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No Fail Updos For A Bad Hair Day
Feb 06, 2017
No Fail Updos For A Bad Hair Day

A bad hair day is like just any other day for a woman to face problems with their rough, dull, frizzy hair. And nothing can be a mood spoiler as the bad hair on a busy day. Dealing with bad hair is as inconvenient as going on your toes for a whole day.

Managing frizzy, greasy, rough, dry or unmanageable hair is always a dreadful task and an up-do is the best possible idea to manage bad hair any day. An up-do is a hairstyle that lets you tie your hair rather than letting it fall freely.  It can be a simple ponytail or a more elaborate bun or French twist.

A bun is a hairdo that comes to the mind immediately when the word up-do is heard. It is a hairstyle where hair is pulled back, twisted or plaited and wrapped up in a circular motion typically on the back of head or neck. For a more stylish look, this up-do are twisted to the side and secured using either a net or bobby pins.

The advantage of this up do is that the hair is tightly secured into one place and it gives a more professional look. Also, frizzy hair or rough hair can be easily managed in this hair style. Even though your hair may be short or long, medium or lengthy, a bun type updo is always advantageous.

Tips To Manage A Bad Hair:-

Never leave your hair free on a bad hair day. A simple ponytail or a plait is good if your hair turns greasy very quick. Or a tight bun is good for all occasions if your hair is not greasy but messy or frizzy.

To move attention of others from your over greasy hair or scalp, tie a bandana or a scarf around your hair to give it a nice classy look and also this way you could tie your hair into a loose bun or ponytail. Also opting for cool and funky colors for a fun time with your friends can give you a chic look even with your greasy and messy hair.

For dry, frizzy and fussy hair, a headband is a quick and handy solution all the time. Neutral colored bands on hand mean a managed frizzy and dry hair. Or bobby pins are also a good idea to manage your hair if you do not wish your headband to be seen.

If you want to leave your dry and frizzy hair, even on a messy hair day, leave on conditioner is a good option. This works wonders and just a brush and you could take down your messy hair for hours. Not only can a leave on conditioner, but also hair spray or gel also work.

Types Of Up Dos For Managing Bad Hair



A slicked back ponytail worn by models always works great on any length of hair and is great for turning greasy and messy hair into a chic look. Be it a sideways or backward, a slicked ponytail is always elegant and stunning.

A ponytail inspired by the 1960’s era is also a good way to style your hair as this requires the least attention. Your already messy hair can give an attractive look this as this style is a messy ponytail.

Also, wear it parted or low, add a bling to it a wear it with a simple band, a ponytail is all you want to manage your hair on a bad hair day.

A Bun:-

A braided bun is a classy and elegant hairstyle that doesn’t take much time and also easily manages frizzy hair. In this hairdo, the hair is secured in a ponytail and then braided. Then it is coiled up and secured with bobby pins or a hair band.

Sprinkle a bit of gold leaf on your braided bun if your hair is dry and frizzy and the instant look or transformation you get is unbelievable. This trick can also work for short haired braided bun style. This style has been named as Lela Rose gold leaf style.

Or you could tie your braided bun upside down by tying your hair in an upside down French plait and then coiling the entire hair into a bun over the head. This style though is irregular, can give you a unique and completely new look.

Or leave your braided bun just as it is and update your hair style with a large blossom or a handmade flower pin for a romantic and cute adorable look.

For a messy hair, part your hair into multiple sections and braid each section. Now bring two braids on either side together in the middle to make a bun. This hairdo not only gives a classy look but also a feminine look as well. This is called as Rodarte Braids.

The other way is you can twist a plaid fabric into your braid while twisting it into a bun to give it a fall look. Or a scarf braided along with hair also gives a fancy look and is a great idea to tie your hair in a fashion which is also called as Maiden scarf braid.

The other hairs updos include Heidi braid, where a part of hair in the front is twisted into a braid that looks exactly like a headband. This hairdo not only uplifts your style but also uplifts your mood. A normal French braid bun is a style where you tie your hair in normal French braid fashion and then tie it above into a bun. This look will appear trendier than ever.

For those women who ride bikes and who feel that the updos above or behind the head or on the neck are an obstacle to wearing helmet, a side bun is always a chic fashion to wear and a convenient one without sweating or worrying about hair.

Be it may a twisted braid donuts bun style or side ponytail, mid knot or low plait bun, knotted updo or a messy bun, sock or ballerina bun or a French maid wrap, an updo is always up to date fashion that one can turn to on a bad hair day to conceal messy, frizzy or dirty hair.


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