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Self Health Check-Ups for Women from Home
Jun 17, 2016
Self Health Check-Ups for Women from Home
Women go through a lot when comes to their health.  Starting from monthly periods to critical health issues they have to undergo a lot irrespective of age.  It is very important for women to be healthy.

There is an absolute need for them to go and check up with their doctors regularly for getting rid of any future health risks.  Irregular check-ups with doctor may lead to serious issues.

For example, if you are in first stage of any serious health issue and neglected to report it to doctor on time there won’t be any use in consulting the doctor at that later stage.  So it is recommended to consult doctor regularly if you see any signs and symptoms or changes in your health condition.

There is an absolute need to be aware of few diseases and symptoms of those diseased that were mainly seen in women. Most of women these days are getting prone to breast cancer and high blood pressure, it is way too important to perform self health check-ups in order to get rid of high risks.

1.     Self breast exam

Giving self breast exam for your breasts regularly is very important.  In order to note the changes in your breasts it is mandatory to first examine your breasts.  If you find any changes that are not present before then it is recommended that you report the changes to your doctor immediately.

All you need to do is stand before a mirror with your breast part undressed.  Observe your breasts if there are any changes like dimpling, redness, or scalyness of skin or nipples and if any make sure to report them your doctor.

The next step, lie down and start checking your breast with your fingers rubbed on them gently all over it. Repeat the same with your left breast.

2.     HIV Test at home

The most dangerous disease HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is not just any disease that can be ignored.  This is because this virus causes AIDS.

U.S. government has introduced only one test that can be done in privacy to know whether you are HIV positive or HIV negative and the test is called as “The Home Access HIV-1 Test System” or “The Home Access Express HIV-1 Test System.”  This HIV test is available in pharmacies.  You can also use this through mail orders and online.

This is how this test is performed:

Using your PIN number you have to mail your collected blood samples to a lab for professional testing.

You will receive the results through PIN.

If needed the system also provides you confidential counseling.

3.     Heart rate

Heart disease is one of the most serious conditions that most women face.  In United States most of the women die due to heart diseases.  Keeping in check of your own heart rate or heart pulse can help you stay away from heart diseases to some extent.

In order to find your pulse place your index and middle finger on the underside of your opposite wrist, just underneath the thumb.  Keep track of the clock for one minute.  The pulse rate for adults should be between 60 and 100 beats per minute.  If you find your heart rate above or below mentioned levels then inform it to your doctor immediately.

4.     Blood pressure

High blood pressure is another factor that causes heart diseases in women.  The best way to check your blood pressure at home is with the help of a personal blood pressure checking kit.  Normal blood pressure level is 120/80.

How to perform:

Depending on the size of your upper arm buy the kit.  Learn some basic things about its usage.  Check it weekly as the blood pressure fluctuates in seconds depending on the situation.

5.     Urinary Tract Infection

If you are observing Urinary Tract Infection, then you must be very much aware of symptoms like burning sensation when you urinate.  If you are confirm with UTI then right away perform the test.  If your test is positive then immediately consult your doctor for antibiotics to get rid of bacterial infection.  If neglected the infection can spread over to kidneys and may result into health issues.

6.     Ovulation test

Of all the at-home tests mentioned above this is the best test that can be conducted at home.  This test can help you with what time is good for you conceive.  This urine test helps in detecting the rise in the hormone that signals your ovaries to release an egg.

If you have a 28-day menstrual cycle, test on the 11th day after you start your period.

If the test results positive, it is clear that you will ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours.

7.     Pregnancy test

Women love to conceive.  These days you can see the advertisements showing the pregnancy test kits.  You can know whether you are positive or negative with the help of that kit.  All you need to do is to wait for week after you miss you regular periods.

8.     Malignant moles

If you are noticing any changes like moles or spots changing, growing, or bleeding on your skin consult dermatologist.  These may be signs of skin cancer.  If you find them early you can get rid of higher risks.

9.     Depression

Depression is not a physical disease, but no less than any other big disease.  The signs of depression are weight loss, weight gain, hopelessness, irritability, and fatigue. 

If you find any of the aforementioned symptoms then you can test it in the site and take a test over there.  Take the help of a psychologist for further treatment.

When women get health conscious it is a good sign of complete family being cared by her at all situations being healthy. These are the self health check-ups that women should do at their homes.


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