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Premature Graying Of Hair-Causes
Feb 10, 2017
Premature Graying Of Hair-Causes

For each of us, hair is an important part of our body, irrespective of gender we give a lot of priority for our hair and we do spend a lot on treating our hair, depending on the age, food and health condition, the health condition of the hair also varies and changes.

Good food gives good health to our hair and good hair gives beauty enhancement not only for the hair but also for the complete body.

Many of will get hurt and feel bad if the hair quality by any chance gets Detroit and changes, the damage of the hair will become cause of worry and we start suffering inferior if the health of the hair gets affected, among them the major cause of worry is “when your hair gets grey” and you start seeing the “Grey hair”, this process not only affects the men and women, now a day’s many children and teenagers also started suffering out of this “grey hair”.

Causes For Grey Hair:-

Grey hair is defined as the normal black hair getting turned into white, or the change of hair into white color from its natural form of color is also known as “ grey hair”.

There are many reasons for this change of hair color; we get to know numerous reasons when one develops the grey hair.

In short many hair and beauty experts suggests that the predominant reason for one getting grey hair is due to “ lack of nutritious food, proteins, vitamins, minerals, the habit of smoking, irregular food habits, bad lifestyle, stress, and hereditary”.

Each one of the above reason which is mentioned above will have its own contribution to changing the natural form of hair into a grey color. Each one of the component irrespective of age, gender and place of living will affect people.

Many think that, the grey hair formation or the grey hair coloring is the natural process, many of our older generation says that the grey hair is the natural process of ageing and if you see either your mother or father gets the grey hair in their early age of thirty or forty then there are chances that you also will get the same either in the same age when you reach or might be little early too.

Many also feel that the grey hair is also a symbol of you getting old, but it’s only an assumption, we should note the main reason behind “grey hair” coloring.

It’s not a good practice also once you find the grey hair, start cutting it out and start plucking the one and two what you see in the mirror in the morning and evening.

For people who are having huge and long hair, the grey hair is a matter of concern and it will be more of concern if they get that in their early ages of life.

For Good hair and healthy hair to grow, the body and hair need “very nutritious food, good amount of proteins, vitamins (especially vitamin B12, C, E), minerals, discipline towards life and food, no – smoking environment, unpolluted area and stress-free life”.

If you have a good hair and it will be a huge challenge to maintain the same for a longer period. The environment is very polluting and it’s very hard to protect the same when you go out in outside. Frankly, the kind of food available now in the market is also the cause for concern due to hectic and busy lifestyle.

Instead, we have also developed the stress pattern in our lives, the stress and unhealthy condition of life also contributes to huge loss of hair fall and discoloring of the hair.

The premature graying of hair is the result of an increase in mental stress, lack of nutritious diet, untimely food, improper lifestyle, different and health conditions.

The kind of hair cleaning shampoo’s what they use, it’s important to note that once you see the grey hair find the reason behind it, is it because of food or lifestyle or lack of nutrition, protein, and hereditary reason.

It’s okay to see an old aged person getting the grey hair, but it would be cause for worry for a person to see the hair in grey color in their early twenty’s , thirty’s and forty’s.

The grey hair symptoms we can notify when we see the hair getting into dry condition, brittle, thin and easily discoloring after the immediate hair wash. Once you find the initial symptoms of the grey hair then it would be better to take immediate steps towards minimizing the loss of getting it into more grey color.

The major other cause of “premature grey hair” is the health condition of the individual person also, many people who suffer from the unhealthy condition, especially when they suffer from thyroid, huge stress, hormonal imbalance, anemia, lack of B complex, copper and iron in the body.

The beauty and hair specialists suggest us today to have good nutritious food, diet on time, no mental stress and mental worries, proper protein and vitamins mixed diet, less attraction towards junk food and healthy lifestyle, to avoid this premature hair graying.

It’s better to avoid those shampoo’s which are filled with chemicals and before using the shampoo’s its best to consider the consultation of the beauty and hair experts.

Another very important these days which is also causing the great threat to the hair getting into premature grey is the “ Lifestyle of an individual”, it’s important to note that these days the lifestyle has changed a lot because of various reasons, the technology, comfort, culture, industries and pollution also have contributed to the varied life change of an individual.

As mentioned above, when we travel outside, the outside pollution also has contributed to the much more damage of the health and especially to the hair, the major component which has got the direct effect due to climate change and environment is the human hair, we must be careful when we go outside and we should protect our skin and hair from these odd effects of the air pollution.

Due to the effect of globalization and urge to have the variety, the food today what we get is from all over the world, we should note depending on the place where we stay, the body also accepts certain things and doesn’t accept many things, due to these changes in cultures and accessibility to various food’s has had an impact on our health and hair, as the saying goes what we eat what we are”.

So be careful about the food intakes too, any disorder in food and any disorder in the body will show up its symptoms either on skin or on hair, so we should be careful about the food intakes too.


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