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How To Do a Hot Oil Treatment on Black Hair-2 Simple Tips
Feb 10, 2017
How To Do a Hot Oil Treatment on Black Hair-2 Simple Tips

Hot oil treatment is one of the best ways to get healthy black hair. It is considered as deep conditioning treatment. These hot oil treatments can be used to reduce existing damage of our hair or prevent the upcoming damage. You can also use these hot oil treatments for moisturizing your dry hair.

To get all these benefits for your hair, you have to either prepare a home remedy or purchase pre packaged hot oil treatment from market. To know about these ways of using hot oil treatment to your hair, read the following information.

Prepackaged Hot Oil Treatment

Prepackaged hot oil treatments or commercial products will be available in the market so, you can purchase it from the beauty cosmetic stores and use this on your freshly washed hair. In order to use this prepackaged hot oil treatment follow the below steps.

·       At first, heat the product as per the directions given on the product package.

·      Don’t allow it to become too hot as it may burn your scalp. If it gets too hot, let it sit for few minutes i.e., until it becomes cool.

·      Now, apply the oil to your hair and then put a plastic cap on your hair.

·      Go under the dryer for few minutes which helps in retaining the heat as it goes in to the hair.

·      Now, rinse off the hot oil from the hair and style back it as done usually.

·      For best results, better don’t use shampoo to rinse off the hair. Simply rinsing it without shampoo will keep the oil remains in your hair and gives the benefits.

·       But, if your hair is too oily after rinsing it normally, use a mild natural shampoo.


Home-Based Hot Oil Treatment

Instead of using the prepackaged hot oil treatment, you can also prepare it at your home. To make this at you home follow the below steps. 

Steps to Prepare the Hot Oil Treatment:- 

You can choose single oil or combination of different oils for this hot oil treatment. If you want to try mixture of various oils such as, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil.

·      Pick all the above mentioned oils or at least two oils from the above oils. All these oils are very good for hydrating the scalp and keeping it moisturized. Coconut oil alone will harden when it cools down. So, try this mixture.

·      After you select the oils, take them in required quantity depending on the thickness and length of the hair. This oil should be sufficient to cover your hair from roots to tip of the hair.

·      Now heat those oils in a pan till the oil is warm enough to touch. Make sure that it is lukewarm and not more than that as it goes in to your hair. Don’t use microwave to heat the oils as it makes them too hot and even it will have bad impact on some of the nutrients that are present in those oils. So try normal heating and if the oil gets too hot, allow it to cool down for some time.

This is how you can prepare a hot oil treatment at your home. As, you have prepared the oil now go for applying the oil with the help of below steps.

Procedure to Apply Home-Based Hot Oil Treatmen

Pour the lukewarm oil in the squeeze bottle which is similar to the hair color bottle and then, apply it to your hair.

·       Massage it thoroughly over your hair and make sure that the oil is spread all over the hair. The hair is enough to be slight oily and not too greasy.

·        Rubbing hair too harshly will cause breakage and tangles so, don’t run the hair harshly.

·        Put a shower cap once the hair is covered with oil. To keep the heat in you can either sit under the bonnet-style hair dryer if you have the one at your home or else wrap a towel around your hair.

·        Sit for at least 15 minutes so that oil gets penetrated in to your hair. To get relaxation, take a warm bath while your hair gets penetrating the oil in.

Finally, rinse your hair normally or with a mild shampoo, dry it and style it back normally.

Use this hot oil treatment to your hair frequently for best results i.e., depending on the hair texture, conditioning you need to use this hot oil treatment as a weekly or monthly treatment. Home-based hot oil treatments are more effective than salon treatments. This hot oil treatment and black hair care goes hand in hand when it comes to using this moisturizing treatment.

These are the 2 best and easy ways to do hot oil treatment to your hair. So, follow them based on your needs and get best results in few days. Hope, you will certainly get benefited from this hot oil treatment.


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