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Natural Home Remedies For Hair
Jun 06, 2016
Natural Home Remedies For Hair

Many of u know that hair is the important beauty part of the human body, for many women the beauty of the hair is such an important that they go to any extent of spending time, travel and money to gain hair nourishment and to  enhance the beauty levels through hair treatments.

Irrespective of Gender and AGE each of us give the priority to our hair and its starts from morning wash to evening hair application before we sleep, hair care has in itself created a huge beauty market.

Many products are available in the market today for the different type of care depending on its present condition. Men and women generally follow different methods and product for their hair beauty and hair’s health condition.

It’s important to observe and note the health condition of the hair if not regularly at least periodically. Whenever you feel and see that the hair is not clean, smooth and dull in color then it’s the time for you to look the condition of health for your hair and look for better treatment for enhancing the look and beauty of the hair condition.

It’s also important to note that many times it’s very difficult and not possible to attend the beauty experts for every time hair treatment, it might be a costly affair and time consuming too. Here are some tips and treatments which are provided to get them done at our home premises which are mostly of organic and chemical free treatments and good for hair health and can get the amazing looks too.


Treatment Method 1:- Using Lemon And Amla

The age old tradition of women and our grandparents was to treat their hair with amla products and lemon, whenever they feel that hair needs some look and nourishment.

The amla is available in its powder form and lemon is available in juice form and in this form only we can use them for hair treatments.

 The method is this kind of treatment is “to mix the lime juice and amla powder together with the quantity which is sufficient for the hair (quantity will vary depending on the person, age, and application area) and apply this mix after thorough mix of the mixture on the hair surface from roots of the hair to end tail and wait for ten to fifteen minutes, so that the mix gets dry and before washing the hair do a good hair massage for the mix.

This can be practiced weekly once and many people found the effective and good results from this method of treatment and food the hair to be healthy, shiny and attractive.

Among the various homemade methods which are available, it's found that this method is very economical and very effective.


Treatment Method 2:- Egg Related Treatment

The second best method which can be practiced at home for hair nourishment and attractive looks is that, by using EGG or by EGG application on the hair.

EGG is very useful and works as a moisturizer for hair related treatments and applications.

EGG is generally mixed with olive oil and depending on the application area; we can choose the number of EGG’s needed and sufficient amount of olive oil and mix this mixture thoroughly so that it forms as single liquid, then apply this mix on the hair and do a complete massage so that it reaches from tail end of roots.

Keep the hair in this condition for around ten to fifteen minutes and then wash the hair completely clean. If this is practiced for once in a week, then definitely you see very Good results.

This application, in general, can be practiced by anybody but especially it will be very effective for the one’s who’s hair is in dry condition.

EGG has got various advantages into it and some of them are useful for our hair related treatments, especially the egg Yolk acts as a Good Moisturizer for the hair.

Treatment Method 3:- Use Banana

Experts in the field of hair beauty suggest using “BANANA” for home remedy treatments for hair because of RICH presence of Potassium in it.

Potassium is helpful to keep the hair in healthy and attractive condition and it also take care of hair repairs if there are any.

The usage is as follows : take a good ripe banana, and apply the paste of the banana on the area of hair application and leave the hair for ten to fifteen minutes till the mashed banana gets dry on hair and then with Good or regular shampoo which suits your hair you can wash with water.

It’s considered by the hair stylist and experts the banana is a good source for hair organic treatment if it is used effectively and regularly.

Treatment Method 4:- Use Of Beer – Apple Cider Vinegar

The other methods which can be performed at home are by using Beer and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Here the apple cider vinegar mixture is directly applied on the hair and then left for ten to fifteen minutes to dry and then with good chemical-free the hair needs to be washed.

This application of apple cider vinegar proves to be very effective for the people who prefer their hair to be attractive and bouncy at the same time.

Another interesting home mode remedy for good attractive hair is that use of beer, this application beer needs to be done on wet hair for getting an attractive and glossy look.

 This gives very glossily and natural shine to the hair, when sprayed on wet hair and these days many stores have started selling the beer for hair in huge numbers, which shows the demand for the product and its benefits what people are seeing these days.

Other Treatment Methods:-

Among various other options which are available to use at home, one among them is to use “Mayonnaise mix”, the application of this on the hair give the good results to get the hair in smooth condition.

The application procedure for this is to apply this paste on the wet hair and leave it for some time and then wash this with good shampoo thoroughly. This also helps in hair nourishment and makes the hair very attractive.

Many hair beauticians and experts also suggest using “baking soda” also as home remedy organic treatment for hair, for those who prefer and wants their hair to be attractive and in GOOD condition.

Using strawberry mix also gives a very attractive look to the hair. The wet juice of strawberry needs to be applied on wet hair and then leave the mix for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash the hair with Good regular shampoo to get the smoothness and rich attractiveness to your hair.

It’s always suggestible that before you practice this home remedy tips at home, it’s good to consult the hair specialist if not on a regular basis at least on a periodical basis.


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