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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster
Feb 09, 2017
How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Such a long and shiny hair! It is a dream that most should, and it is not unbelievable. Simple Tricks to grow your hair long

Either you are suffering from the hair growth problems or suspicious of the long & shiny locks of the favorite movie star or want to get out of a destructive haircut; we have an excellent solution for all these hair problems.

A person loses about 50 -100 of hair strands per day. When you wash the hair, you may lose up to 250 strands. But if you are losing more than this range, you suffer from severe hair fall problem & have to consult the dermatologist.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Balanced Diet: 

It has already has discussed that diet plays an essential role in the growth of healthy & lustrous hair. It is crucial that you nourish them from outside as well as inside.

A well-balanced diet for the healthy skin & hair should consist of fresh fruits & vegetables and should follow religiously. Combine nutrients such as Vitamin B12, zinc, iron & calcium as they prevent hair loss. You know that our hair has consisted of “keratin”- a protein, so have the protein rich diet that should compose of fish, cheese, soybean, milk,  chicken, etc. Stay away from that junk & processed food as it restrains the hair growth. So what you eat is the answer to how to improve the hair growth.

Vitamin Supplements: 

To promote the growth of the hair naturally, indulge the dietary supplements such as multivitamins, bio vitamins, and omega three fatty acids. They also have present in green leafy vegetables, almonds, yogurt, cereals, peas, fish, beans, etc. Though before using any supplements in the form of tablets or capsules, consult the physician as some people should be allergic to them.

Here is a list of essential vitamins for the hair growth that would aid how to improve the hair growth.

Drink enough Water:

Do you know that our hair consists of 95 percent protein and 5 percent water? Therefore, it is necessary that you should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water every day, to keep the growing hair faster & keep it nourished & healthy. 

Daily Workout: 

Regular exercise not only keeps our body healthy but also promotes the hair growth. 20 minutes of regular exercise such as jogging, dancing, yoga, walking,  cycling, etc. increases the blood circulation and aids the nutrients to penetrate into the scalp. 

Adequate  Sleep:

Do not forget to incorporate 8 hours of sleep in the routine. Lack of sleep causes the hair fall, pigmentation, dark circles, dull skin & a restless mind. A peaceful sleep is necessary for healthy mind & body. Try to sleep on silk pillow case as it would be soft on the hair by causing less resistance. 

Simple Tricks to grow your hair long

Regular Trimming: 

Split ends are one of the primary reasons that restrain the hair growth. If the hair is dry and damaged, then you are obliged to have the split ends. Trim the hair every three months to reduce the split ends and stimulate the hair growth. Remember – never pick the split ends as it would further increase the problem. 

Cleansing the hair:

Wash the hair regularly to keep it clean, free from dust, healthy. The sebum generated by the oil glands of the layer over the scalp and hinders the growth of hair. Do not use the chemical loaded products; rather opt for natural shampoos & conditioners. But regular shampooing is also harmful as it would make it dry, stripped & inclined to breakage. Rinse the hair twice a week to keep it completely clean and healthy.

Thus, these are the few tricks to growing your hair longer. These tricks help to treat almost all kind of hair conditions. So, are you going to include these best tips in the daily hair care regime? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.


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