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How To Deal With White Hair As A Teenager
Feb 06, 2017
How To Deal With White Hair As A Teenager

As a teenager whether that is boy or girl, many times it’s noted that the major time they spend in giving importance to the dresses and beauty, now electronic gadgets also added to the list these days.

If there is any problem with the dress we can exchange and alter the clothes, if there is any problem in electronic gadgets we can get it repaired or else we can replace, but imagine in teenage if something is wrong with your hair and it started becoming white, then what?

Unfortunately, these days many teenagers are suffering from white hair growth at the early stage of life, following lines will help you in understanding the causes and how to deal with white hair in teenage.

Causes For White Hair Growth:-

Before we know how to deal with white hair, it’s important to understand reasons behind the growth

The medical experts today suggest that, if you find any abnormal thing then that’s the indication of something going abnormally in your health and in your lifestyle, so have a look at these two important parameters.

The first and foremost thing is to look at your health and find out with the assistance of medical experts, is there any disorder in your health condition, like a deficiency in terms of hormones, vitamins and minerals etc.

By including fruits, vegetables which have vitamins and minerals in them we can control the white hair growth, with special attention towards iron, folic acid, vitamin D, and copper.

You must also check with your parents, did they also have this problem in their teenage day, if the answer is yes, then you have this white hair problem due to Hereditary. In this case, you must look at the options for controlling them and look for the better alternate methods.

Dealing With White Hair:-

Once you know the reason for white hair then it will become little easy to handle situation further

Food Related:- If the white hair growth is due to “ improper food”, then you must change your eating habits and with the help of dietician, you should look at the gaps and start filling them, if in case of deficiency in terms of minerals then start taking food which will enhance the normal hair growth and controls the white hair.

If you find a deficiency in terms of protein, then start taking more of protein in your food plate and minimize the white hair growth.

Internal Disorders:- Another reason for early white hair growth is due to “thyroid deficiencies”. You must check with the medical doctors about its functioning and treatment related issues. Unless the thyroid issue is brought in control, we can’t stop the white hair growth too.

In layman language, it’s easy to understand, if any person’s health is not proper to wither internal or due to external reason’s it will be visible in his or her’s hair health and its colour.

External Disorders and Reasons:- The other factor which you have to deal with, to deal with white hair growth is, look at the external factors which are directly or indirectly affecting your health and hair

Due to the climate change and bad pollutants also the hair’s health will get damage

Due to high levels of chemical composition in the shampoos and conditioners what you are using, might also affect your hair colour.

Smoking is the other big bad external element which will affect your hair and will become the major contributor to white hair growth.

Protection:- It’s important that we must take care of our food, and know the internal and external agents which are causing the white hair growth

It’s important to know that, it’s not a bad thing to have a white hair on your head, as long as you know the reason behind that and if you are following the controlling methods.

Sometimes the worry of this having white hair will lead to stress, and stress will itself become the major contributor to the development of a white hair.

Accepting the reality, that you have white hair will kill away the stress component and the first step to deal with the white hair starts from this point only.

As long as you look young, charm and keep the glow in your face, people will forget the white hair of your hair and if it’s a hereditary then it’s not a medical disorder for you and can continue doing your works without any worry.

Alternate Steps to Control:-

The color of the hair of an individual will depend on the region where he or she is living and their family history too.

The major component which helps in hair health and color is “melanin”, due to the pigmentation of hair follicles the hair attains the color. The protection of melanin, from all the external hair products, heat and gels are more important to keep your hair health in good condition.

In case of the hereditary reason for the white hair growth, then you can look up for two options, either you continue in the same form or you look for any chemical free coloring process so that it can match with your rest of hair

In case of “ No hereditary”, then you must look at damage control steps immediately, by having right food and stress-free time and following other suggested controlling methods

Keep your hair protected from hot sun, whenever you are going outside and cover the head, with a cap or any comfortable head covers.

Protect your hair from, dust, polluted air, vehicle gases, and smoking

Avoid using hair dryers excessively and exposing the hair to dry environments and heat

Also, avoid taking artificial food supplements, colors and treatment methods for controlling the white hair

Look at the main contributor who is actually causing the main damage to your hair with the help of hair experts and medical practitioners then decide the damage control methods to practice and follow them consistently till you see the better results.

If not regularly, it’s better to visit the hair experts who can guide us and treat the damaged hair periodically. Whatever you are practicing at home, should be done in consultation with the medical doctors and hair experts.

Another disaster, which you need to look into is “the stress”, these days the lifestyle of an individual is becoming of more comfortable due to advancement in technology and other various factors, you must also look, are you under stress?, if yes then look at the possible stress busters and don’t allow and entertain those parameter which are actually feeding you the stress directly or indirectly.

Awareness of this is very important nowadays, because there are various diseases for which the root cause is stress, if this is not brought under control, then the damage not only happens to your hair but also to the organs and by the time you know the reason for failure, the damage control process will be out of control

So be aware of reasons and know the ways to deal them.


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