.

1.   Include green vegetables and leafy vegetables in your food chart which are high in proteins and vitamins. Vitamin E is important for your hair and lack of vitamins E leads to hair fall. Try to take carrots and other leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamins and proteins. There are so many capsules and vitamins that consist of vitamin E.

2.  Try to get good sleep of 8 hours.

3.  Don’t tie your hair when it is wet. Dry your hair completely and don’t tie your hair if your hair is wet.

4. If you feel that your hair is rough, use conditioners that are good for smoothing your hair. Don’t use conditioners that are overloaded with chemicals. They will make your hair even rough.

5.  Also, try using tea tree oil shampoo.  It has mild nature and reduces shining and antifungal effect. (Or) Mix apple cider, vinegar, and water well and apply it on your scalp. (Or) Wrap wet towel that is dipped in hot water around your head for 15 to 20 minutes.  It helps in good blood circulation in the scalp which ultimately reduces your hair fall problem.


Don’t dry your hair using a hair dryer, dry your hair naturally, dryer makes your hair over dry and results in hair fall.

Don’t shampoo your hair without applying oil to your hair.

Use pH balanced shampoos that are below 7.

Don’t stress yourself with your work.  It will result in hormone imbalance and leads to hair fall.


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