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How to Remove and Prevent Hair Split Ends
Jun 06, 2016
How to Remove and Prevent Hair Split Ends

Many people face a lot of problems with hair, especially women. Depending on the Age, Gender and place of living there are many factors which affect hair badly and one among them is “HAIR SPLIT ENDS”.

What is “HAIR SPLIT END”:-

As the name indicates, it is the split of hair strand at the end into two or more than two splits. Technically it’s also known as “TRICHOPTILOSIS”. These splits are seen mostly at the end of the hair strand. Before knowing “how to prevent it” let us understand the reasons why the split occurs.

Reasons for Hair Split:

Generally, a health of the hair in the human body depends on various factors like health condition, age, gender, family health history, food intake, iron percentage and its deficiency.

If there is any imbalance in diet and health condition of the person then the hair also gets affected. The amount of proteins needed for them are not supplied to body and scalp then the problem will be visible.

The problem is identified when they use a thinner comb as it would be difficult to pass through if you have split hair. If there is more spacing in between the comb teeth’s, then it’s little hard to find hair splits. So it’s advised for people with long hair to use both types of combs, which has more spacing between the teeth’s and which also has the lesser spacing between the teeth’s.

These days’ cancer, thyroid, type of hair wash, pollution, hair colors, fast food and stress also play an important role in damaging the hair from root to the split end.

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are various other factors which cause, the hair split end.


The type of water which we use to wash our hair also results in giving us good hair or damaged hair. The impurities in water will damage the hair and hair ends.

Washing methods:-

The method of washing our hair will also have its own impact on hair split ends. Rough washing and chemical shampoos will affect the hair.

It’s very important to choose the right method of washing, shampoo and hair drying tools to avoid hair splits. Over washing, harsh shampoos, rubbing on the hair will create a lot of bundling and wrinkles of hair resulting in splits.

Health and Quality Environment:-

Surrounding environment also has a huge impact on human body and especially on the hair.

The above are the various reasons for “hair split ends” and following are the preventive measures.


1. Know Your Hair

It’s very important for man or woman to know about the type and quality of their hair. The awareness will come to an individual depending on their age, knowledge, family, surroundings and regular observations.

When we know about our hair, based on that we can plan our “hair maintenance plan”. Based on the healthy status of hair, we can plan the preventive measures.

Always better to consult a dermatologist and hair experts before we plan to take up any preventive steps. Expert’s inputs will act as guidelines for us to follow at home as per our schedules and priorities.

2. Regular Hair Cuts

It is observed that comparatively in men and women, men have regular haircuts at least monthly twice and many women have very rare haircuts.

It’s also observed that men will have fewer hair splits and women have more hair split ends.

It’s always better to have regular haircuts, depending on hair growth and quantity of hair. Research and studies suggest that having regular haircuts is the best remedy and preventive measure for people who are having hair split end problems irrespective of gender.

3. Proper Hair Handling

There are two ways in this; number one is handling our hair before hair wash and handling the hair after hair wash.

Before taking bath or hair wash it is advisable to apply hair oil or herbal items before one hour of hair wash. This process will nurture and rejuvenate the hair from roots to the end.

It’s always better to keep our hair in distance from chemical products and cosmetics, rather than giving benefit there is more chances hair damage. Many experts suggest using natural products such as egg, olive oil, coconut oil, and papaya etc.

Among many natural products available, it’s found that EGG and coconut oil has got huge impact in preventing hair strand splits. Warm coconut oil applied act as good therapy for hair split ends.

4. Other Steps

We should consider customized preventive steps in handling preventive measures rather than going in generic mode. It’s always better to follow preventive steps which are customized based on our hair quality, and type of hair split.

We should protect our hair while we are outside using good quality hair covers, cloths, caps etc.

Industry experts suggest that we should not keep our hair dry so keep the hair in good moisture condition. We should avoid combing our wet hair. Have periodical hair check up and massage treatments.

It’s always better to avoid over washing of hair and over dosage of shampoos, excess usage of gels and uncommon conditioners usage.

Use those hair products which suits your hair, use natural remedies which enhance your hair health and strength.


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