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How To Color Your Hair At Home
Feb 10, 2017
How To Color Your Hair At Home

Human creatures are beautiful and intelligent people on earth among nature’s creations. In face too, the thing which attracts first is the hair. Hair is such an important feature in the human body; depending on the health, age, gender and place of environment the health of hair varies and its noted that comparatively men, women concentrates more on hair than men.

Women concentrate more on hair since it is the face beauty feature. Depending on their age the hair health and length varies. As long as the person is healthy and the food is nutritious, the hair will also be healthy but in case if the health disorder takes place then the effect will be seen on the hair first.

Many people without identifying the root cause and start suffering and will no longer be able to concentrate. It would be better to note that many people when they notice the discoloring in the hair they would prefer to hide it or cut it or color the same with the preferred color.

The process of coloring the hair is known as “dying”. The tricky process here is dying the hair on regular intervals at outside saloon will be a costly affair. Many suggest that once we start hair coloring we must continue the same, either at our home or outside at saloon. There are various methods to do hair dying at our home and we should be careful while choosing dying products for hair when we are doing on our own.

Following are various helping methods for hair dying at HOME:

Step 1:- Get Ready For Dying

Many people forget this, the beauty steps which are needed for our skin, body and hair have their own procedures and steps to follow. Before opting for any beauty treatments at home first we must take the experts inputs, once they confirm under their regular or periodical guidance we can perform the works at our home.

The experts suggest that before dying or coloring the hair it’s important that we should make our hair ready and get ready for dying.

The hair must be washed before few hours of dying and it should be free from moisture, dust and clean from any other unwanted stuff in hair.

Once the hair is ready then we can start applying the required color on hair.

Step 2:- Choose the Temporary One or For Longer One

It’s important to note that, before we start dying process, we must choose the dye which is for shorter time coloring or for a longer time, it’s evident that this process of dying is not a permanent one and it either stays for shorter period on hair or for a longer period but not permanent.

Once we choose the dye, then by using the tools needed you can start dying.

The tools needed are the comb, brush, gloves, head cover, and bowls etc.

Step 3:- Start Applying

Once you decide on the dying color and material, start applying dye by using the mixed dye in a bowl and using comb and brush.

It’s always better to take another person’s help rather than doing on your own, in the case of emergency you can do but when you have decided to go for regular dying having a friend or family member support at home would be greatly beneficial to you and your hair.

By using the comb you can separate the hair into few portions or part by part depending on the length and application area quantity.

Take the hair in small portion then by using a comb and brush first apply from top to bottom direction slowly, clearly and gently.

It’s better to cover the shoulder portion with the cover around the neck so that the color should not fall from the head and its must to cover our hand with gloves.

Once you complete one part, take the other part by doing this complete the full hair dying at once.

Step 4:- Set Time and Then Wash

Once the process of hair dying is over, then see that the extra or excess dye should not be present on the outer skin and wipe the excess dye with clean cloth or tissue paper clearly. The dye is for hair not for skin, please note that.

Once you feel that the hair has got the complete dye application then cover the head with head over for better protection of application and leave it for one to two hours, depending on the hair quantity applied and if any manufacturer’s preferences or references are there.

Once the time period is over then get the hair water wash with regular shampoo or preferably the dye removal shampoo’s which are available in the market.

Do the wash completely and thoroughly so that the hair gets completely drenched with water wash.

Then leave the hair for drying either by natural way or by hair drier in the case of any emergency.

It’s better to protect the hair from heavy sun lights after the dye.

Step 5:- Important Things to Note

The process of hair dye preparation involves a various set of chemicals to get the mix and form the pigment, so it is must to note that once health condition if permits then only it is better to apply. Otherwise, it has got its own side effects within it. So be careful if your health is sensitive and your hair is sensitive.

Please note that if you are planning for dying then get ready your hair, don’t plan any haircuts immediate after hair coloring.

The process of hair dying involves patience to sit and wait for the result, so don’t plan this hair coloring activity in a hurry and urgent conditions.

Please note that many do hair coloring to hide the white color, but please note that it’s a natural process which happens, but the keen observation should be noted here is it natural or is it because of any disorder, healthy food gives healthy hair. Proteins and nutritious food are also important for good hair growth and for healthy hair.

Many also prefer to have the color to their hair because of beauty attractions and beauty enhancement, by doing so the added color will enhance the beauty component of hair and face. We must know the reason before application, why we are doing this hair coloring.

During the process of coloring, we must note that we should cover our skin, nails and other parts of the body with hand covers and neck around covers for better protection.

It’s important that the mix proportion of the color should be as per the maker’s instruction and beauty expert’s advice for a better look and for better health.


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