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How To Make Hair Grow Longer Faster
Jun 25, 2016
How To Make Hair Grow Longer Faster

Every woman’s wish is to have a long beautiful hair which also brings out her beauty and youth. With the new trendsetting hairstyles coming now and then, we tend to try out those for ourselves and in order to try it, we should have our hair grow faster. There are varieties of natural and medicinal strategies which help your hair grow faster and we give list few below.

Healthy Hair Diet:-

Every day Protein intake:

The hair is mainly composed of keratin which is a protein made of amino acids. In order to grow hair faster, our bodies must produce more amino acids which will be done by consuming more protein.

Lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans and soya products are few protein sources. These food sources will help your body in giving the building blocks for the hair growth.

Iron and Zinc:

The deficiency of iron and zinc can seriously lead to poor health of hair. As we know that iron is necessary for transmission of oxygen to your cells including your hair follicles.

Poultry, eggs, lean meat, beans, lentils, tofu and soya beans are few sources which are rich in iron. Peanut butter, oysters, crab, poultry, chickpeas are few which are rich in zinc.

Don’t reduce fat from your diet:

Healthy fats are essential as they help in assimilating vitamins (A, D, E, and K) which are necessary for hair growth. Limit you fats to a healthy level.

Vitamin C intake:

Vitamin C deficiency can cause a dry, dull and weak hair. The body uses Vitamin C to build a fiber called collagen which is necessary for new hair cells. It is also hard to absorb iron without Vitamin C. Citrus fruits, pineapple, strawberries, broccoli, peppers are few sources rich in Vitamin C.

Realistic Dietary changes:

The diet changes will basically affect the new hair but not hair that is already grown. It may take about 6 months to visually see the difference from the diet changes so be patient.

Minimise Stress:-

Intense physical or emotional stress can lead slow or stop hair growth. Having a balanced diet supplemented with regular exercise and enough sleep should reduce the stress levels.

You will have to identify the physical stressors such as certain medications, hyperactivity and trauma can cause shutting down hair growth and production. In many cases, removal of these stressors will help in returning the hair growth to normal.

Emotional stress such as lack of security, worrying about something regularly, etc will have an impact on the growth of hair until the body is adjusted to it. These stressors will have to be reduced to have a healthy hair growth.

Patience is the best medicine. It takes a time to get back to the healthy growing state of hair and cannot happen in a day or two. You need to relax and improve your chances of promoting hair growth faster.

Health Issues:-

Discuss with a doctor if you have a medical condition, genetic or family history or any related illness that can cause the hair to grow slow or hair loss situation. Treating the underlying medical condition can help you recover in the hair growth. Certain chronic health conditions can have side effects of hair loss so discuss well in advance with the doctor.

Sometimes the medication given for an illness can contribute to hair loss. Inform the doctor and request change in prescriptions if available.

Avoid diets which are heavily restricted unless specifically advised by doctors as these can lead to deficiencies in nutrition and eventually cause slow hair growth or even hair loss.

Hormonal imbalances or changes can lead to hair thinning or loss. Discuss with physician and then improve the balance of hormones which should help you.

Hair Styling:-

Frequent cleaning and styling of your hair using harsh methods can damage your hair. Occasional use does not cause too much damage but recovering from the damage will take time.

Treatments such as crimping, straightening, bleaching or colouring hair can weaken hair strands and increase hair breakage.

Excessive brushing or combing can pull out hair prematurely and prevents natural hair from growing. Reduce the brushing or combing, not more than twice in a day.

Avoid hairstyles that stress hair follicles and damage your hair. Using oil before and after washing will help in minimizing the hair splits and hair damage.


If natural methods of helping hair grow faster are not working then you can consult a physician who can help with prescriptions specific to hair growth.

The scientific evidence of hair growth by using these treatments has not been demonstrated but they help in hair grow.


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