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Home Remedies For Hair Loss Due To Hormonal Imbalance
Jun 06, 2016
Home Remedies For Hair Loss Due To Hormonal Imbalance

It is defined as a chemical substance inside the body, which is produced from the glands and acts as a messenger inside the body to take care of cells, tissue and organs body function. Its main job is to keep the functionality of the body into an action as long as it doesn’t have any external effects. The imbalance of the body organs will take place if there is any imbalance in hormones.

Experts and studies suggest that the hormonal imbalance will take place due to various reasons among them the major are due to the dominance of estrogen in the body and decrease in progesterone. Irrespective of the gender the hormonal imbalance can affect a human body at any point of time in their lifetime.

When the hormonal imbalance takes place there are various bad effects an individual may have to face. Organ infections, obesity, skin diseases, hair fall, weight problems, pregnancy issues and other disorders. If any internal effect is there then it won’t be easily visible on the outside but the hair loss is such a thing which is clearly visible to the outside world.
Hair is part of beauty aspect as far as an individual is concerned, so losing hair will be an awkward situation whether it’s a male or female gender. If any hair loss takes place due to hormonal imbalance then it’s very tough challenge for an individual to face and take the time to come up with.

Following are the important points to note if we have to face this kind of situation.

Treating Hair Fall:-

It’s noted that the major impact due to hormonal imbalance will be seen and will effect on hair.

It’s a dangerous concern for anybody when they see their hair is falling and they know they are losing their hair.

Women will have a major issue of hair fall during their pregnancy days and depending on the age the intensity of the hair fall will also be more at many times.

The first and foremost reason what we have to see are to identify the reason and to know the root cause for hair fall.

Hair fall can take place at any age at any point in time to any gender; unless there are well-known family history and the family condition is known in much more advance.

Knowing the root problem is an essential part to plan the prevention strategy because it will help us in knowing the best-suited treatment method also.

Remedy 1:- For Hair Fall Prevention


Experts advise us to drink more and more water to whatever extent and whenever it’s possible. Since a major part of the body is formed with water, drinking a good amount of water is the best medicine for the complete body, especially when we wake up in the morning. Drink a Glass of water, once we wake up, this will help the internal body to push out the toxins and bad substances from the body.

A good intake of drinking water for the body suggested is to use ten to twelve liters of water for a period of twenty-four hours.

It’s also noted that those who don’t consume the minimal required amount of water in a day for a longer period will have an easy effect of hormonal imbalance. So it’s suggested to drink a good quantity of water daily and regularly.

This helps in keeping the body hormones in a balanced condition.    

Remedy 2:-


The second best method and remedy suggested by experts is to have a Good and peaceful sleep daily.

A comfortable sleep will help the body and its parts to get rejuvenation. This is much needed for a hard working body.

As the saying goes, “early to bed – early to rise” is found to be the best health medicine and easy remedy to keep the hormonal imbalances in a balance condition.

 A good sleep of six to eight hours, depending on the age of an individual is considered to be a Comfortable sleep and peaceful sleep.

Sleep acts as a relaxation therapy in itself for the body and body parts.

We should have a planned sleeping time; so that body clock also can get adjusted, irregular sleeping patterns is very harmful to the body. Major imbalances and weight gain disorders will take place due to bad sleeping habits and irregular sleeping patterns.

The comfortable and peaceful sleep will help and act as the best remedy for getting back to a balanced position from an imbalance condition of the body and hormones.

This helps in keeping the body hormones in a balanced condition.

Remedy 3:-


As the famous saying on food, which says, what we take – what we are. The food habits what we follow will reflect what we are, depending on the age, health, digestion condition and gender         we should plan good eating habits.

A disciplined eating habit and regular intake of healthy food will help the body to get its energy whenever needed and depending on body metabolism we should plan our diet table.

A disorder in the intakes of food and irregular timings of the food will have its own bad effect on the body both internally and externally.

A disorder will have its equal amount of imbalance effect on the body.

We can customize our food patterns with the help of a doctor or a nutritionist or a dietician. The expert mentor will help us in choosing and having the right diet depending on our age, gender and body’s health condition at that particular period time.

This helps in keeping the body hormones in a balanced condition.    

Remedy 4:-

Physical Exercise To The Body

It’s always a best practice and habit to do “physical exercise” daily or an alternate day at least, based on our body health condition and its reaction towards the physical movements.

A Good exercise for around twenty to thirty minutes will help the body to be fresh, fit and active.

The exercise can be planned either in the morning time or in the evening. The evening exercise will help the body to get little tired after a good physical movement and it will help the body and its parts to get the peaceful sleep in the night time.

The physical exercise can be planned, based on our body and health condition. Walking, jogging, running, brisk walking and aerobics etc can be done both in morning and evening hours.

This helps in keeping the body hormones in a balanced condition.              

Other Additional Inputs:-

Have a good lifestyle and eating habits.

We should have a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetable to apart from having regular water.

A good diet which has all required proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates will help to keep the body hormones in a balanced condition which in turn will take care of hair’s health.

A planned and periodical check up of hair and hormones test with experts advise will be an added advantage in keeping the hormones in balance condition and body health too.


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